Wax Figures

Chapter 1

A/N: I saw a lot of stories with them adding a character to the mix. I decided, after watching the movie on MTV, why not? Only thing is mine is different considering I made them 18 or 19 and it's their senior year of high school. I'm sticking to the storyline but I just added a few changes here and there. Hope you enjoy :)

Name: Christina
Gender: Female
Nickname (if you have one): Chris
Hair: Long, Mahogoney Red, straight, layered
Eyes: Hazel/Green
Skin Color: Olive Skin/Tan
Background: Lives with her mother, Step father and step brother, Blake.
Likes: Shopping, flirting, partying, drinking, bad boys
Dislikes: Dumb people, kill joys, Spiders
Dating: Single
Other Notes: She has an amazing smile; Tattoo of butterfly wings on back; Always wears her father's army tags.

Disclaimer: I DON'T OWN A THING! Except my OC, Christina. :)

" Get up, we need to get on the road," Blake reminded me. I threw my pillow at the door, then flipped my covers over. I love my step brother but he can be an ass sometimes. We are seniors in high school, and we are planning on going to the best football game of the year. Did I mention that my parents aren't here? They went on their 2nd honeymoon in the Bahamas. We aren't suppose to leave the house but we couldn't watch this game on Television. I quickly walked into the bathroom down the hall. I needed to take a quick shower. I turned the shower on and slowly stepped into the steaming shower. I quickly got out of this shower, and wiped the steam off the mirror. I place my dark hair over my shoulder and brushed it. I put it into a ponytail, and hustled down the hall towards my room. I put on a wife beater, with my ripped jeans and my white sneakers. I grabbed my packed bag, and grabbed my sweatshirt.

"Heads," I called. I tossed my bag over the balconey, which landed in the living room. I grabbed my ipod and placed it in my pocket. I closed my door, and walked downstairs. Paige, Blake's girlfriend, was sitting on the couch. "Hey, Paige."

"Hey, You ready for the trip?" She asked. I nodded, and put my sweatshirt on.

"Yeah, This is going to be hell of a game. I have the beer for the after party, water and food to get rid of the hangover." I answered, in excitement.

"Can I tell you something?" She asked; I nodded, and sat next to her. "You have to promise not to tell anyone expecially Blake."

"I won't," I assured, giggling. "Tell me."

"I think I might be pregnant," She whispered. My eyes grew wide, and I look at her.

"Does he know?" I asked. She shook her head, and looked at her fingers.

"Nope, but I plan on it." She answered.

"You two ready to go?" Blake asked.

"Yeah, let's get going." I said, grabbing my bag from the floor. We walked outside and I placed my bag in the backseat with me. "Are you sure you don't want me to take my car?" I drove a 2001 mercedes, which my dad fixed up for me before he died.

"We already have two cars," He answered. "All of us can fit in those two cars." I shake my head, and closed my door. It's awkward being in the car with these two, considering they're always horny. I put my ear buds in my ear, and let the music blast in my ear. We pulled at the diner, and I quickly got out of the car. Paige and I walked into semi-empty diner.

"May I get you anything?" The waitress asked.

"Fries with ketchup on the side." I answered. I lounged across the booth, and placed the menu back.

"Hey guys," Carly greeted, as she sat next to Paige. She placed a pile of newspapers on the table.

"What's up, Carls." I replied.

"Nothing much, looking for an apartment in New York." She answered. Fries were placed on the table. I reach over and grab a paper from her pile. I skimmed the paper, and came across an ad.

"Here's one in Tribeca for 3000" I answered. Carly began to look hopeless and discouraged. I met Carly the first day of school, and we've been friend ever since.

"That's still too much! All the money I have saved up won't even cover two months rent. I'm gonna have to work every second I'm not in school." She said; almost giving up. I grabbed a fry, and gently placed it into my mouth.

"Carly, don't you even think about not going" Paige said; I nodded in agreement, as I stuffed my face with fries.

"I'm not" She answered.

"Good, because we seriously don't want you to regret it." I answered.

"I won't but it's hard since Wade doesn't want to go." She said.

"He'll come around sooner or later." Paige assured.

"You have a once and lifetime chance at your fingertips." I added.

"It's just an internship, " Carly shrugged.

"Dude, it's at In Style magazine," I reminded. "You know how many people would die to be in your shoes."

"or She could stay at the waffle house as a waiters forever?" Paige added. Carly's face was filled with disgust.

"No, thanks." She replied. As I reached for another fry, Wade sat down next to Carly.

"Hey, Babe" He greeted, as he kissed her forehead. Wade is pretty chill, and so are the rest of the guys. They have their moments where you want to punch them in the face, but you can't help but to love them.

"Hi," She retorts.

"Sorry, there were two drunk rednecks wrestling in the bathroom." He explained. I rolled my eyes and placed my paper on the table. Before I could say my comment, Page said it for me.

"There are no red necks in New York." I nodded, then things got awkward.

"I think we're going to go now." I said, getting out of the booth. Paige soon followed, and the guys were picking on a homeless guy. That is typical Nick, and Dalton following in his footsteps. I shake my head, and walked towards them. "Leave him alone, you two." I playfully punched them both in the arm.

"We're sorry," Nick said, sarcastically. I rolled my eyes, then placed my hands on my hips.

"Let's go inside, so we can discuss the plan." I ordered. As we walked back in, Nick kicked the cup out of the homeless guys hand. Really?

