The End of Light-II:

Rose Blooming in the Dark

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The author's words: Finally I started such work! To translate this part of The End of Light is even a tougher work than what I've already done, partially because this part is a bit longer. But anyway, I am trying my best~ ^^

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The story:

"The greatest Queen Metallia-sama, this is Beryl, speaking as your loyal servant. Please be awake from the sleep in the darkness, and bestow the formidable, immortal dark power on me!" A low and deep hoarse feminine voice suddenly burst out in the cold long polar night, in the polar night of the eternal ice-covered North polar.

With such somniloquience-like words, the clear, quiet sky abruptly became flashing, filled with the colorful rays seemed like polar light, but immediately overspread by the thick dark clouds.

The clouds spread upon the North Polar, and then the polar area was completely in the dark, in the pure, perfect dark.

A blanch of black light—perhaps a blanch of light could never be black, but it was black, at least literal—suddenly permeated the silver icy cover of the north polar, and slowly diffused, engulfed the whole polar area.

In the increasing darkness, a woman's savage laughter echoed through the dark void.

During the present time, various of countries lost contract with their polar explorers. But that was not exceptional at all, since such thing had probability to happen to any exploring team. Neither did any person realized the anomalous appearance in the north polar, the ozone cavity upon the south polar was bothering enough to them. And the anomalous appearance lasted short enough, the north polar backed to normal no sooner than the clouds disappeared and the black light faded…at least it seemed normal again.

The D point of the north polar was a losing point on the map of human beings.

Even the most advanced military radar of United States or Russia, which was the main part of the former Soviet Union, could not locate the very D point, neither could they find anything abnormal happening in the solar area.

But there was something happening, out of human's watch. At the underground of the D point in the north polar, there deeply located a palace, where could be radiated through the ice and rocks by neither sunshine nor moonlight. A woman with long red hair was standing in front of her throne, making an inspection tour all over her castle via the black crystal ball in front of her.

The castle hiding underground at the D point of North Polar was huge, dark, grand, gloomy and intricate. And Queen Beryl called it "Dark Castle", and just the same, her kingdom was named as "Dark Kingdom", same to the one before defeated and blocked by the Queen of Silver Millennium thousand centuries ago.

Well, what a creativenessless name, but Beryl was fond of her idea.

Now Metallia had not completely returned, but at least she woke up, from the endless sleep in the darkness. Beryl licked her poppy-colored lips when thinking about this, she could taste the sweet that belongs to darkness.

The power of Metallia had waken, and the next step would be wake the four generals—the dark shitennou—up . Beryl sneered, walked into the deeper of the castle, her purple cocktail dress swept through the trail she passed by.

Numerous of youma kneeled and bowed to their Queen while she was passing by, but all her response was a inadvertent glance, she didn't pause for them at all. Her cocktail dress and her truncheon flashed through their sights, and they kneeled kissing the ground stepped by her.

The body of the shitennou was in a penetralia, in the ice crystal. Queen Serenity sealed Metallia's power with the power of Ginzuishou, but they didn't die, they were sleeping in the crystal prisons, but still alive, for thousands of centuries.

Metaliia had had them, and it was time to wake them up since the Great Metallia had been awake. They would reborn as her four generals, the shitennou, and help her with her ambitions of ruling the planet, including its satellite.

It was the time.