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We've been riding for hours in complete silent on one of the horse used for higher ups. And was not as nice as Kiki or Onyx. We were almost out of Sitian. I was aching form the riding and wanted to be done with it.

"Are we there yet?" I quietly whine behind Valek. I could tell that he wasn't amused with the questions.

"No" I sigh when he said this "But were coming up to an inn to stay at." He added which made me very happy.

We rode into town and the people looked at us with suspicion as we made our way to the staples. We lefted the horse with the staple boy and went to check in. the inn keepers were sweet as they gave us a room. The bubble inn keeper wife showed me the room and before I could claps on the softness that I was so dying for she snatch that desirer and rush me to the baths.

I was alone in the wash room the sound of water could be heard an almost la me into a sleep as I waited. I didn't have to wait long as the was a soft knock and Valek came in the room.

"you know I'm fine." I told him

"glad you think so, you were with me one minuet the next you are out the door." he looked at me now I was confused.

"Mind telling me why I can't think that way?" I asked him. He sighed and I could tell he decided to leave me.

"I'll tell you back in your room wash up quickly." And with that he was gone.

'Paranoid much." I wanted to mumble after him. But he was right that was quit wired the way they did that I just wanted to get clean then back to where it was safe.

I looked at the steaming pool of water and it made me shiver. I grabs a cloth and wash myself that way dumping water over my head I wasn't about to get in another body of water until I know I'm not bait for a fish. I did what I was told and meet Valek back in the room pacing.

"Mind telling me what got you so riled up more than usual?" he turned my way

"Hum how about making sure you don't die?" he shot back at me like he was a child.

"Alright why are you acting like Kyle, and is this having anything to do with what you two were arguing about last night?" I thought I never see the day that I would surprise Valek.

"I … when… How….Damit you just like Yelena at times." He snaps.

He calmed down to the Valek I know. "So you heard?" I nodded

"And?" ah so were back to the old Valek. Good it was weird have him act out of charter.

"And I made a decision, and I chose what I do, it doesn't matter what anyone else say or think." I answered back.

"Good now that we got that clear, Be more aware" he add

"Do you want me to be normal or paranoid pick one I can't do both." I stated

"Well try? otherwise"

"I get killed got it."

"good I'm glad you got that." There was a loud bang on the floor boards followed by yelling that was making it way to us. Valek walked out of my room to his and out to the hallway I followed.

"Sophia stay here" he ordered I nodded

He was about to leave through the door but a body push it open. Valek side step to avoid being hit. Two men were fighting and but the smell they both were drunk.

The one that smash through the door struggled to get up as the one that push him leaning on the door frame for balances.

"Can I help you two?" Valek practically growled at the man still stand looked at him and eyed his uniform.

"Your Ixia scum aren't you." he stated rather then asked.

"You see this, I rather bet some Ixia than that poor soul." He stated sickly going to Valek.

I kind of felt sorry for the poor man. The other drunken man got up,

"Ixia ha!" he slur and stumbled. The reason the now that Valek was ixia because he was wearing and Ixia adviser uniform.

" my name is Cedric I am and adviser for md-5 on a trip home form a gathering to unite our two land in peace." Valek sated " I do not wish to cause any trouble" he added to the two.

" No trouble hu, well then how about the young lady she look like she want trouble." The one in the door way mumbled out. Unconsciously I step back.

"Now gentlemen if you would leave" Valek asked polite added again.

There was something off about these two drunken men. When they stood up straight and stop wobbling the one close to the door closed it. They weren't drunks.

"I don't think so Ixia we have business to discusses." The other stated

"Sophia go to your room now!" he ordered I was going to do until.

"What type of business?" Valek had a tone to get information from the two.

"Not like it matter now you both will be dead soon" I tried to get to the room before one of the men grab me before I could get to the door I shut the door on the man they try to grab me but he still go into the room.

"Don't try to run daddy busy and can't save you." He mumbled as he reached to grab me. I grab his arm and moved so the man flip on the ground with a grunt.

"Well then I guess I don't need daddy." I stated he didn't move, I couldn't tell if he was unconscious or not, and I wasn't about to make a careless mistake this was too easy. I head a chuckle form behind me. I turned to see Valek. I took a deep breath,

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked.

"Long enough to see the show these were higher muscles not to typical hard." He stated

"Pack up we are leaving now. I don't like how they found us." He added, I nodded and grabbed my bag. We were back on the road again soon after.

After a long night on the road trying to get to the boarder. We finally made it to the border. We got a small escorted to take us the rest of the way for safety. I was sitting watching two cadets trying to put up a tent. You could tell they were great friends.

"Allen you doing it wrong!" a boy with short black hair and brown eyes sated.

"Luke it this way" the dirty blond hair and grey eye boy counter. The tent wasn't getting up but I was being entertained.

I couldn't help but laugh. They turned to me.

"Sorry I didn't mean too." I try to cover

"Hey it alright Luke is a funny persons to laugh at." The one named Allen came up to me

"I'm Allen and he as you might of guess is my pain in the side, slash best friend Luke."

Shouldn't I say pain in my side?" Luke added I giggled again.

"And you miss would be?" he added catching me off a guard. But luckily I was able to answer without a hiccup

"I'm Sophia" I used my fake name.

"Ah! the adviser daughter. Don't worry you be safe with us, we're highly trained" Allen boasted I looked around the guys to the tent.

"I can see that." Looking back at them with a smirk I could tell they were about Kyle and my age.

"Oh well these thing are tricky" Allen fussed turning back to it.

I walked up to it and started to put it up. They help me as I explained how to do it. It was simpler then the tents back where I was from but the concerted was the same. When we were done.

"Now boys was that so hard." I teased

"Way to blow the male ego sweet heart." I turned to see my father smirking at me.

"I was only teasing." I went up to hug him as he kissed the top of my head.

"Of course you were." he looked at the boys.

"Thank you for watching Sophia she can be a pain, and know it all." he glared at me when he said that getting the hint.

"Not at all sir, she was helpful with her know it all abilities." Luke stated I almost crack up laughing at that.

"I see well keep up the good work I would like you two to be Sophia body guards from here on out until the devils are caught." He ordered all 3 of us were shocked

"WHAT!" came out of our mouth.

"Sophia your endanger and you get along with these two so well and they look reliable and the captain agreed with me do you all understand." Again the man lefted me no choice.

"Yes sir" the boys salute and were happy for the job.

"Yes sir" I mumbled not to thrilled with this news. The camp was done being set up for the night and the two guy took the assignment seriously they would not leave me alone. I walked into the tent that night.

"one of us will be outside if you need anything." Luke informed me.

"Thank you" I answered back before crashing into the bed roll.

I know this was part of the plan but I had a feeling that Valek did this on purposes just to drive me insane. It been a long night and day and I just wanted to get some sleep.

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