Prologue – The Story Thus Far

Ten thousand years ago, before the start of recorded history, the Earth and the Moon housed great civilizations. The peaceful citizens of the more advanced Moon Kingdom, known at this time as Silver Millennium, were charged with overseeing the development and progression of the more primitive humans on the planet Earth. The Lunarians, as the people of Earth referred to them, were blessed with life spans that far extended those of humans. As a result, the inhabitants of Earth became jealous as they collectively longed for and deeply resented the immortality of those on the Moon. It was that united enmity that would start the chain of events that would ultimately lead to the destruction of both worlds.

A malevolent and amorphous force known as Queen Metalia appeared without warning on Earth. She corrupted a young sage named Beryl and used Beryl's position and power in the Earth Kingdom to convert and taint the planet's population by using the simmering human hatred towards the people of the Moon. Beryl crowned herself Queen of this new Dark Kingdom and quickly plunged the two spheres into a great and terrible war.

In the final battle Queen Serenity, the ruler of the Moon Kingdom, was forced to watch in horror as her kingdom's four guardians, the Sailor Soldiers – Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus– mercilessly fell before the advancing enemy's forces. The queen was then further crushed to see her only daughter, Princess Serenity, and Serenity's lover, Endymion, killed shortly after. Endymion was the Prince of the Earth Kingdom and the only person to resist Beryl and Metalia's evil influence.

Queen Serenity was faced with a near impossible choice. She could obliterate Queen Metalia and her forces for all time and consign the spirits of her protectors, subjects, and daughter to the emptiness of oblivion forever; or seal the enemy and allow the souls of those she loved dearly to be reborn on Earth in its future. The warmth in her heart made her chose the latter option and caused her to die in the process. As she watched the bodies of her fallen kingdom's citizens transmigrate towards the bright blue star that was to be their new home, her final thoughts were that she still firmly believed that the Sailor Soldiers and her daughter could once again lead happy lives. However, should the evil of Queen Metalia reawaken, they would have to take up the battle in her stead and do what she could not. As she died, she silently prayed that the magical seal placed upon the Dark Kingdom would last forever.

After nearly ten millennia, the Dark Kingdom and Queen Metalia were indeed released, which meant that the time had come for the Sailor Soldiers to once again be called upon to fight against their ancient enemy in the long forgotten war. The first of the Sailor Soldiers to be revived was Minako Aino. She was a typical teenage girl who was more interested in going out on dates or sneaking into pop concerts than fighting for peace and justice. However, thanks to a magical pen given to her by a talking white cat named Artemis, who was one of the few survivors from that long ago era, she was able to unlock the power that was her birthright – the power of Sailor Venus. She became the super heroine known as Sailor V, also known as the Idol Soldier. She battled crime and against the forces of the mysterious Dark Agency, an organization that was dedicated to manipulating pop stars and teen celebrity idols in order to extract the life energy of Japanese teens for their own nefarious purposes.

When she was finally able to destroy the Dark Agency and its leader, Danburite, Sailor V learned that it was merely a front for the much more dangerous Dark Kingdom. Realizing that the stakes were significantly higher and the great war of the past was threatening to once again engulf the world, Minako finally and fully embraced her true destiny as Sailor Venus and firmly resolved to track down and locate the other Sailor Soldiers, restore their memories of their former lives and thus, meet the Dark Kingdom's threat head on together.

During her struggles against the Dark Agency, the legend of Sailor V quickly became well-known across the vast country of Japan. The numerous stories of her adventures made quite an impression on young teenage girls, but none more so than a klutzy girl named Usagi Tsukino. She idolized Sailor V and wanted nothing more in the world than to be just like her. However, and completely unexpectedly, this most unheroic looking young lady got her wish when she ran into a talking black cat named Luna. Like Minako Aino a year earlier, she too became a Sailor Soldier, Sailor Moon, through the help of a magical brooch.

Usagi muddled her way through her first few battles with the Dark Kingdom with the help of Luna and a dashing and mysterious figure known as Tuxedo Mask by night, and Mamoru Chiba by day. The burden of being a soldier of love and justice was not a job that Usagi wanted and as the Dark Kingdom's minions continued to wreak havoc across the city of Tokyo she feared that she would have to shoulder that responsibility alone. Fortunately, help arrived in the form of the shy genius, Ami Mizuno. Ami, unlike the playful and somewhat irresponsible Usagi, was a dedicated student who took studying very seriously. Like most typical Japanese students, she lived a life that was split between regular school and an after-hours cram school. When the Dark Kingdom decided to exploit the Japanese educational system in an attempt to harvest the life energy of the nation's over-stressed students, the operation nearly took Ami's life. The last minute intervention from Sailor Moon and the resulting battle caused Ami to be awakened as the Soldier of Wisdom, Sailor Mercury.

Shortly after, the Dark Kingdom began to kidnap whole buses full of people leaving the Hikawa Shrine in yet another plot to collect large amounts of energy for their leader, Queen Metalia. These disappearances caught the attention of Usagi and Ami, as well as the shrine's aloof and mysterious maiden, Rei Hino. The young shrine maiden used her psychic powers and skills of fire reading to learn the truth behind the odd abductions that were occurring around her temple. When she confronted the perpetrator, she was thrown into an inter-dimensional portal with the intention of never being heard from again. Instead Rei became inadvertently caught in the battle between one of the Dark Kingdom's monsters and Sailor Moon when they entered the inter-dimensional space as she investigated the disappearances on her own. Rei proceeded to assist Sailor Moon in defeating the monster and in the process she came face to face with her own destiny as the Soldier of Flame, Sailor Mars.

Working together as a team the three Sailor Soldiers continued to foil plot after plot of the Dark Kingdom and its general, Jadeite, to steal human energy so that it could be used to restore their ruler, Queen Metalia, to its full power. However, none of them were aware of that or what their enemy truly was as their memories were still fragmented and incomplete. Usagi and her friends had no idea about the hardships and triumphs that they would all have to endure as they began their long and incredibly hard fight to keep the planet Earth safe from the forces of evil.