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So, I got "Your Love is a Lie" on YouTubeRepeat (Thank you, Simple Plan. –A-), so I'm going to write a little song-fic to it, and of course I'm going to make it YukiRin (because I have done ZERO YukiRin here. –A-).


Anime: Ao no Exorcist
Rating: T
Why: Because I said so. +shot for horrible timing of a Junjou Romantica reference+

Alright, enjoy story~

I fall asleep by the telephone.
It's two o'clock and I'm waiting up alone.
Tell me where have you been?

There were two things on Rin's mind: Yukio and two nights ago. Those two things have been on his mind since… well, two nights ago.

Rin had been struggling. He loved Yukio. It wasn't just a simple "brother and family" love that every other normal brother felt for his brother, but Rin obviously wasn't a normal teen (he was the son of Satan, that already destroyed it!). Rin loved Yukio. Like a couple. Like a married adult felt for their other half. The only thing is, Rin wasn't quite sure how Yukio felt back.

It was night. Rin lay in his bed, only looking up as the thoughts entered his mind and ran circles inside it. Two nights ago, Rin had told his brother his true feelings; that he felt true love for Yukio. It was relieving in a way, but also painful now. After that night, the two, basically…

Had sex, Rin thought in his mind, blushing as he thought of it. He didn't see that coming. After his confession, Rin was pretty sure his brother would feel completely uncomfortable around him or even hate him. Rin thought back. That didn't happen at all…

"I love you," the words escaped Rin's mouth.

Yukio looked at him, shocked. He then came to his senses before he said, "I love you too, Nii-san," he answered. "Brother to brother."

"It's more than that," Rin said back.

"Eh?" Yukio said, sounding confused. "What do you mean?"

"It's more of…" Rin started. "That love a couple shares."

Yukio stared at him completely amazed. "Nii-san… do you know what you just said…?"

"Yeah, I know…" Rin answered. "And right now, I'm just hoping you feel the same way."

"Nii-san…" Yukio began. "We're brothers…"

"I know…" Rin simply said. He looked down. He felt as if this was the moment Yukio completely rejected him and where they would now have to keep more distance because of what he said and explained.

"But…" Yukio started. Rin looked up a bit. "I like Nii-san as well… the same way."

Rin looked at his brother, eyes wide and blushing. "R… really?" he said, shock being easily heard in his voice.

"Yes…" Yukio replied. He hugged Rin at that moment. Giving Rin a few seconds to recover from his shock and finally letting what Yukio said soak in, he hugged his younger brother as well.

Rin didn't want to think of that night anymore. To be honest, looking back, he was starting to hate that night. Rin, unable to sleep, got up from his bed and walked over to the empty bed on the other side of the room. He looked out the window to see the starry sky. Normally, a starry sky was one of the things that most people enjoyed. Rin didn't like it. He didn't like it at all.

Rin looked at the clock on the desk. It read: 2:27 AM. And he yells at me for being out late, he thought. Why would Yukio stay out past two o' clock AM on a Monday? Where was he, and… what was was he doing?

Rin sighed. He walked over to his bed and lay down on it again. Rin wanted sleep, but still Yukio and two nights ago remained on his mind.

I found a note with another name.
You blow a kiss, but it just don't feel the same.
'Cause I can feel that you're gone.

Rin woke up that Sunday morning. First thing he noticed when waking up: he was in the wrong bed. Then he remembered last night. He blushed to the thought of it.

The next thing he noticed: he was alone. Rin turned his head in all directions looking for his younger brother. He wasn't there.
Rin got up from the bed, quickly put on the pants he wore yesterday, and began looking around the dorm. He looked in the cafeteria, the kitchen where Ukobach cooked, the bathrooms, and he looked in their room again. He wasn't there.

The next thing Rin noticed: a note that was about to fall off the desk. Rin ran over to it. This must be Yukio's…Rin thought. He was about to put in back in one of the desk drawers before he it opened partially. Seeing what little of it was revealed, he read it. "I'll be back," it read. It was in Yukio's handwriting; it must have been directed to Rin. Wait, Rin thought as he noticed the note wasn't fully opened. There was another fold. As he opened it, he didn't understand. Altogether, the note read:

I'll be back.

Rin then remembered. Keiko was a girl at the school. What would Yukio be doing with here?

Rin thought a moment. What was Yukio doing with this girl? Was he using Keiko? To cheat on him!

Then again… Rin thought. Yukio probably knew Keiko longer in a relationship. Did he…?

He didn't even wanna finish the question.

I can't bite my tongue forever while you try to play it cool.
You can hide behind your stories, but don't take me for a fool.

Rin knew Keiko. She was a bright, energetic, and somewhat nervous girl. He just wanted to know what Yukio was doing with her. He didn't hate Keiko; no, he wouldn't hate her. If Yukio was doing something with her before Rin… the first person he would hate would be himself. Even if it was Yukio that took that confession and said he loved him as well, Rin couldn't hate Yukio. Not at all.

You can tell me that there's nobody else.
(But I feel it)
You can tell me that you're home by yourself.
(But I see it)
You can look into my eyes and pretend all you want, but I know, I know…
Your love is just a lie (Lie)
It's nothing but a lie (Lie)

Whether Yukio loves me, Keiko, or anyone else, someone is going to end up completely hurt, Rin thought but more of lied. Someone wasn't just going to end up hurt, someone was already hurt, and that person was Rin.

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