"Get a job, crow man!" He demanded,

"NICK!" I exclaimed. I reached into my back pocket, and pulled out a 10 dollar bill. I place the money into the fallen cup, and hand it back to him.

"Thank you very much, miss." He thanked. What? I have to do my one good deed, that way I don't got to hell. We walked back into the building and sat in the booth, which was full. I sat in between Nick and Dalton, which is interesting.

"So, what do you think guys? Gonna be a sweet game tomorrow, huh?" Wade said, nervously. I guess he's trying to break the tension in the air; Fail!

"Yeah," Nick replied,

"Dalton, please dont film me." Carly said, annoyed.

"What? It's alright, I'm not filming now." Dalton assured.

"Dumbass, the red light is on." I pointed to the red light. Nick reaches over me, and pushes the camera down.

"C'mon man, put the camera down. You know she doesn't like having people up in her face. She folds under pressure." He added. Carly glared at her twin, from across the table.

"You got something to say to me, Nick?"

"No, no, I think you've already spoken enough for the both of us, don't you?" He retorts. It's always awkward being in the middle of their fights. I don't know why, it's just weird to me.

"You guys are lame! I'm out of here. See ya." Dalton said, stealing a fry.

"I'm going to wait outside, " I managed to say, following Dalton. I opened the door and leaned on Blake's car. I pulled out a cigarette and a lighter, from my bag. Yes, I'm 18 years old, so I'm legally smoking a cigarette. I light it, and lean against the car. Dalton has the camera pointed in my face. I blew smoke in the lense, and smiled.

"Hello, Chris." He greets, with a smile.

"Hello, Dalton." I replied, chuckling as I blew the smoke away from him.

"Are you pumped for the game?" He asked.

"Yeah, It's going to awesome if we get there." I answered. I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, and Mom's number popped up. I shushed Dalton, and answered. "Hey, Mom."

"Hey, Honey. We called the house phone but no one answered."

"Blake had to go out and get gas, then we went grocery shopping." I lied.

"Alright, we should be back sometime next week." She said.

"Alright, we should be at home."

"Love you, Christina." She gushed into the phone.

"Love you too, Mom." Dalton began to laugh, and I raised my midddle finger. I hung up my phone and placed it into my pocket. I punched him in the arm, "You're a dick" I stomped on the cigarette.

"So hostile," I smirked, and walked into the gas station. Dalton was too far behind, with his camera. Why not have some fun with his camera? I picked up a box of tampons and placed them in front of the camera.

"Tampons are alway useful, Ladies." I tossed it back on the shelf. I grabbed the pack of condoms. "These are definatly going to come in handy. They're a size small, so I guess we found your size Dalton." He glared at me, and I laughed. He pointed the camera at himself.

"That isn't true," I shook my head. I grabbed 2 bottles of water and a liter soda.

"Need anything else?" I asked. He shook his head, and I placed my items on the counter. After getting that, We all climbed into Wade's car, except Blake and Paige. I wasn't going to be in that car again, and plus he wanted to be alone.

"…Record crowds are expected for college football's biggest game of the year…"

"It's going to be packed, tomorrow." Wade commented. Being in between Nick and Dalton sucks ass.

"Speaking of packed, my legs are killing me back her, man." Dalton whined. I have to agree with that statement.

"Don't worry, man, it's not Wade's fault his little Hot Wheels car only fits two." Nick commented.

"More like a 'shot wheels' car, isn't it Wade? Wait, what'd you do, go to the barber shop and ask for a He-Man haircut, or what?" Dalton added.

"Seriously? Now is not the time for this." I finally said.

"So much for his nice little shortcut." Wade sighed.

"I hope he's not gonna get us lost." Wade said doubtfully. He pulled the car up so we were driving beside Blake's.

"What the-" I pointed towards the other car. "Is she?"

"Yeah," Dalton assured. "You're caught on tape." Laughter erupted in the car, as Blake's making faces. I grabbed my cellphone, and called Paige. She rises and answers her phone.

"You're ass is busted." I laughed.

"Lip balm. I dropped my stupid lip balm." Paige said; holding up her lip balm to prove her innocence.

" She dropped her lip balm." I answered.

"Yeah right," Everyone said. Carly grabbed my phone and placed it to her ear.

"So, What's up?" She asked. I could feel someone's hand rubbing against my leg, and it belongs to Dalton.

"Dalton, Why is your hand on my leg?" I asked. He quickly removed it from my leg

"Sorry," He said. So we're going to stop for the night, and get up early the next morning.

"Hey, a wax musuem." Wade pointed out.

"You like that kinda stuff, Wade?" Nick asked.

"Yeah, I don't know. Sometimes." Before something could erupt, We pulled into a vacant property. We got out of the car, and stretched out our legs.

"Girls, come with me," Carly said. We followed her back to Blake's truck, to get everything off the bed of the car. "Well?"

"I couldn't," Paige answered.

"Really? I road in a tiny car, for you not to say a word." I reminded. That was also the reason why I got in the car with Wade.

"There's no point in freaking him out right now." She added.

"As opposed to when you find out you're pregnant?" Carly said.

"Guys, I'm not sure, okay?" Paige said. "He's been looking forward to this game for months, I don't wanna ruin it by starting a fight."

"Paige, he's not going to marry you" Carly informed. "His parents won't let him."

"True, My parents aren't going to let him do that," I added; agreeing with Carly."but who's talking about marriage." Paige nodded, in agreement.

" Besides, I've been late before." Paige added. "When I know for sure, I promise to talk to him, okay?" We all nodded, and walked back towards the guys.