This can almost be considered a dissidia fanfic, but it contains more characters from each respective game than dissidia. It's also my first fanfic, and I've tried deviating away from my normal writing style which is too detail heavy. Anyways, I hope you like it, I'll try to update it every four days.

I know at first it sounds like Yuffie Vincent pairing, but just bear with it, it will eventually turn into CloudXLightning

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Chapter 1

Fall had just barely begun to grace midgar with its presence. The cool gentle winds guided the fallen leaves in a dance in the sky. The sky, tinted from the suns arrival, along with the leaves, left the impression of a golden sky. As Vincent stepped out of his car from the school parking lot, he paused to gaze at the sky. A new school year, a new beginning…only after noticing students already entering the school did he depart for his class. The main entrance of the school was adorned with cherry blossom trees, a beautiful sight to take in. As Vincent walked through the schools doors, he saw a familiar face. "Mr. Highwind, you know smoking on school grounds is prohibited," Vincent chided at his fellow co worker. "Come on; give a guy a break, can ya?" Cid replied, though he still put out his cigar. "You're setting a bad example for the students." "Speaking of students," Cid replied while looking over Vincent's shoulder "Looks like mister's teacher's pet has arrived, well, I'll leave you two be." Cid smirked while leaving for his class

"Wait, what?" Vincent replied looking back after seeing his most energetic student, Yuffie Kisaragi, running through the entrance

"VIIIIIINNNNNNCCCCEEEEENNNNNNT!" She yelled, tackling into him, knocking him onto the floor.

"Miss Kisaragi, you have to address me as Mr. Valentine while I am your teacher" Vincent grunted as Yuffie got off of him. "Sorry," she replied, scratching the back of her head. After he had gathered his papers, Vincent noticed Yuffie fidgeting. "Is everything okay Miss Kisaragi?" Valentine asked. Yuffie's face had already grown scarlet for quite some time now. "I….uh….well…I mean-I Just wanted to give you this!" Yuffie stuttered as she pushed a small present into Vincent's hands before running off.

"See you in 4th period!"

"Wait! Yuffie!...uh" Vincent gave up calling after her…damn she can run fast.

Vincent was even more unprepared for what lay inside the present. As he glanced up he noticed how empty the hall was. Crap, I don't have time for this, my class is almost starting!

"Hey sis!" Serah waved as her sister Lightning entered the classroom flustered.

"Would it kill your boyfriend to have a car!" Lightning replied when she had caught her breath.

"Hehe, sorry, but at least its good exercise!" Serah attempts as a joke, but shrank behind her desk from Lightning's glare.

"Down girl, don't blame your sister for what you don't have," teased Vanille


"Vanille, please stop teasing Lightning," Terra chided "Did you guys hear about the new student?"

"Isn't it a guy this time? Wonder what he looks like…" Rikku said, mostly to herself, then started to daze off into space

"Please, why fantasize about a man that already exists, as in moi" retorted Snow, starting to flex his muscles. Lightning jabbed him in the stomach, silencing the show off

"I don't know how my sister tolerates you-" Lightning began, before the sound of a motorcycles engine revving outside the classroom interrupted her and drew everyone's attention. The whole class crowded around the windows to see a blonde teenager park a sleek custom black motorcycle into the parking lot.


"He's cute."

"I wonder if he's single?"

"Ahem!" All the class looked back from the glass to see an agitated Vincent standing at his desk. "If you would be so kind to return to your seats so I may start class." Everyone made a scramble for their desks. While their teacher at most times was calm, nobody ever wants to piss him off. The fact that he was an infamous gang leader in his youth only made his students more careful around him. By the time the students had taken their seats and quieted down, the new guy had already walked in. Lightning wasn't the only one to notice, most of the single girls in the class were already looking him over. She noticed he was taller than most average guys, a little shorter than Snow though. His bright blonde hair spiked up in several directions, a style that he pulled off. Though what caught her interest the most was his blue eyes. How are his eyes like that? Sure, mine are blue too, but they don't glow like his do…she thought. Then she realized that she must have been staring too hard as the new guy looked back. Embarrassed, she quickly turned away and pretended to look out the window.

"As you all know, we have a new student today. He is the son of a personal friend of mine and I hope you will treat him nicely." Everyone forced an innocent smile on. Mr. Valentine had a notorious reputation for punishing bullies. "Now, why don't you introduce yourself?"

"Uh, sure…" The blonde walked towards the middle of the blackboard. "My name is Cloud Strife, I just moved here two days ago…and, um…well, I'm not really good at these…" he mumbled to himself while scratching the back of his head.

"He's shy"

"How cute"

"Rikku! Vanille! It is rude to talk while someone is speaking! Do you wish to take disciplinary courses after school for proper etiquette!" Vincent yelled with a mad glint in his eye.

"No sir, sorry sir!" they said as they shrank behind their desks. No one wanted to ever go through that.

"Very well, Claire, since your schedules match, will you be so kind as to show Cloud around the school?"

"Huh?" Lightning snapped back to attention, "oh, uh-"

"Great! Cloud, why don't you take a seat next to Lightning for the time being?"

"Uh, sure."

After Cloud sat next to her, Lightning had to endure the jealous looks from the other students for the rest of the class.


"Well, that's all for today, read chapters one and two for homework, now on to your next class."

As the other students shuffled away to their next class, Lightning walked over to Cloud.

"Next class is P.E. You can get lost here pretty easily, so follow me."

"Sure." For the next few minutes they walked in an awkward silence. "So…Claire, was it?"

"Call me Lightning."

"Okay, so how is it here Lightning? At school I mean."

