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Chapter 8:

"I suppose that I can't have both of you wobbling around with messed up arms." There was a long pause as Mustang studied the teenagers with hard eyes. Kagome was standing a few feet away from Ed, her face set in a blank expression as she stared right back. "You may go to Risembole, but stay together. And I'm sending an escort with you."

Ed started to object, but Kagome mumbled an okay and walked out of the room. They watched after her.

"What's up with her?" Edward glanced back to Mustang, hoping that he would know more about his cousin then he did. Roy sighed.

"She seems upset." Ed couldn't help the roll in his eyes.

"I could've figured that one out, Colonel." The colonel leaned back in his office chair, shrugging his shoulder some.

"What I'm saying is that your guess is as good as mine. Although, she does seem hurt. Did something… happen?" Mustang's voice got darker as his eyes narrowed at the blonde boy.

Ed quickly stepped back, frantically waving his hands. "If I did, I didn't mean it. I really don't know." Mustang simply grunted in response as he fiddled with his paperwork. Ed exhaled as he left the room.

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The train ride was ever awkward. Roy had sent someone neither of them heard or seen before, but apparently, '…is one of my best men. I would trust her more than either of you combined." She was quite the interesting character, Ed thought. The girl was quiet, but had a vibe about her that yelled invincibility, but yet at the same time, some kindness. The only way Ed could think of her actions reminded him of Kagome somewhat.

The woman had the most beautiful long silver hair, which Ed thought was odd at first, but what ever. Her stormy gray eyes were the first thing Ed had noticed when she approached them at the station, telling them that her name was Rain. He remembered thinking how the name suited her.

Ed had refrained for the longest time from asking about the three barely noticeable jagged scars that ran down the left side of her face. Her silver bangs were clearly styled to provide some cover for them, but he had seen them in the short second when the wind blew across the open station.

He sighed for the umpteenth time and tapped his fingers nervously on his knee. Rain was sitting across from them, casually skimming through a magazine. Ed could tell that she was still attentive, in fact, he didn't think Rain was the type of person to ever let down some sort of guard.

Ed turned his eyes to the other girl in the cab. She was simply staring out the window, the setting sunlight falling beautiful over her features. He stayed like that for a moment, enjoying the sight of the one he's come to care about over a short amount of time. He saw her eyebrows furrow as she turned her head to look back at him, a scowl painting her features. The look was a clear 'I know you're staring at me, stop it.'

A mad blush appeared on Ed's cheeks as he quickly looked away. He couldn't help but whine to himself about missing Al.

They rode the rest of the way in silence.

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The train pulled into the tiny station and Kagome eagerly jumped off the train, breathing in the fresh country air. This was as close as she could get to the feudal era here. Her and Rain stood there as Ed ran to get Al out of the cargo hold. It was only a long awkward silence; they both weren't one's to start conversation.

Kagome openly studied the woman, and she was surprised when the woman didn't squirm in the least bit under her intense gaze. The woman seemed impressive to say the least. Kagome frowned as she picked at the uncomfortable sling cutting into her neck.

"Are you in pain?" Rain's voice was quiet, but enticing nonetheless. Kagome shook her head.

"It's just irritating, that's all." She almost jumped when she felt fingers prod at the fabric. When did Rain walk over to her?

"It was tied wrong, that's all." With nimble fingers Rain quickly untied and retied the sling, leaving more slack through the fabric. Kagome rolled her neck some, the pressure all but gone.

Her eyes were slightly wide as she thanked the woman. Rain simply replied with, "It's my job to look after you two."

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This time the silence was a little less awkward as they trekked cross-country to Ed's auto mechanic. Kagome was more relaxed, less angry. Ed was less anxious with having his brother to talk to now. And Rain, well, she was still Rain, but Kagome and Ed had decided that there was nothing wrong with that.

"Here we are." Al chirped out clapping excitedly. Ed nodded his head as a quant house came into view past the horizon. The closer they got, the more Kagome could make out.

Soon, she could see the outline of a fairly short woman; smoke slowly rising from the form. Ed and Al both waved as they closed in, stopping only a few meters away. The old woman smiled and engaged Ed in some banter about height, it eventually died off when a wrench lodged itself into Ed's head. Kagome smirked as she followed the angle back up to a yelling blonde beauty.

Kagome's grin turned into a small frown as she connected the pieces. This was his mechanic? Her trip was ruined now.

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Rain sat uncomfortably at the table as old lady Pinacco served them food. The woman was well acquainted with the Rockbelle's and one could say it was just a little awkward to be here, but it was a mission that she had to complete for him. And she would.

"So, Lieutenant Von Night. What kind of trouble have these boys, and girl, have been getting into lately?" Rain shifted some, but never broke eye contact.

"I don't know all the details, I was only asked to personally escort them to make sure they were safe. And I believe it would be best for them to tell you. My apologies Mrs. Rockbelle." Rain bowed her head slightly and Pinacco let out a hearty laugh before regaining her seriousness.

"No need to be so formal here." Pinacco turned her lazy eyes to the boys, and girl.

"Why don't you tell me just what you have been doing to break your auto mail so bad Ed."

Said boy blushed some. "It's not that badly broken."

"The hell it is! We have to build you a completely new model." The blonde girl shouted, causing Kagome to frown some more, but she kept quiet as she stared at her food.

"I don't know why you're complaining so much. I'm practically dumping bags of money on you guys so you can get it done in a week. Or can't you? Is granny loosing her edge?" Pinacco puffed her pipe for a second before replying.

"Don't insult me Ed, we'll have it done in three days." Ed's smile was bright.

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"Lieutenant Von Night." Said Lieutenant looked up from her book and swiftly went to stand by the woman as she worked.

"Yes, Mrs. Rockbelle?" Pinacco attempted not to snort.

"Please, be honest. Are those boys doing anything too dangerous?" Rain thought for a moment. Of course she knew more than she led on to believe. She was always around Mustang, so she heard plenty of things she probably shouldn't.

"Those two are strong. I'm sure what ever dangers they may or may not face on a daily basis can be easily overcome." Pinacco hummed as she straightened out the wires some, lining them up in the précises order.

"And I don't doubt that. What about that girl, Kagome was her name?" Rain nodded as she watched Pinacco work.

"She is strong too."

"She looks like she's in pain, or sick. It worries me."

"Again, I'm not sure what has happened to her. She has only spoken to me once."

"You don't happen to know how she got her wound, or how bad is it?" Rain straightened out some, allowing a slight tap against her chin as she recalled what Mustang said.

"It's and average wound. I'm under strict orders not to allow her to remove her sling. They said she would probably reopen it. So, I'm asking your help on that one. From what I gather, she is fairly stubborn." Pinacco's lips tilted into a smile.

"You've seen those two boys, they are about as stubborn as can be."

"With all due respect, Ed can only be so stubborn, but Kagome has surpassed him by far, and only in the few day's I knew her." Pinacco laughed.

"Well, well then, this will be an interesting stay, won't it?"


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