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You look so innocent

But the guilt in your voice gives you away

Yeah, you know what I mean.

Guilt. It was a terrible feeling, and that was all Yukio felt. He was avoiding his brother, and he was using an innocent girl in the process.

Yukio waved good-bye to Keiko and her roommate, Sora. Keiko was a cute girl, nice too, Yukio had to admit, but Yukio loved Rin, his brother. He knew it was wrong. They were both men, and brothers, which made it worse. He was actually very happy when Rin confessed to him. Yet, he left Rin after the sex. To make it worse, that was the last time he had talked to him. He saw him in classes, but they didn't talk. It had been three days now.

"Wait! Yu-chan!" Yukio heard as he was walking away. He turned around to see Keiko running after him. It reminded him a bit of Shiemi when Keiko called him 'Yu-chan'. After all, Shiemi called him 'Yuki-chan'. Yukio put up a smile for the girl. "Yes, what is it?"

"Can we talk somewhere?" Keiko asked, moving some of her long pink hair out of her face. "I need to talk to you."

Yukio nodded and followed Keiko as she led the way to god knows where.

How does it feel when you kiss when you know that I trust you?

And do you think about me when he fucks you?
Could you be more obscene?

Rin had enough of this. He was going to find Yukio and talk to him. He had been waiting for him to come home, but Rin never saw Yukio there. Only in classes.

Rin found Yukio. Rin just happened to find him at the worst possible time.

Yukio was sitting on a bench with that Keiko girl. Rin kept hidden from the two. He could see them, but he couldn't hear them. There were some words he could make out though.
The first word Rin heard was 'help'. The second was 'tutoring'. Rin thought. Could it have been that Yukio was only helping the girl with classes? Maybe that note was left on accident? Maybe Yukio was just having issues with the idea of them together? After all, it is something that isn't normal (hell, it's even frowned upon). Maybe Rin worried too much.

Of course, this thought was quickly thrown away once Rin heard "we" and "dating" in the same sentence.

Rin then left. He was only making out words that wouldn't help him understand what was going on at all.

Keiko looked sad as Yukio left. It had to be done. He then went over things in his head.

Yukio had actually been dating Keiko for around one or two weeks. He never really told anybody. It's not like he had something to brag about. Yukio's true reason for going out with the girl was because he wanted to move on. He felt he needed to accept that Rin would never love him as if he was his other half. Once Rin confessed, however, Yukio remembered he was in trouble. He loved Rin, but he was in a relationship with someone else. He avoided Rin because he felt guilty. He couldn't commit to Rin because he was with Keiko. He stayed with Keiko because he felt bad that he had to break up with the girl.

All of it was liked a fucked-up love story.

Yukio needed to get home and talk to his brother.

You can tell me that there's nobody else (But I feel it)
You can tell me that you're home by yourself (But I feel it)
You can look in my eyes and pretend all you want

But I know, I know

Your love is just a lie…

As Yukio entered the dorm, he searched for Rin. He looked in the kitchen/cafeteria. He wasn't there. Ukobach hadn't seen him (or so Yukio though that was what the demon said. He had no clue.) After searching for so long, he went to their room and rested. He had to be there.

He looked around the room. On the desk, there was several pieces of crumbled up paper. Yukio went over to the desk. He un-waded one of them. What he saw surprised him.

Rin had been trying to write a note to Yukio. Yukio could read some of the words. The words were written in pen, and whenever Rin messed up, he used a Sharpie to cross them out. This paper was filled with Sharpie. Rin must've messed up a lot.

"Keiko". "Us". "Dating". "Love". Those were some of the words he made out.

Yukio gasped a bit. Did Rin know that he and Keiko were dating? To make matters worse, did he know that Yukio had broken up with Keiko for Rin?

Yukio noticed his mistake now. He should have been honest with Rin. He should have told him about this relationship beforehand. He shouldn't have avoided Rin. He should've ended it with Keiko immediately.

Yukio then noticed one sheet of paper that wasn't in a ball. He picked it up and flipped it over. What he saw enough to send him into tears. He had gotten what he wanted, his brother to love him. Now it was gone.

The paper read: "It's over." In small writing.

Just like a fucked-up love story.

Your love is just a lie.

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