Hello, tis CalLightmanIsMyHomeboy12, and I'm coming to you with another challenge! :D :D :D

I felt that I've been neglecting my fellow Shansters, and I want to get back involved, so, in honor of my favorite holiday coming up, here I am, hosting a yet another contest.

This time's theme: Halloween! :D (Best Holiday Ever)

Write a story using a Halloween theme by the first of October, and on Halloween, I will post a one shot on any vampire in the series you want, you get to choose, and advertise you profusely on all of my future stories and profile. I hope that's enough of a reward for the winner, but just so you know, unless it's canon, I don't do slash. Not that I despise it and all sho enjoy it, but since there isn't any in this fandom, it would be somewhat difficult.


1: Must be published by 12:00 A.M. EST, October 1st, 2011.

2: Must say, in the SUMMARY it's for the contest, or I won't see it.

3: Must be Halloween themed.

4: Only one fandom, no crossovers unless you get preapproval form yours truly.

5: T-M, can be anything form humor to fluff or whatever else you dream up.

6: You have to PM me when you write it, or there's a big chance I'll miss it. I wil reply when I get your message.

7: Must be a separate story, can be an "add-on or spin-off" form other things you've written, just can't be published with it.


9: Song-fics are acceptable.

10: Can be multi-chaptered, quality not length is important.

11: No plagerism. Or I will personally report you.