Dean turned on his computer and the second he signed into his im a message popped up.

Sam – Hey, how's unpacking?

Dean – Terrible. My room is basically full of boxes.

Sam – Maybe that's because you're on the computer instead of unpacking.

Dean – Do you want me to leave?

Sam – No.

Dean – Good because I need a break from unpacking,. I hate this stupid move.

Sam – It can't be that bad.

Dean – I hate my new house, I hate my new room, I hate this town and I have to go to my stupid new school tomorrow where I won't know anyone.

Sam – You still have me.

Dean – Well no offence, but for all I know you're some pedo. I mean all I really know about who you are is that you're seventeen and a guy named Sam. And for all I know that's a lie.

Sam – True just like I don't know if you're an old lady.

Dean – Sad thing is you're the one who knows the most about me.

"Dean are you unpacking?" John Winchester yelled from the hallway.

"Uh . . . yeah," Dean called back as he typed something quickly before turning his laptop off.

Dean – I've got to go, my dad thinks I'm unpacking.

Sam went to type a good-bye, but before he could Dean was offline.

He closed his own laptop and sighed. Jess was probably right, he should stop pining over some guy that he's never met. That he never will meet because he doesn't know where he lives. Plus even if he did see him on some one in a million chance he would never know. After all he doesn't have the slightest idea what he looks like.

He pulled out his phone to text Jess.

From Sam:

Want to go somewhere?

From Jess:

Sure, where do you want to go?

From Sam:

Anywhere to get my mind off of things. I can pick you up in ten, will you be ready?

From Jess:


Sam grabbed his coat and his keys, then went downstairs.

"I'm going out, okay?" He asked.

"Sure, just don't be back too late," Bobby told him.

"I won't," Sam agreed, before walking outside.

When he arrived at Jess's house she was already waiting for him outside.

"So by getting your mind off of things do you mean getting your mind off of a certain guy that you've been messaging online?" She asked.

"That's not helping to distract me," Sam replied.

"I take that as a yes," Jess said with a grin as Sam began to drive. "You know you don't even know his name so why are you so obsessed?"

"I do know his name," Sam replied. "Or at least his first one. And I know that I'll never meet him anyways, so I'm just trying to stop thinking about it."

They decided to go see a movie and Sam purposely chose an action one so it wouldn't remind him of Dean like a romantic comedy or horror movie would. Dean had spent an hour and a half once talking about all of the plot holes and cliches in horror movies.

"I've got to be home soon," Jess said as they were exiting the theatre.

"I'll drive you back," Sam said. "I should probably be getting back soon too."

As she was getting out of the car Jess said, "Promise me that you won't go talk to him tonight or tomorrow morning."

"Fine," Sam agreed.

"See you tomorrow Sam," She said.

"You too," He replied before driving off.

When he got home he kept his promise and just went to bed.

The next morning was fairly uneventful until his second class, gym.

They were playing dodge-ball because the regular teacher was sick so they had to get a last minute replacement who knew virtually nothing about sports.

Sam and Jess were on the same team, so they stood near the back not really participating. Or at least Jess wasn't, if a ball came their way Sam would catch it and pound it at one of the other team's players.

"So there was a new guy in my first class," Jess said.

"Uh-huh," Sam said while barely paying attention.

He caught yet another ball as Jess said, "He's pretty hot, his name's Dean Winchester."

Sam turned to her, stopping mid-throw, "What's his name?"

"Dean Winchester, why? Do you know him?" She asked.

Before Sam could answer he got hit in the head.

He dropped the ball he was holding before and said, "I'll tell you later." Then made his way to the sidelines.

When he sat down on the bench he began to wonder. It did seem like a pretty big coincidence that the same day the guy he talks to online named Dean started a new school there was a new student named Dean here.

Although having it be some other Dean was way less of a coincidence than this being his Dean's new school.

He was interrupted from his thoughts by the sound of a whistle.

"Everybody's back in," The substitute declared.

When he made his way back onto the court Jess asked, "So do you know him?"

"No," Sam replied.

"Then why'd you seem so shocked when I told you his name?" She asked.

"I thought I did, but then I realized that his name was Dane Winston," Sam lied pathetically.

"Right," She said unconvinced.

Sam ran a few feet away to grab a dodge-ball and instantly became ten times more invested in the game. He didn't really feel like getting into this discussion right now.

When class was over Sam quickly got changed, then walked with Jess to the hallway where both of their lockers were.

"There he is, in the leather jacket," Jess whispered.

Sam looked up to see a boy standing on the other end of the hallway who was damn hot. He had brown hair with green eyes. One thing for sure though, he was as straight as they come.

Sam stopped at his locker and Jess walked a few further before stopping at her own. As Dean walked past her he winked.

Sam was sure that he was definitely not the Dean he knew, well kind of knew. Okay, he probably wasn't.

Sam and Jess sat in the cafeteria with their other friends, Anna and Chuck. Sam vaguely noticed that Dean didn't make an appearance throughout the whole time. Or at least that's what he told himself, really he thought about it the entire hour. He wondered why he was thinking about this so much. He had been too distracted to notice that Castiel wasn't there all lunch either.

He went to math class after and tried to stop thinking about this Dean. It couldn't be the one he knew, so he should just stop even considering it.

He finally managed to convince himself just as Dean walked into the room.

"Late on your first day Mr. Winchester," The teacher said. "Not a good sign."

Dean shrugged, then gave her a dazzling smile and said, "I got lost."

It was a complete lie, but it seemed to work as she responded, "Okay, just don't let it happen again. Why don't you take that empty seat next to Mr. Singer?" As she finished the sentence she gestured towards Sam who made a small wave.

As Dean sat down something caught Sam's eye.

He remembered a conversation he'd had with Dean.

Sam – What's the thing you would least want to lose?

