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The story:

That feeling was familiar…too familiar. Zoisite was suffering from a sharp headache when he painfully held his head and turned back to avoid seeing those roses. It was a place where he used to spend hours staring blankly per day, and it was also the place where he was always forcing himself to forget when he made the choice to forget and to evade.

However, it was always there, both in the Dark Kingdom and in his deep mind, in his heart. And the way towards here was already learnt by heart by even every tiny nerve of him.

Zoisite held the stone wall to support himself standing with one of his hands and held his head with another. The gate of memory once opened, nothing could prevent the memories of the past from flooding out.

So, that indistinct but tenacious figure was definitely not that goddamn Nephrite. And the one he had loved with his whole life, was actually not the stars up above the world in the sky but in fact the freezing cold ices in the polar!

However…Zoisite recalled that merciless cold in that pair of silver eyes, he seemed as stony to Zoisite as to anybody else, which made Zoisite believe that he could never even get a response from that glacier…that legendry gorgeous, unquestionable powerful glacier.

Could it be said that it was Zoisite's fate which he could never evade to suffer from the pain for that man? The poor beautiful boy bit his lip, tears escaped his emerald eyes, and flew as a river filled with sadness and sorrow.

If that was true, then would he accept it? Zoisite let his tears go through his delicate face with despair. He would accept it, Zoisite quietly answered himself, he would accept it this time since he really loved him, deeper than anyone and anything else.

He, Zoisite, would become a chess piece within the hand of Kunzite, a weapon fight for only Kunzite, fight for him till death, since he loved that man so much. And those sweet memories of their previous life during the time of Golden Elysium would become the only warmth in the rest of his life, the only comfort in the endless suffer.

Though all those happiness had gone with the wind, his beloved mentor had forgotten the whole previous life—or he hadn't forgotten but he was only no longer loving his student, whatever, just the same to Zoisite.

The copper-haired boy sat down and curled up, buried his face in his knees. He was struggling to fight back tears, but more and more tear drops were quietly escaping. He was so devoted in his sadness that even wasn't aware of his mentor's appearance and stepping towards him.

"Have you thought that you could succeed in evading punishment, you are completely mistaken, Zoisite!" The youngest tennou raised his head when hearing such a freezing, merciless voice calling his name. Zoisite shivered before raised his head.

When Kunzite saw that delicate face which was almost full of tears, he felt his heart stabbed brutally, which made him feel really painful in his heart.

You love…loved me that deep during the past time, but how could you be scared like this now! Kunzite gnashed his teeth and yelled to himself within his mind. He let anger take the place of pain, and grabbed Zoisite into his arms roughly before bent to his year and announced in an icy, terrifying voice:"Be ready to accept the punishment you deserve, Zoisite."

With these words, Kunzite began to rudely unbutton the boy's uniform without waiting for a single word's response. At the same time, he suddenly sucked the soft, rosy lips of that prey of his before again raised his head to consider which part would be the best start point for him to enjoy his little beautiful prisoner he had wanted so much.

Yet, Kunzite suddenly felt a weight fell into his arms, and he found it was Zoisite leaning against him. The boy snuggling up to his teacher wrapped his arms around the waist of the older man while murmured:"Kunzite-sama…"

For an instant, Kunzite was taken aback by the voice filled with love which was too familiar to him. The boy in his arms was just continuing:"If what you said is like that, Kunzite-sama, it wouldn't be a punishment but a reward than which I could expect nothing more..."

Zoisite paused, and Kunzite couldn't help tightened his embrace to held his lover closer to him.

"I love you, Kunzite-sama, I belong to you, the whole of my heart and any part of mine."

Kunzite didn't realized the roses blooming behind his beloved student until that moment. Well, he knew that Zoisite must had seen those roses and regained his memory. But…he felt a little uneasy, he had secretly fallen in love with Zoisite even without his memory back, then was Zoisite loving him only because he was his lover during the previous life?

As if had read the older tennou's mind, Zoisite murmured quietly:"I thought I would no longer suffer loving you hopelessly if I could wipe out all my memories about, only to found how stupid and naïve I was. I love you, even without the memory I love you, and even you don't care about me I'm not able to cease loving you!"

"Me too, Zoisite." Kunzite answered before gently kissed out Zoisite's tears on the face. He licked that rosy lips and whispered:"Still I'll punish you because of your forgetting me for so long, Zoisite. I order you to accept my love to you and you're never allowed to refuse that."

"Hai, Kunzite-sama…"Murmured Zoisite, before he wrapped his arms around his lover's shoulder, just the same as what he used to do in the past. Kunzite wrapped Zoisite with his cape and the both disappeared in a flash of light.

Leaving the roses blooming resplendently and tenderly.


Coda: A happy ending as I had promised~ :D

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