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Tied by Fate

Chapter 1: Miracles in the Snow

Snow was falling slowly, building soft cold blankets on the floor. It was dark in the small room, the only light coming from a small lamp. There was a small nun sitting at a desk, her small face glowing from the light.

She was filing paperwork but stopped as she heard a small wailing noise. Thinking it must be some sort of sound the wind made she ignored it and kept on working. The noise grew louder and the nun knew it was a child's cry. She hurried to the door and took her cloak off the hook. Hastily, she put it on and opened the door that lead to the cold outdoors. Her feet sloshed through the snow as she tried to locate the cries. After wandering around the orphanage grounds for about three minutes she found a basket near the dorm windows. It was a wooden basket containing a baby wrapped in blue blankets. Its uvula shook wildly as he cried his heart out… at least it looked like a he. She caressed his cheek with two fingers . He had small wisps of golden brown hair on top his bald head. The infant stopped crying and opened his eyes. The nun was surprised to see that his eyes were already changing color, they were a cloudy blue. Usually babies this small had their eyes a dark color and then slowly lightened up to the color it would stay for the rest of their lives. The child looked around and stared at an oak tree just a few meters away. She began to walk away and the baby resumed its wail. The nun returned to her previous spot and the baby placed his blue eyes on the tree and made gurgling noises. What interests this child so much? She thought to herself. She walked towards the big oak, basket with baby still in arms. What she found was shocking…

Another baby was at the base of the tree, in a woven yellow basket and tightly wrapped in pink blankets. The baby was fast asleep and its cheeks were flushed from the cold. Judging by the color of the blankets she was a girl. The boy closed his eyes as if to signal that his job was done and he entered peaceful sleep. If she hadn't been curious as to what was special about the tree she would've never found the sleeping infant…the poor thing would've died in its sleep from the cold. It's almost as if it had been fate that brought them together. She took both sleeping babies and quickly walked back to the orphanage.

"Sister Mary, Sister Susan!" she called out as she walked briskly through the halls towards the nun quarters.

Two women came out from a door and went to her. "What's wrong Mother Superior?"

They looked at the babies in her arms and let out small gasps. The shorter of the two offered to take one and she took the baby girl out of the basket. Cradling her back and forth the baby slept peacefully. "Mother Superior, who could abandon angels like these?"

"I don't know Susan, but they are a new part of our home…."

"What will we name them?" the other asked. She was currently holding the boy.

"They look so alike, just like twins."

"Yes, they shall be named Rin and Len Kagamine."


"Exactly, they are like mirror images of each other. Our little Rin will be his right and Len will be her left. They will complete each other. Two for one, twins at heart, tied by fate forever."

The nuns nodded and looked down at the angelic faces of the sleeping babies. They smiled in their sleep, liking their names…as if they had expected it all along….

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