"Its…okay, just stay away from certain idiots like-"

"Hey new guy! What's up?" Interrupted Snow

"-this guy "

"Hey Cloud!" Serah said as she popped out from behind Snow, well, he was pretty easy to hide behind

"Uh, hi."

"I'm Claire's sister."

" I'm Snow, Serah's boyfriend" Snow seemed to emphasize the last part while shaking his hand. What, is he jealous of Cloud now? Lightning mused to herself.

"Nice to meet you."

Snow grinned a little as he put some pressure in his grip. So that's the way he wants to play it huh? Cloud smirked as he crushed Snow's knuckles.

"Owowowowowowow, mercy! Mercy!" Snow pleaded as he started to kneel from the pressure.

"That's what you get from trying to intimidate the new guy" Lightning chuckled as Snow nursed his aching hand.

"Man, that's one hell of a grip you have there, do you do boxing or something?"

"Uh, well I do practice Kendo, so maybe that factors into it."

"Kendo! Hey my sis does Kendo too!"

"Really?" He looked over at Lightning, as if questioning the validity of the statement. Oh great, another sexist guy. "What? You thinking a girl can't-"

"Actually, I was going to ask you what Dan (note: dan is your rank in Kendo) you are."


"I had a couple of friends in my previous kendo club who were girls."

"Oh…well, I'm second Dan, you?"

"Uh, I just barely got to second Dan a while back."

Before Lightning could ask anymore, she noticed the thinning crowd of students. "we better hurry, or we'll be late."

"Yeah, you're right."

"Hey look, it's the new guy"

"What a cutie."

"Pretty easy on the eyes too."

She rolled her eyes at the four girls whose eyes were glued to the window observing 2nd period's P.E. class. Well, she couldn't really blame them, Ultimecia's lectures were usually dry.

"Hey, Terra, you had him last period, what's his name?"

"Uh, I think he said his name was Cloud?"

Tifa snapped back to the group of girls "What did you say?"

"Uh, that then new guy's name is Cloud?"


Terra was a little taken aback by Tifa's sudden question. "Um..yeah, I think so."

"Are you sure? Because-"

"Miss Lockheart, am I interrupting anything?"

"Um, no Miss, I'm sorry." Tifa endured the snickers of her fellow classmates as she retreated behind her desk. Cloud…I can't believe he's actually here…

It was lunch time, and Serah had invited Cloud to their hangout on the roof which no one else knew about. As usual, Serah, Snow, Tidus, and Vanille were the first to be at the hangout. "Hey! New Guy! Over here!" Snow waved.

"Snow! He has a name you know." Lightning scolded.

"Ah right, Cloud was it? Come on over." Tidus got up as Cloud and Lightning approached

"Hey Cloud, the names Tidus," he said as they shook hands.

"Nice to meet you."

"So, anyways, Cloud," Snow butted in "couldn't help noticing that bike of yours, c'mon, don't tell me that's a real Fenrir!"

"What's a Fenrir?" Lightning asked, and judging by the looks from her friends, a question they wanted to ask too.

"A Fenrir is a luxury motorbike. They cost thousands!"

Even Lightning was impressed. "So, is it really a Fenrir?"


"You're shitting me."

"No I'm not."

"Dude, those things are cost a fortune, how the hell did you afford one!"

"Well, one of my uncles gave it to me as a gift."

"You're uncle must be loaded!"

"Enough boy talk, lets talk about something important!" chimed in Vanille.

"Um…okay, what?"

"Sooo Cloud, do you have a girlfriend?" Cloud and Lightning both do a spit take.

Vanille didn't stop and edged closer to a flustered Cloud, "So, do you have one or not?"

"Uh…no, not at the moment, no."

By that time Vanille had already closed the distance between them, and drawing a circle on his chest with her index finger "Then how bout it, huh? Wanna-"

Terra soon arrived, "Hi guys, sorry if I'm late!"

"Not at all" Serah replied, grinning when she noticed Cloud had used the distraction to back away from Vanille a bit. By this time a second figure came into view, a girl with long hair. "Vanille! You're scaring the new guy!" Fang scolded. She walked up to Cloud and offered her hand, which Cloud shook after a moment's hesitation. "So you're the talk of the school."


"It's not everyday someone rides into school with the motorcycle equivalent of a Ferrari."

"Yeah, aren't you afraid someone might jack it?" Snow cut in.

"Oh, don't worry, I added a few features just for that purpose" Cloud replied with a devious grin. As if on cue, a giant flash of light erupted from the student parking lot accompanied by someone's scream. The whole group walked to the edge of the roof to see a burnt and twitching Zidane lying next to Fenrir, several people had already started to crowd around the poor thief. "Stay away from my bike or next time I'll go down there and personally kick your ass!" Cloud hollered. He turned around to see the whole groups jaws slack. Lightning was the first to recover. "Uh, Cloud, what the fuck exactly happened?"

"Thundagra proximity mine."


"A Thundagra proximity mine. Anyone I do not authorize touching my bike gets zapped." Cloud replied with the a grin. "Think of it like a bug Zapper."

"More like twenty tazers to your ass," Snow replied, throwing an arm around Cloud's shoulders, "Cloud, I like the way you think" he grinned. Cloud merely just looked over to Lightning "Should I be scared?" Much to Snow's irritation, everyone started laughing

Well, there's the first chapter, nothing much major has happened, it's an introduction after all. And c'mon, Cloud had to have some kind of security system for his bike in EDGE. And sorry about that all you Zidane lovers, I just couldn't resist using him for Cloud's 'example.' Don't worry, he'll walk it off….eventually. All reviews are welcome.