Worlds Collide

Legal mumbo jumbo: I don't own Dr. Who or any of the characters and only write this because I love them and am slightly obsessed

I'm a recent Doctor who convert, and to be perfectly honest, I'm pissed about how the 10th/Rose relationship went down. I mean, I get it, from the show's standpoint, but it just doesn't sit well with me. So, this is my take on 10/Rose's separation and reunion. Enjoy!

"Rose Tyler…" He began in a tone that he only used with her.

She waited longingly for the rest, but it did not come. The image of The Doctor, projected here onto this desolate beach in Norway from across the stars, across universes, didn't fade or sputter in its last moment. No, it simply vanished, as if he had never been standing there in front of her at all.

"Doctor? Doctor!" Rose whirled, searching the horizon for any trace, the tears she had been stifling for the last few minutes now flowing like two giant rivers down her flushed cheeks. The wind tore at her jacket, stung her eyes, and matted her hair, and yet she continued searching. As the reality of what just happened dawned on her, Rose felt her knees give out from underneath her and sank into the grey sand, shaking with uncontrollable sobs.

She heard a familiar voice in her ear. "Rose, sweetie. Rose…come on then, tell us what's happened?" her mother whispered, trying futiley to get her attention.

"Rose? Come on, Rose, your scarin' us!" Mickey Smith's voice tried next, but was equally useless.

It was as if Rose's body and mind had been set on auto-pilot. She could not make herself stop crying, could not make herself move and, frankly, did not see a reason for trying. Imagine shock and pain and grief mixed with an emptiness as large and as hollow as the depths of space all stuffed together in a sack and dropped on you from a great height at a great speed. Except you can't, because that sort of impact is enough to break even the strongest person, even if they knew it was coming. And that is exactly what happened to Rose Tyler that day, on that lonely grey beach. It broke her.

Then, the hysterics suddenly ended. The tears stopped cold, frozen in their ducts. The heavy sobs that threatened to crack her ribs ceased. The world swirled around her, glittering gold before giving way to pitch black as she collapsed on the sand.

A sharp pain that started at the back of her skull and swam down her veins, burning her all the way to her fingertips, came to rest squarely in Rose's chest, pulsating angrily. A powerful scream of pain started in her throat, but emerged only as a faint whimper as it passed through her lips.

Voices drifted in and out, incoherent and fuzzy. Rose was aware of hands on her, pulling her up, moving her from the soft, wet sand and into the van. She ached, as if a bolt of lightning had struck her, but instead of passing through it had decided to bounce around inside her body, perhaps for a bit of excruciating fun. She was freezing and burning all at once, a mixture of discomfort and outright pain. Unable to move, unable to free herself, broken Rose just couldn't fight it. And so she let go, and let herself drift.

"Rose Tyler…" He began, a slight waver in his throat. These words were so simple, and yet so very hard to form.

It wasn't that he didn't want to say them; they had been itching at his brain for a great long while. But things weren't so simple for the Time Lord. He had been alone for so very long. He was alone again, now. Still, something inside him knew that they needed to be said.

Just as the rest of his sentence began to form, she was gone. In the blink of an eye, Rose, the Beach, the Tylers, all gone.

An anger rose up inside The Doctor. He missed his chance. It was gone, finished. She would never know…

She has to know, he screamed at himself inside his mind. She would never hear the words, but surely she knew?

His anger gave way to intense sadness, and for once he allowed tears to flow down his cheeks almost as thickly as they were flowing down Rose's at this exact moment, on an untouchable beach in a parallel universe.

Loss was a demon that the Doctor dealt with every day. His family, his friends, his planet, all destroyed. So much lost, never to be regained. But he had begun, after so many centuries, to put it behind him. He had had relationships with companions before, but never as intense, never as strong as with Rose. She did not, could not, ever hope to fix the emptiness where these things used to be. Instead, the love that The Doctor had for Rose, and the love she had for him in return, had pushed out the edges around the emptiness and enveloped the pain in a thick armor of happiness.

But she was gone. He had lost her.

The tears stopped, and The Doctor just stared into space, looking straight through the fantastic supernova he was orbiting. The pain did not dull; he did not expect it to. This new pain was something he would live with. It was the least he could do for her.

As he turned towards the TARDIS's control system, the Doctor saw a flash. Not in the physical sense, but rather within his own mind. For a full second, it blinded him, obscuring the never-ending stream of time that ran through his head. It was bright and hot and cold, and somehow familiar.

And then it was gone.

Hearts racing, The Doctor collapsed onto the TARDIS floor, unsure for the first time in his Time Lord existence.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what you think. I should be posting ch. 2 and maybe 3 up soon; I don't want to make them too long!