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*ring* *ring* *ring*

Harvey scrubbed a hand across his face before reaching for the cell phone resting on his end table. "Mike" flashed on the overly bright screen right above the clock that read 2:42am. Harvey couldn't stop the aggravated groan that started somewhere in his toes before hitting the silent button. It was his day off and he had no intention of talking to Mike. It wasn't his day to babysit; surely the kid could fend for himself for a little while. He rolled over and rearranged the blankets as he got comfortable again.

*ring* *ring* *ring*

Harvey grabbed the phone and hit the button to answer the call. "If you're waking me up at this unholy hour of the night and you're not in the middle of being killed, you're fired," he growled out.

"I'm sorry," came Mike's voice and immediately Harvey sat up knowing something was wrong. "I didn't know who else to call. I need your help."

The first thing that Harvey noticed as he pulled into Mike's neighborhood was the flashing lights from the emergency vehicles and a flurry of activity as personnel moved around the scene. Finding something that could pass as a parking spot Harvey climbed out of the car and started making his way to where a large group of people were huddled near a tent. He had no idea where Mike was in this mess but he was going to find him.

Harvey approached the tent, which appeared to be staffed by relief workers handing out blankets and collecting information. Huddled in the back of the group Harvey noticed Mike standing with a blanket wrapped around him. He was wearing what appeared to be sleepwear and he looked like a mess. His hair was even more mussed than usual and he had streaks of dirt across his face, arms and clothes.

"Hey, Mike!" Harvey called out trying to get his attention as he pushed his way over.

"I'm sorry Harvey. I didn't have anyone else that I could call and they won't just let me go because they said I had to be released to someone so that the staff knew I was being taken care of and I don't want to go to one of their shelters," Mike was in full rambling mode and waving his arms all over the place.

Harvey reached out to grab his arms and still them. "It's ok, just tell me what happened. What do you mean released to someone?"

Mike looked up at his boss and noted the concern on his face and the way his eyes kept trying to look into Mike for the answers that he wanted. "My apartment building had a partial collapse. I don't really know what happened, just that I woke up to this crazy noise and shaking. They condemned the building and we're not allowed in right now, not even to get our stuff."

"Are you hurt? Have you been checked out?" Harvey was doing his own once over to check for any place where Mike might be hurt. Aside from the dirt smudges he looked unharmed, just very shaken up.

"I'm not hurt," Mike confirmed, shrugging his shoulders underneath the gray wool blanket. "I just didn't know what else to do."

"Ok, let's make sure that you can leave and that they don't need anything else from you." Harvey steered Mike towards one of the relief workers and after giving his own contact information and explaining that he would take responsibility for Mike the two were able to leave.

When they got to the car Mike slid into the passenger seat and hung his head. It had been a long night. "Thanks for coming to get me. You could just drop me off at a hotel or something."

"No, I don't think so," came the unexpected reply causing Mike to look up at Harvey. "You can stay at my place for now until we figure something else out. Its 3:30. No one will let you check in and you probably don't even have your wallet on you." Mike's sheepish look was enough to tell Harvey that he was right.

The drive to Harvey's condo was silent, both men lost in their own thoughts. In fact, Mike wasn't even sure how they got inside the swank apartment but all of a sudden there they were. He couldn't remember the car ride, or the walk into the building, or the elevator ride. It was disorienting to suddenly be in a new location with no recollection of getting there. The panic started to build in his chest and it was becoming harder to breathe. He could feel his pulse pounding like his heart wanted to beat right out of his chest. It wasn't until Mike looked over at Harvey walking next to him that he felt some of the tension ease away. Harvey wouldn't let anything happen to him, he was safe with his boss nearby.

"…a shower," Harvey was saying as he moved down the entrance hall of the apartment and Mike shook his head a little as if to clear away his thoughts.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Harvey had turned and was looking at Mike with concern and Mike had the feeling that he missed the better part of a whole conversation.

"I said that I would get you some clean clothes while you took a shower," Harvey said slowly, watching Mike closely to make sure the kid got the message this time. Mike just nodded and moved off to the door that Harvey was pointing to. Harvey watched him walk away and took a deep breath before walking into his bedroom and pulling some clean sleep pants and a t-shirt out of the dresser drawer. He could hear the water running in the bathroom and he went back out to the living room to sit on the couch and flip on the TV.

