Hello! This story is my version of Winx Club, where there is another character named Aira.( Air-ea) She has the power of the air and wind. She is the younger sister of Helia, and her planet was destroyed by the Three Witches, much like Blooms. She has a boyfriend named Tide, and she is Flora's best friend.

I own nothing!

"Uncle Saladin, I really don't think that it is a good idea for me to go to Alfea."

" You are going because the headmistress is a really good friend of mine, she told me that no one will find out about what happened to you if you do not want them to know."

"People will find out, they always do. And then they always pity me."

"I can assure you, if you don't want them to know, then they won't know."

" Fine, but only if you can get Helia to come back."

"You and I both know that I cannot force him to do anything, if he wants to comeback, then he can."


"How many times have you asked him to come back Aira? Now you and I both know that he loves you more than anything, and if you can't get him to come back, then who can?"

"He is always complaining that no one loves him, but if he spends all of his time at art school, how will he find someone? You tell me that."

" You are right, I am sure that he knows that to, but he loves to draw and he has found a place where he can do that all the time. "

" Fine I will go to Alfea Uncle, but I will be returning."

" Fine my dear, and if I should find anything on your parents, you will be the first to know."

" Ok, I love you Uncle Saladin."

"I love you too dear."

That is how it all started, I had originally lived at Red Fountain with my Uncle, the headmaster, and my older brother. He used to go here but then he dropped out and joined an art school. I really didn't that was very fair, but Uncle said that it was ok so I went along with it. He came back for the Holidays, and I was always there, waiting because he was one of the only ones who knew about what happened. I sometimes wonder what had happened to him that would make him want to leave, but I would always let it go. Now my Uncle wants me to go to Alfea, the school for fairies. I would love to go there, but my Uncle has taught me how to fight like the boys at Red Fountain, he has even showed me a few tricks when I am using my winx. The only problem was that I was always nervous to use it around other fairies. It was really weird to have to answer what I could do. I have the power of the air and the wind. I can hear it when people breathe. So I can hear it if someone is trying to hide.

I walked into my dorm and saw a girl in a room with plants everywhere. I thought that I would do the nice thing a go over to say hi.

"Hi my name is Aira."

"Hi my name is Flora."

"It is nice to meet you Flora, is this your first year at Alfea?"

"Yes it is, and I am so nervous, I never really transformed in front of anyone. I am so scared that I will mess up and embarrass myself in front of everyone. "

"Yeah I know exactly what that feels like, I am so nervous."

"So Aira, where are you from?"

There was the question that I had been dreading, so I answered," oh here and there."

"oh fun"

"Yeah, so where are you from?"

"Oh Linphea."

"Oh, my brother loves it there! He is an artist and he loves to draw those types of things."

"Cool. I have a younger sister named Rose, she is the cutest thing ever!"

"Flora, do you have a boyfriend?"

"No, why?"

"Oh I was just wondering."

"Oh ok then, well I have to finish putting my things up."

"Me to."

And with that, I left to my room. I looked at the sign next to the door and saw that I would be sharing a room with a girl named Stella. Hmm, where have I heard that name before? I wondered. Oh well, I just went I to my room and started to put up all of my stuff. When a girl with flame red hair and a blonde who looked more like a Barbie that a girl walked in. The blonde Barbie walked into my shared room and put down a very large bag full of clothes.

"Hi my name is Stella, Stella of Solaria."

That was where I had heard the name before. I had heard because my Uncle took many trips up there before and had told me about them.

"Hi my name is Aira. It is nice to meet you."

She smiled and then turned back to the girl with flame red hair, who was walking into the room that Flora was in. She stepped on a plant and the plant started to cry. Then Flora came out and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Flora."

"Nice to meet you Flora, my named is Bloom."

That is weird, I was pretty sure that on the sign it said that her name was Veranda. Stella snapped her head at Bloom.

"Bloom." She said warningly.

"oh! I mean Bloom is a name that is like but it's not my name. Actually my name is Veranda, Veranda of Vilisto."

