School went smoothly until Bellatrix's cousin Sirius turned up at Hogwarts. Much younger than her, fiery and loud, Sirius attracted attention to the House of Black in a way that neither Bellatrix nor Andromeda nor Narcissa had ever done. And the attention he attracted was not good.

He became the first Black in memory to be sorted into Gryffindor.

Worse still, he made thoseā€¦ those friends.

Friends, Bellatrix scoffed. You can't be friends with people like that.

Mad Remus Lupin.

Arrogant James Potter.

Disgusting Peter Pettigrew.

And for all Bellatrix's scorn of the self-titled "Marauders", she had to admit that those three were the perfect compliment for her cousin.

Ridiculous Sirius Black.