Rev repeatedly snapped his fingers in their ancestors faces, "Come-on! Wake-up-you-guys! Oh-Tech-what-are-we-gonna-do-our-ancestors-fainted!"

"Calm down Rev, they'll wake up eventually. They must've freaked when I said we were friends."

"I-didn't-think-the-whole-Coyotes-chasing-Roadrunners-thing-went-this-far-back. I-mean-my-parents-told-us-over-and-over-never-trust-a-coyote-since-Rip-and-I-were-little-but-still."

Tech thought for a moment and rushed over to the drink dispensers grabbing a cup and filled it with water. Rushing back over he explained, "Dumping water on an unconscious person usually wakes them up immediately." He dumped the water in both of them, but didn't seem to have any effect.

Rev reached forward toward them, "What-if-we-did-this?" Plugs Wile's snout, but nothing happens.

Tech scratched his head, "That's odd they should've woken up by now."

Suddenly Wile and Roadrunner sit straight up, startling Tech and Rev. They look straight toward where Ace and his ancestor were sitting.

Tech and Rev could see Ace was in an awkward position. All the tunes were staring at him with surprise and shock.

"Ya never hoid of da Looney Tunes?" Questioned Bugs.

"Eh... no."

All around the room, gasps and whispers started up. Every tune had expressions of shock, concern, and worry. The two Loonatics looked to their ancestors and saw their saddened expressions.

"Um, what's going on?" asked Tech.

'Do either of you know what the Looney Tunes are?' signed Wile.

"Looney-Tunes? Hm-nope-doesn't-ring-a-bell. Why?"

'We are the Looney Tunes. And apparently don't exist in the future' signed Roadrunner.

"Well it would make sense that you don't exist. We live in the year 2772. That's more that 700 years from now. You'd have to be immortal to live from now to then."

'Exactly. We're cartoon characters and as long as the laughter continues on, we live forever.' Signed Wile.

'The laughter comes from children and older fans who grew up watching our shows. Our show for example, kids love how Wile tries to catch me.' Explained Roadrunner.

"Watching-him-chase-you? You-mean-it's-all-an-act?"

"Beep beep", Roadrunner said before signing, 'You could say that.'

"So everything before was an act too? Even fainting?"

'No the fainting was real. Our families and species believe its all real and to make it worse the fight to survive as been going on way before us.' Signed Wile.

'We didn't think coyotes and roadrunners would ever become friends like we did.' Signed Roadrunner.

"Well-our-friendship-didn't-start-out-right-away. I-mean-we-hated-each-other-at-first-but-after-working-together-our-friendship-just-grew. It's-all-thanks-to-my-parents-I-hated-him-at-first-with-all-their-ranting-about-how-bad-coyotes-were-because-they-chased-us-for-food."

"And my parents didn't really like roadrunners either, with all the pain they brought to our species."

Roadrunner and Wile stood up and smiled at them. Glad that their descendants were good friends like they were. Looking behind them, they saw Bugs wave to them. He made a gesture to follow them. The two smirked at each other and began pulling Tech and Rev toward the door.

"What is it?"

"Well-they're-obviously-trying-to-tell-us-something-Tech. And-they're-pulling-us-toward-the-door-so-lets-go." Rev grabbed Tech, made sure he had Wile, and held on to Roadrunner before running outside.

Authors Note: I feel like the chapters are getting shorter. Next up will be Lexi and Lola, after them the Tunes are gonna show the Loonatics what Tune Physic are. What fun they'll have :)

About the chapter:

-I like to think that Wile and Roadrunner are good friends off set and like to chase each other just for the fun of it