I felt someone take a breath from behind me and I quickly turned around, and there stood a girl with pink short hair, in a purple top with a green V on it and purple pants. She started telling Veranda all these facts about Villisto, and then she said her name, Tecna.

Veranda seemed embarrassed and I could understand why, if someone would come up to me and start telling me things about my world that anyone could know, I would want to yell at them and then feel bad about thinking that. Well, that is, if I had a world to talk about.

Aira felt someone take a breath of air and spun around.

"Hey the next time you are going to make something explode, warn us so that we have time to duck!"

There stood a girl that had black-blue hair, much like her older brother, she had on a red tank top and blue pants.

"Yo! I'm Musa"

"Hey Musa."

While everyone was introducing themselves, I was unpacking and trying to figure out if I should tell them what happened to me and where I come from. Then I thought that if they were meant to find out, then they would. I thought about what I would tell them as my cover story. I finally decided that if they asked that I would tell them that my parents died and that my uncle took my brother and I in. That wasn't a complete lie; after all, it did happen. Just not in the way that everyone thinks it would have.

When I finally tuned back into the conversation, they were going out for pizza and asked if i would like to join them. I agreed and then we were off.

When they finally found a place to eat, they ordered and Veranda tried to call her parents, her phone wouldn't work. I thought that it was very odd, after all Vallisto is known for being a very wealthy realm, so why would their princess be running around with a phone that can't call her realm? And if she has never been outside of her realm, they that means that her parents are most likely overprotective, so wouldn't they send their only daughter with a phone that she could call them on a moments notice?

Veranda was gone for a long time, and we all started to get very worried, so we all went looking for her. When we found her, she was frozen in an ice block.

Going into action mode, I transformed into my winx. I could feel my normal blue shorts turning into a dark blue sparkly short skirt. My normally white top with the blue patterns on it transforming into a dark and light blue sparkly top. My hair went down to my butt and was a dark brown, it went up into a high ponytail that sparkled blue.

I loved transforming, it felt natural, I also hoped that we would get to do this kind of stuff more often, it seemed like these girls like to face danger and would win most of the time. I took a look around me and saw what everyone else looked like in their winx, they all looked really good, Stella had this really cool orange shorts and top combo with matching boots, Flora had on a light and dark pink dress that looked like leaves at the bottom, Tecna had on the purple body suit and a silver helmet, her wings were a green triangle, Musa had a read top and skirt combo with a light red see-through mesh thing combining the two. We looked dangerous and really cute. The ogre was coming at us and he looked really mad, I looked around and saw the remains of a tornado attack. I smiled, apparently, one of these witches could use wind attacks, well, and here is a taste of their own medicine.

"Tornado Spin!" and automatically, the wind and air around me spun into a tornado and blew a witch with really frizzy hair to the side. I smiled with satisfaction.

Then everybody combined their powers, it looked really cool if you were watching. I looked over a Veranda, she looked so fragile, so powerless, but I knew she had to have powers because how would she have gotten in without them? Still, it didn't look like she had put up much of a fight.

Then the witches started to gain the upper hand, as the leader started up a spell, Techna put a shield around us. The leader, Icy, got really mad and she started up a spell that seemed like it could do a lot of damage, but then Stella threw her ring up into the air and it turned into a spetur, she then said a spell that would get us out of there.

As she was melting the ice from Veranda, Stella called her Bloom and that she was from the planet Earth. Flora questioned her on that one as I was too tired. She then explained about how she found Bloom on Earth when that ogre was attacking her and Bloom stepped in a saved Stella. She then told us about how she had lied to Griselda about who Bloom was.

"I think a want to tell Miss. Faragonda the truth."

"We'll talk about it later."


"Do you have any idea what time it is" Ok, under any other circumstances, I would have laughed my head off with the night we just had. But we were in trouble, so I didn't. Anyway, Bloom ended up telling Miss. Faragonda what had happened and who she was and where she was from, she actually ended up letting Bloom stay at Alfea.