Platform 9 ¾. I looked around and smiled at the familiar sight of students rushing about, kissing their parents goodbye, and boarding the train. It was loud and crowded, but I didn't mind. I was just glad to finally be on my way back to Hogwarts. Not that I didn't enjoy my summer, mind you, because I certainly love my free time. But not being able to do any magic is kind of limiting and I saw practically none of my friends. The only one I saw all summer was Anna, my very best friend. We'd become really close in Charms class our first year; I don't know how I could've survived these past years without her.

But now that I was headed back to Hogwarts, I'd see all my friends again, and all of my professors. I was a very good student, always getting good marks, so I happened to be a favorite among many of them. I've often been teased about it, but what do I care?

I pulled my trunk to a stop beside the train and turned to face my parents. I hugged them both and told them how much I loved them, how much I'd miss them. I then grabbed my trunk and climbed aboard the Hogwarts Express. Very un-gracefully, I maneuvered my way down the aisle, checking each compartment for Anna. When I didn't see her anywhere, I decided to go into an empty compartment and wait for her to join me. After waiting impatiently for several minutes, the train whistled in warning. Of course, it was right at that moment Anna crashed through the door and sat down, just as the train began to move. The look on her face was proud and triumphant, as if she'd just won a great prize by boarding the train before it left the platform. I chuckled, grinning.

"Nice one there, Anna. Very smooth," I teased. Her eyes narrowed and she stuck out her tongue in response. We both laughed and settled in for a long ride.

The hours passed and Anna and I had a blast on our way to school. Every so often, some of our other friends would stop in for a bit. Out of all of them, Katie stayed for the longest time, but Elisabeth and Ginny made sure to say hello as well. Sometimes, when my friends and I were laughing or singing loudly, the students in the compartment across from ours would look over at us strangely. Which, of course, only made us laugh harder.

Finally, the train whistle sounded and we started slowing down. Once the train had stopped, I grabbed my things and waited for the majority of the crowd to file past. As soon as everyone was gone and we were the last ones on the train, I stepped out and raced away towards the exit, followed closely by Anna and Katie. As I was on the steps off, Anna accidentally tripped forward into me (such a typical Anna moment), causing me to stumble forward as well. I slammed into something (or rather, someone)hard. Draco Malfoy. He sneered and yanked his shoulder out of my way.

"Watch where you're falling," he said in a snide tone before walking off. I stopped and just glared at the back of his head until I felt a poke in my side. I jumped and turned to find Katie staring at him as well.

"Damn, Malfoy is hot! Looks like he grew over the summer; not to mention his facial features are more defined. He looks good," she whispered. I rolled my eyes and headed off down the platform again with Anna and Katie on either side.

Of course Katie would say that. Well, he may be hot, but he's a jackass, I thought, before turning my attention back to my friends. Back to more important things.