Mike stripped off his shirt and pants before starting the shower. He glanced at himself in the mirror and cringed at the reflection, his face was pale and there were dark circles under his eyes. He felt like he had just fallen asleep when his world literally collapsed around him. Mike climbed under the spray and enjoyed several moments of the hot water warming his cool skin. Mike finished his shower and dried himself off before wrapping the towel around his waist and going to search for the clothes that Harvey had promised.

Mike wandered out into the living room and noticed Harvey sitting on couch with the TV on. Harvey must have heard Mike coming because without turning around he said "The clothes are on the bed. And don't even think of snooping around my room while you're in there."

After changing into black sweats and a grey shirt Mike returned to the living room and sat on the other end of the couch from his boss. He could feel Harvey eyeing him carefully but when he looked over Harvey was back to watching the TV. After a couple of minutes the infomercial switched to regular commercials and Harvey got up and moved into the kitchen. "Did you want something to eat Mike? I can make you something if you're hungry."

"No, I'm not hungry. Thanks though. I'm more tired than anything really." As if to prove his point he burrowed himself deeper into the corner of the couch and rested his head on his hand while he closed his eyes. Harvey watched him from where he stood before walking into the bedroom again and taking a spare blanket out of the closet. By the time he returned he could tell Mike was holding onto the last threads of reality, and only barely at that.

"Lay down," Harvey said softly and watched as the young man shifted on the couch to obey without so much as opening his eyes. Once he had settled on his side Harvey covered him with the blanket and stepped back to watch him quietly.

Mike had just walked into his apartment and rested his bike against the wall just inside the door. It had been a typically long day of work at the office and he was glad to be able to relax for a while. Harvey had given him the next day off and he planned on sleeping through it because boy did he need to catch up. Mike wandered into the kitchen and searched his fridge, finally deciding on the left-over Chinese that was sitting on the shelf. It still smelled ok anyway. After a quick dinner Mike hopped in the shower and then readied for bed. He was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

All of a sudden there was a loud crashing, rumbling noise. Mike was startled out of his sleep but couldn't see anything in the dark room. The world was shaking beneath him and Mike heard his books fall off the shelf and the light fixture rattling on the ceiling. He climbed out of bed and tripped over the blankets that had fallen to floor. It was so hard to stand when the earth beneath you wouldn't stay still. The bedroom was tipping, when had his floor decided to slant to the right? Somehow Mike stumbled his way into the living room, bouncing off the hallway walls as he went, when there was another huge crashing noise. Why was it so dark? Mike couldn't see anything and all he could hear was the strange and horrible noise all around him. Was that someone screaming? Suddenly the floor lurched again causing Mike to crash shoulder first into the wall behind the couch. Mike braced himself against the wall to help keep his balance and moved to the left where the door should be. His hand reached along the smooth surface of the wall waiting to feel the door knob. It should be coming up soon; the wall never seemed this long before. All of a sudden Mike felt his hand bump into the corner where the two walls met. Where the hell was his front door? Mike starting walking back the way he came, still braced on the wall. He must have turned himself around in the dark and the door would be the other way. Again the floor underneath his feet swayed causing Mike to fall away from the wall into the middle of the room, landing on his stomach. If he couldn't find the door when he was walking along the wall how would he find it now? It was ridiculous to think that he was lost in own apartment. Suddenly that loud crashing noise starting again and Mike felt something large and heavy fell across the backs of his legs, trapping them in place. Mike tried pulling his legs out but they wouldn't budge and the strain caused his legs to hurt even worse. He couldn't twist in place enough to try and move this…thing off of him. He tried yelling for help but the deafening noise was all around him and who would hear him over that? Mike could feel the tears pouring down his face as he realized that he was trapped in his apartment until someone found him. Then the floor started to shake right underneath him and oh my god it felt like it was falling apart…

Harvey rolled over in his bed and glanced at the clock on the nightstand whose red numbers showed 5:57. The apartment seemed still and quiet leaving Harvey to wonder why he was awake again when he should be sleeping like a baby. He had only been asleep for maybe half an hour after he left Mike on the couch. Then he heard it, a soft whimpering sound coming from the living room. Harvey was on his feet and moving out into the living room before he could fully process what was happening.

Mike was tossing and turning on the couch, having kicked the blanket onto the floor. His hand was reaching out to his side almost like he was searching for something. The kid had broken out into a sweat and he had a look of pure panic on his face even in sleep. The whimpering noise sounded again and Harvey approached the couch trying to avoid getting punched or kicked by Mike's flailing limbs. He managed to sit on the couch and hold Mike's arms against his body as the smaller man continued to struggle. Harvey pulled Mike into his chest and tried to wake him up out of the nightmare.

