Usually tables flooded with food were brought out for the Tasmanian in an effort to at least satisfy his hunger; however the challenge proved difficult as Tasmanians were well know for their endless hunger and bottomless stomachs and with two present it was nearly impossible. The chefs could barely keep up with Taz alone; it was a miracle they could keep up with Taz AND Slam. Then again, for a Looney Tune, nothing was impossible.

Taz span through each table, eating it along with the food while Slam only picked up a table and allowed the food to slide into his large mouth. Despite the two's messing eating habits every toon believed Slam to be a little more civilized than Taz being raised a city rather than a jungle.

As Slam finished clearing his fourth table he watched his ancestor with interest and ruminated on how the two could be similar yet different. He noticed that Taz was, in fact, a bit more barbaric than he was, Taz was easily irritated when he was kept waiting for too long, and that he ate ANYTHING, from live animals to lit bombs.

Taz, surprisingly, mused the same thing. Slam was more patient and clearly didn't have a natural predator instinct. His thinking was interrupted as he realized there weren't anymore buffet tables.


"Coming, coming!" Cried out one of the chefs as he and another pushed two tables toward him and ran when Taz attacked. This was another thing Slam realized, not about his ancestor but at how the same four chefs kept arriving with more food for the two in mere minutes.

Suddenly everything stopped. Taz, the chefs, the entire café froze and turned toward something. Looking around, he found that all eyes were on Ace and his ancestor. Ace looked to him and the other Loonatics, but got nothing, as Slam had no clue what was happening.

"Eh... no."

Everyone soon erupted with chatter full of fear and worry. Looking to Taz he saw how he appeared a bit upset as well as the chefs, one even broke out crying.

Walking to Taz he asked,"What going on?"

"No Looney Tunes." Replied Taz mournfully.

Confused, Slam looked back to the other Loonatics and saw the same confused face on each.

Taz felt a little fear began to rise. Every toon knew what happened when the laughter stopped. With new cartoons and more kids having no clue who they were, there were rumors that the Looney Tunes would disappear eventually. Now that Bugs's own descendant confirmed it, nothing was stopping them all from believing and fearing the future of the Looney Tunes.

From the corner of his eye, Taz saw Bug give a tacit wave to him and the others to follow. Grabbing Slam he dragged him toward the door.


"Follow bunny."

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