Dean – My necklace. I know it sounds stupid, but it's a pendant that my mom gave me before she died.

Sam forced himself to look away from the pendant that hung around this boy's neck and look back towards the front. He didn't need to be caught staring.

The rest of the day went pretty normally and when Sam went home he quickly did his homework, then went on his computer to find that Dean was online.

Sam – How was your first day of school?

Dean – Alright, I guess. I mean it could have been worse.

Sam – I'm guessing you haven't gotten much further in unpacking.

Dean – A bit, but not much.

Sam – This is kind of random, but what colour of eyes do you have?

Dean – Green, why?

Sam felt his heartbeat quicken.

Sam – Just wondering. And your hair?

Dean – Brown. That's all you're getting though.

Sam – Alright.

Dean – So why are you asking?

Sam – I don't know I just wondered what you looked like.

Dean – Well what about you?

Sam – Brown hair, brown eyes.

Dean – Wow, you look like half of the idiots who go to my new school . . . You know I kind of wish that you could go to my school, but then I realize that if you did you wouldn't like me anyways.

Sam – Why not? I bet I would.

Dean – No you wouldn't, I'm kind of a dick.

Sam – I doubt that.

They talked for a while longer before Sam logged off to go eat dinner.

"So how was your day?" Asked Ellen.

"Fine," Sam said, not wanting to have a real conversation right now. He was too busy wondering if it could really be the same guy. There were a lot of coincidences, but at the same time it seemed so impossible.

The next morning Sam was silent the entire time after picking up Jessica to take her to school.

As soon as he parked the car he stared across the lot. Jess followed his glance towards Dean Winchester standing by his '67 Impala.

She looked at Sam with a raised eyebrow, but Sam just got out of the car and wandered away towards the front entrance of the school.

Jessica didn't see him again until she walked out of the change room at the start of gym class.

"Since you got off easy with dodge-ball yesterday we're going to do something a little bit more difficult now that I'm back," The teacher said causing many groans from the students, which didn't make his grin falter one bit. "Everyone partner up and we're going to test your endurance. One partner goes today and one goes tomorrow. There will be ten stations and you'll have a time limit where you see how many of each thing you can do. The stations are sit-ups, chin-ups, laps, push-ups, bicep curls, bench steps, tricep dips, burpees, jumping rope, and wall jumps. Now find a partner and choose who's going through the course today, then find an empty station"

Since there were twenty students in their class it worked out perfectly for one pair per station.

Jess walked over to Sam and asked, "Partners?"

Sam nodded his head, but didn't respond.

"I'll go today if you want," She offered.

"Sure," He said.

"What's that? Did you actually talk to me?" She asked.

"Yeah," Sam responded, not seeming to understand why she'd asked.

When they reached their first station it was laps so she didn't get a chance to talk to him as he counted how many times she ran around the gym.

There was a two minute break to go to their next station so as they were walking to where the jump rope was sitting Jess asked, "What's wrong with you today, Sam?"

"Nothing," Sam said. "Why?"

"Because you've spoken literally four words to me so far today including the ones you just used to answer," She responded.
"I'm just a little distracted," He admitted.

"About?" She prodded.

"Nothing," He said which caused him to receive a yeah-right look. "It's not that important. I'll tell you about it tomorrow when I know whether it's true or not."

Jess dropped it and began to skip when the buzzer went off that meant to start again.

She noticed that Sam was still very detached during lunch as his eyes scanned the cafeteria, seeming to be looking for someone who wasn't there.

"Who are you looking for?" She asked.

"No one," Sam instantly lied.

When Sam entered math class he saw that Dean was already sitting in the same desk as he had yesterday.

Sam sat down next to him and asked, "Hey, you're new here. It's Dean right?"

"No shit I'm new here," Dean said coldly. "And you can take your welcoming committee act and shove it up your ass."

"Sorry for trying to be nice," Sam muttered under his breath.

"You should be," Dean said before getting up to sit in a different desk before they were all taken up.

Sam struggled to pay attention to the teacher the entire class as the gears in his head turned. He kept trying to figure out if this was the same Dean as online.

By the end of class the coincidences had him convinced. After all both Deans were his age, had started a new school yesterday, wore a pendant necklace, and had brown hair with green eyes. Plus online Dean had said that if Sam met him that he wouldn't like him and that he's a dick.

At the end of the day Jess could tell that he was pissed off by something. He had slammed his locker and car door and now he was speeding off to Jess's house when usually he was a careful driver.

"Are you alright?" She finally asked.

"Perfect," Sam said sarcastically.

"What happened?" She asked. "You've been acting weird all day."

Sam turned into her driveway as he said, "I swear I'll tell you everything tomorrow, but right now I just want to go home."

Jess agreed and Sam drove home.

He did his homework as soon as he got home, he was barely able to keep his mind focused because he was still fuming.

When it was finally done he turned his computer on and a new message instantly popped up.

Dean – How was your day so far?

Sam – Pretty shitty, do you want to know why?

Dean – Why?

Sam – Well there's this new guy who came to my school yesterday and he's in my grade. And his name is Dean, kind of like you. I noticed that he was wearing a pendant, but I still thought it was some huge coincidence. But then I asked your hair and eye colour and it matched. So I decided I'd try and talk to the guy and see if I'd find out anything that would prove if it was really you or not. I sit next to him in math and all I tried to do was start a conversation with him and he was a total jack-ass.

Dean – This happened in math class?

Sam – Yup.

Dean – Do we go to the same school now?

Sam – I guess that depends, are you Dean Winchester?

Dean – Yeah.

Dean went to type an apology, but Sam went offline before he could.

He re-read the conversation over and over and he still couldn't believe it. Especially since he actually got to meet this amazing guy and he screwed it up before he even knew who he was.

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