Dog Tails

Kouji's dog has found a new leash. Kouji's not happy, Takuya's amused, and Kouichi just sleeps through the whole commotion...well mostly.

Kouji M & Takuya K

Rating: T

Genre/s: Friendship/Humour

Kouji awoke to someone, or something, tugging on his hair. Growling softly, he ignored it, trying to sneak in some more sleep, but the tugging persisted.

'Kouichi,' he threatened, being the first person to jump into his head in his half-asleep state. 'If this is your idea of waking me-'

The sound of amused laughter interrupted him. 'You might want to open your eyes Kouji,' Takuya's voice said in a sing-song tone. 'I think your dog's found a new leash.'

Because he was still half asleep, it took awhile for his brain to process the statement (forgetting that Takuya wasn't there when he was falling asleep) , and he had partially come off his bed by the time it hit...well, two things hit to be honest, as Areno had taken that opportunity to tug firmly on the braid in his mouth and pull him off the bed with a thud.

'The heck?' Takuya asked, once the breathless laughter was finally placated, no thanks to the glare he received from the younger twin. 'How in the world did he sleep through that?'

Kouji looked at his twin sleeping away peacefully, much to his envy. 'He can sleep through almost anything.'

Areno barked in agreement, trotting up to the elder twin and climbing on top of his sleeping form.

'Hey,' the human barked. 'That doesn't mean you climb o top of him.' least he had let go of his hair. 'I'm going back to bed.'

'I don't think Areno is going to let you,' Takuya said in amusement as the other collapsed on his bed, face down, only for the German Sheppard to trot back up to the low-levelled bed and seized the ponytail again.

Kouji cursed under his breath, opening his eyes and trying to tug his head free, only finding the other's jaw firmly tight. 'You better not have ruined my hair.'

The brunette almost lost his footing in laughter. 'Nothing that can't be fixed by a shower and some shampoo,' he assured, not that the other would believe him until he saw for himself.

Kouji growled, giving up on the sleep and trying to get up. 'Areno,' he commanded sternly. 'Let me up.'

The dog detected the lack of patience and did so, allowing his owner to sit up carefully. At least he hadn't fallen off the bed, but his head was now hurting slightly from the tugs.

Areno barked in excitement, leaping on top of the elder twin again. 'I guess he wants you two up,' Takuya commented, as Kouichi stirred. 'Heh, I guess he succeeded too.'

Kouichi heard him, and was a little faster than his brother in detecting the unexpected presence. 'Takuya?' he asked blurrily, sitting up and rubbing his eyes as Areno plopped down beside him, one hand absentmindedly scratching under his chin. 'What are you doing here?'

Kouji started. That fact hadn't quite clicked till then.

The brunette chucked at the expression. 'Now you notice?' he teased, before showing off the soccer ball under his arm. 'The boys are playing soccer.'

'At this time?'

Takuya shrugged. 'You both slept in. So Areno decided to give you a wake-up call.'

Kouichi stared a little blurrily at his brother as he abandoned the bed. 'What happened to your hair?'

'Areno,' Kouji grumbled, causing Kouichi to let out a bit of a giggle.

'Shut up. It isn't funny.'

No-one else seemed to agree.

Note: Areno means wilderness in Japanese. Off a dogs' names site.