The floor was falling apart beneath him and Mike couldn't move because he was trapped by this something that was lying across his legs. He tried to kick, tried to pull himself loose using just his arms. It was no use; he was well and truly trapped. All of a sudden things started to fall around him again and he threw his arms up to cover his head. The floor below him, the ceiling above him, it was all falling apart and there was no one to help him, no way he could get himself out. With one final gigantic shake the floor beneath him gave way and Mike was falling, falling, faster and faster. "Nooooooo….."

Harvey was startled by the sudden scream. Until now Mike had been struggling relatively quietly in his arms, occasionally whimpering, but not screaming. Mike must have woken himself up with his own scream because all of a sudden he went completely silent, completely still to the point that Harvey wondered if he was still breathing. After only a few seconds Mike started to struggle in earnest, twisting as hard as he could to get himself loose. Harvey just held on tighter afraid the kid would accidentally hurt himself in his blind panic. He spoke as soothingly as possible to help Mike calm down. "It's ok Mike. I'm right here. You're safe right now, there's nothing that's going to hurt you. It's ok. Calm down. Wake up for me Mike. It's ok, sh." On and on he went muttering the same soothing nonsense in the same calm tone until he felt Mike starting to relax.

Mike was woken up by a scream that he didn't realize was his own. He stared at the unfamiliar surroundings trying to figure out where he was when he realized that he was still trapped. He couldn't move! The world was falling apart around him and he didn't understand it but he knew he needed to get out. He needed out but he couldn't move, something was holding him in place and if he didn't get out he was going to die. He started struggling to free himself as he twisted and turned and kicked his legs. Suddenly there was a voice, but it sounded so far away and Mike had no idea what it was saying. Maybe if he could get to the voice he would be saved. The more he struggled the more trapped he felt. Then it dawned on him, because Mike was a genius after all, that his legs had been trapped when he was in his apartment but now his legs were free and his arms were trapped and he definitely wasn't in his apartment anymore. The voice was still there though and Mike tried harder to focus on what that voice was saying. "Wake up for me Mike. It's ok, sh." Mike slowly stopped struggling and opened his eyes again trying to figure out where he was. The voice was still talking in his ear and suddenly it hit Mike; that voice belonged to Harvey. He was with Harvey, and he remembered thinking that as long as he was with the older man that he would be safe. Mike turned around slowly and looked at Harvey sitting next to him for a second before bursting into tears.

Harvey was startled by the sheer panic and fear in Mike's eyes when he turned to him. There was a sudden flood of anxiety as Harvey questioned his ability to help Mike through this mess. But then Mike burst into tears and launched himself into Harvey's arms and buried his head in Harvey's neck. To his own credit Harvey didn't even hesitate to wrap his arms around Mike and hold him while he cried. The sobs wracked Mike's body from head to toe and the tears were drenching Harvey's shirt. The two men sat on the couch like that until Mike started to calm down. Instead of crying he was sniffling now but he still had a death grip on Harvey's shirt and he wasn't letting go. Harvey continued to run his fingers through Mike's hair with one hand and hold him tightly with the other.

Mike hadn't cried like this since his parents died; the gut-wrenching sobs that come from the depths of your soul. He could feel Harvey rocking him slightly as they sat on the couch next to each other. Mike wasn't crying because he was still scared, he knew that he was safe now. He was crying because of the fear he felt in his dream and because he had just realized how close he came to maybe being seriously hurt. He cried for what felt like hours. As his sobbing subsided he burrowed deeper into the arms that were wrapped around him and settled into the comfortable presence of his mentor.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Harvey asked after Mike had settled against him and he in turn had settled into the couch. Mike's only answer was a shake of his head and a sniffle. "Ok, you don't have to. Just relax." Harvey continued to thread his fingers through Mike's blonde hair, enjoying how it seemed to help Mike relax.

Mike felt himself growing increasingly drowsy as Harvey's ministrations lulled him back to sleep. He was warm and comfortable resting against Harvey. His nightmare and the crying had left him completely exhausted and he had no energy left to fight his need for sleep. He wasn't afraid of going to back to sleep as long Harvey was going to be there. "Harvey, don't leave," he mumbled into Harvey's chest as he dropped off into a thankfully dreamless sleep.

"Don't worry buddy, I'll be here."