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Back to the Doctor

Hit the Road Jack Part 1


June 29th


Something buzzed on the TARDIS consol.

"What's that?" Marty asked as he and the Doctor walked up the ramp towards the blinking lights of the main hub.

They had just returned after exploring an alien world comprised entirely out of geometric shapes that gave off different musical notes when you touched them. Walking through the valleys created entire symphonies to listen to. They had gone there after the Doctor had set up a programme to go through all the information they had gotten from Morton Robotics. For the first time the Doctor had an excuse to show Marty a corner of the universe that wouldn't try to kill him.

"The programme's finished, just in time," the Doctor grinned, grabbing a printout and quickly reading it. "Hm…"

"Hm?" Marty sat down, looking the Doctor over.

The Doctor's brow was wrinkled in concentration, as though something were troubling him. Marty was worried for a moment that he might have found some of the files Marty hadn't given him – the files on him and Doc Brown.

"Looks like Morton Robotics is already researching some time travellers I know."

Marty said nothing.

"An old… friend," he smiled. "Captain Jack Harkness."

Marty felt relieved, but also slightly guilty that he wasn't sharing everything with the Doctor; but nothing would change if he told the Doctor he thought Morton Robotics were targeting him. The only thing that would change is that Marty would have to admit out loud that Jennifer being frozen in time was his fault.

"So you two used to time travel together?"

"We met during the blitz."

"The what?"

"You know, World War II, the bombings on London."

Marty shrugged. "Yeah, sure."

"Not a history buff, are you?"

"I studied American history."

"Well, your country did fight in that war too. Parts of it anyway."

"Get to the point," Marty rolled his eyes.

"He was a rogue Time Agent from the 51st century. He'd travel through time selling space junk as genuine extraterrestrial technology."

"And he's an, uh, alien too?"

"No, perfectly human."

"So the Time Agents are – will be? – run by humans?"

"Yes, but it only lasts about 400 years before being shut down."

"What's the significance Doc?"

"They know he was a Time Agent, they mention it here. But they shouldn't know something like that."

"Why not?"

The Doctor began running around the consol, pulling levers and pressing buttons. The TARDIS began to shake and move.

"Because there shouldn't be any records of him being a Time Agent in this century. A member of Torchwood, yes, but this other information could only have come from someone from a future timeline."

"Torchwood? Doc, you're losing me here."

"Torchwood was an agency that investigated extraterrestrial phenomenon in the United Kingdom. He was an agent with them for over a hundred years."

"Over a hundred years? I thought you said he was human."

"Well, yes, but didn't I mention he's immortal?"

"He can't die? Heavy…"

"Couldn't agree more."

The TARDIS went still.

"Where are we?" Marty asked, then quickly added: "When are we?"

"About two hours in the future," the Doctor was bounding down the ramp towards the door.

"Two hours?" Marty followed.

"Right at impact," the Doctor opened the door.

It was night, wherever they were. Marty could make out a tree line, but the land before them was barren and flat.

"Where are we? What did you mean impact?" They exited the TARDIS, just as the sky lit up and a trail of fire made its way towards earth.

"Jesus Doc!" Marty backed up in fear, but the Doctor stood his ground, his hands in his pockets as he watched the things crash land into the virgin earth.

The object must have been small, because the crater was no bigger than a pool. A fire burned at its centre, lighting up the tree line – and then, coming out from between the trees Marty saw two beams of light and a black SUV break through, driving at full speed towards the crater, skidding to a stop at the edge and nearly falling in.

Two men then jumped out, still too far away for Marty to make out any detail, but the Doctor grinned widely.

"There he is. Right on time to save the world from the scary aliens. Captain Jack Harkness."

To Be Continued…

(I'm posting this chapter a lot later in the day than I wanted to, because unfortunately I wasn't able to watch the finale of Miracle Day yesterday. Either way, we're back on track and although I was really blindsided by the workload from my first week back to school I'm fairly certain I'll be able to do a chapter a day – but I'm making no promises! Also, the next chapter will be rife with spoilers for Miracle Day, so be warned.)