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bEternal Memories/b

Angel walked slowly to the impromptu memorial that had been had set up at the side of the crater. He looked over the edge and thought the gaping hole looked like some horrible scar on the face of the world. With a deep sigh, he knelt and placed a rose near the crater lip. His vampire hearing picked up a single pair of footsteps behind him. When he heard the person speak, he didn't have to turn around to see who it was. He recognized the voice, even after so many years.

"Hello, Angel," the Immortal said softly.

Angel rose to his feet and glared at his one time arch-nemesis. He wasn't sure what to call the man now that he had a soul again. "What are you doing here?" he demanded.

"The same thing you are, I suppose," the Immortal replied.

He walked silently past Angel and placed a second rose next to the one Angel had left. "When you live as long as we do, you end up knowing a lot of people. I had several friends here when it happened," he explained.

Angel swallowed the anger he felt for the Immortal and stood next to him at the edge of the crater. He looked over the rubble, his soul aching at the devastation he saw. "Do you think we will ever get past this? Will things ever get back to how they were before?" he asked, his voice barely above a whisper.

The Immortal also looked out over the ugly crater. "The 21st Century is when everything changes. This is the first of many things that will forever alter how humanity sees things," he told him. "The human monsters will learn something alien monsters have had to learn over and over again. Now matter how badly you hurt us, we will always rise above it. Those who have souls will learn that no matter what ideological differences they have, when things go horribly wrong, we will stand together as one," he explained.

Angel looked his enemy's face, trying to see if he was mocking him. The single tear sliding down the Immortal's face told him what he said had been from his heart. "How do know these things?" he demanded.

The Immortal turned and put his hand on Angel's shoulder. His brown leather wrist band contrasting with Angel's black leather coat. "I also know that even those those towers are gone, they will be remembered by the human race far into the future," he replied cryptically. "Trust me Angel, things do eventually get better, even when it looks like they never will," he whispered. The Immortal walked off into the darkness, his blue World War II overcoat billowing behind him. Angel watch him go and then said a silent prayer to a god he hadn't spoken to since childhood. He prayed for the safe journey of all the souls that had been taken that horrible day. Eventually, he forced himself to turn away, his resolve to fight evil even stronger before. He glanced down at watch and figured he had time to help sort through the rubble before he had to catch his plane back to California.

************Author's Note**********

On 9/11/2011 we pause to remember those who lost their lives on that fateful day - the monsters who committed the atrocity, the innocent they killed, and the heroes that willingly laid down their lives to help others. -DwDuck, author and police officer since 1997.