Final chapter of this crossover thingy.

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"I wirr show you how to remove the sperr on your friends," Mr. Honda- Aslan said.

Alfred went up to his art teacher and grabbed his coat. "Is it a cool spell? Secret code? Tell us, man!"


Alfred rubbed the growing lump that was on his head. "Ow! What the heck was that for?" Alfred glared at the sword hilt used to attack him.

"Prease don't touch the coat," the man said as he straightened himself out. "Now, I wirr show you."


"OW! Ok, what was that for?"

"That's how you remove it. A swift brow to the head."

The castle doors swung open. Standing in the doorway was Antonio with an axe in his hand. He smiled and waved to them before charging forward.

The three teenagers exchanged glances. "Oh crap..."

The Spaniard lifted the axe over his head. Before he could do anything though, Honda held out his sword so that the satyr ran face-first into the flat of the blade. Antonio was knocked out before he hit the snow.

"Mr. Carriedo?"

"He's fine. Just... unconscious."

Suddenly there was a bright light around their teacher before the knocked out man in the snow disappeared.

"Where did he go?" Sey asked.

"Back to your world, I assume."

"You assume?"

But the Asian went into the castle already.

Meanwhile in the castle...


Matthew looked up at the angry ice king.

"Do I have to do everything myself? Matthew! Grab a sword! We're kicking out some unwanted guests!"

Matthew tilted his head. "Who?"

"Those other human brats. Don't worry, the awesome me has this."

Once again, a small portion of Matt's mind was glad that Gilbert seemed to be getting his memories back. That same portion was freaking out because he was going to kick his friends' asses.

Suddenly, the door to the throne room was kicked open. Alfred, Tino, Sey and their former art teacher stood in the doorway with their weapons at ready.

"Dude," Alfred said, "I'm here to kick ass and play in the snow and I'm all done playing."

Gilbert facepalmed. "Where the hell did that satyr go?"


"Remind me to fire him later. Anyways." He pulled out a sword. "Aslan. My old buddy... shall we get this over with?"

The Japanese man pulled out his own sword. "Hai."

The students just stood there as their teachers fight to the death.

"Should we help him...?"


Tino and Alfred didn't notice Mattie sneak up behind them until Sey pinned him to the wall with an arrow.

"WHOA. What the hell?" Tino yelled

"He was going to attack you! :I" Sey answered.

"Well excuse me for only seeing an arrow nearly kill me-"



"Can we help my mind-controlled brother now?"


Mattie continued to stare at them with those wary eyes.

"Do you recognize us yet?" Alfred asked.

"No." was the blunt reply.

"Matt! It's me, Sey! Your partner in cooking class!"


"It's me, Tino! Remember when we fought over Yeu?"


"Matthew. It's me. Your brother. Remember that morning when you tried to make pancakes but you came back to them burned? That was me."

The Canadian turned his head toward Alfred and glared. "Alfred F. Jones, you did what to my pancakes?"

"He remembers me!" Alfred gave his annoyed brother a hug. "Now hold still!"



Meanwhile with Kiku and Gilbert...

It was a clash of metal against metal as Gilbert and Kiku's swords collided.

"Give it up!" Gilbert yelled.

"Never!" the other responded.

The man in the coat pressed on, forcing Gilbert to back up more toward a statue.

"Any last words?" Gilbert said with a smirk.

"Yes. Goodnight." Kiku thrust his sword Gilbert's head.

The Prussian leaned back and-


Shortly afterword...

Gilbert jolted awake and rubbed his head.

"What...?" He looked around. He was in Antonio's classroom. And everyone was waking up on the ground. "I just had the weirdest dream."

Alfred opened his eyes and whipped his head around. "Oh my god! Where am I?"

"Mr. Carriedo's classroom, duh." Tino answered.

"...What are we doing on the floor?"

Mr. Honda opened the door. "Ah. You're all alright. You all fainted in here, so I called the nurse."

He can pronounce the letter l again!

"Thank you, Mr. Honda..." They all got up and filed out the room. "We had the weirdest dream..."

"Of course. Dream." Kiku smiled to himself. "Riiiight."

*Flips a table* FINALLY DONE!

Anyways, goodbye! ^^