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A year after Mizuki left Osaka High, she is now a senior in her new high school in California. Although she's held back for a year; thankfully, her parents allowed her to go to the same school as her best friend Julia; after a lot of begging of course. What's great about the school is that it is famous for its athletic team and Mizuki joined the track and field club there. She has quickly become one of the star runners in her team and made lots of new friends from her club.

"Mizukiii! Postcard for you!" her mom called out to her from the gardens. Mizuki ran towards her mom and gives her a peck on the cheek. She swiftly grabbed the postcard and laid down on the grass with a plump. "Ooh it's a postcard from Nakatsu!"

Hi Mizuki hope you're doing well there. I'm now training hard to fulfill my dream and become one of the nation's players. I met up with Sano a few days ago and he said something about fulfilling his promise to you on the day you left. I don't know what he's talking about; but, I'm sure you do. I'll send you more postcards soon.


Before she could digest the words on the postcard she heard someone say,

"You know if you lay down with your tummy showing, you'll catch a cold." that familiar voice gave her a warm feeling and she knew for sure it was Sano. Her body gravitated towards him and they hugged for the longest time. He whispered, "I told you I'll come to visit." Mizuki can only smile holding tightly to Sano whom she have not seen for over a year. They were still hugging when they heard someone cough. ehem ehem. As quickly as they hugged they let go and Mizuki's face hot red with embarrassment looked up to see her dad carrying a teacup yorkie in his arms. Sano quickly bowed and said his greetings.

"Hello Sano! It's so nice of you to comeback and visit again! Are you here to improve your language again?" Mizuki's dad asked with a kind smile on his face. Mizuki was about to say yes but Sano spoke first. "Yes, but most of all I'm here to see Mizuki. You see sir, I love your daughter." He said with a serious look. Mizuki was utterly shocked and can only gape with her mouth open and stuttered. She looked back and forth between her dad and Sano. There was shock in her dad's appearance but all went away and he said "Come in. Let's talk about it inside." with a huge sigh of relief Sano and Mizuki followed her dad.

The first thing that Sano noticed about Mizuki is that obviously her hair got longer and she looks way more like a girl now. She developed all her femininity in all the right places. He misses her smile and voice. Since they were busy with practices, they didn't contact each other that much. Only a few short phone calls because it is expensive to call internationally from Sapporo to California.

"Darlingg! Mizuki's Japanese friend Sano's here!" Mizuki's dad called over. "He's got something important to say to us about our daughter." Sano stiffened in his seat and Mizuki looked over to him. He smiled to her and she calmed down. "hmm? Hello Sano! How are you? Would you like something to drink?" Mizuki's mom asked with a gentle smile.

"Oh no I'm fine thank you very much." Sano politely declined.

Sano looked at Mizuki's dad in the eyes and said, "So, I want you to know that during high school in Japan, Mizuki helped me in so many aspects of my life. She is the light that I need in my life."

When Mizuki heard this she bowed her head down embarrassed.

"We've been dating for the past year and I'm here to ask for your permission to date your daughter sir." Sano continued. Mizuki's mom smiled and looked over to her husband.

"So you knew all these time that Mizuki was pretending to be a boy in your school? For your sake?" Her dad seriously asked Sano.

"Yes. It is all because of her that I become who I am now. She is my everything." Sano confidently answered.

There was a moment of silence; which felt like hours to Mizuki.

"I see. Where are you staying tonight Sano?" Her dad asked.

"Well, I'm planning to look for a motel around here Sir." Sano answered.

"You should just stay with us while you're here Sano. Since you flew all the way here from Japan to see our daughter." Mizuki's dad said. "Now I have an ofuro enthusiast that I can talk to during dinner" He mentioned with a smile.

Mizuki and Sano both sighed a happy relief and smiled to each other. But then it just dawned on her that Sano still has to ask for permission from her brother. Just as that thought ended, someone barged into the door.

"MIZUKIII MY SISTER! YOUR BIG BROTHER IS HOME!" Shizuki shouted and stared at Sano. "YOU! What are you doing here? Why are you holding Mizuki's hand?" Since Shizuki is smart he figured it all out in 30 seconds. "NO! I object! you're not taking my sister away from me!" he starts to bawl in the corner.

"I think this is a great occasion to celebrate. I'll cook both Japanese and American food for dinner tonight!" Mizuki's mom happily say in front of everyone. "You should call Julia to come over so we can eat together."

"Okay mom. I'll text her." Mizuki answered with a smile. It's only 3:00 P.M and Mizuki is dying to ask Sano a gejillion questions. Mizuki's dad can see right through her and gives Sano and Mizuki alone time by saying

"Mizuki, show Sano his room upstairs."

Eyes brightening up she cheerfully said, "Okay!" and told Sano to follow her.

"I can't believe you did that!" Mizuki said when they're finally alone in the guest room. The room is quite spacey with a very homey feeling to it. A lot of sunlight passes inside the room giving it an orange glow as it is the golden hour of the day.

Sano smiled and can only say, "I missed you. Every day during practice I always imagine you standing there watching me like you used to during high school."

"I miss you too. I think about you all the time. I keep wishing I could see you and there's so much that I want to tell you Sano." Mizuki took a step closer to Sano and hugged him. "But I just want to stay like this for a while just feeling you here with me just like how I imagined it would be." Sano hugged her tightly and he couldn't be happier being with her like this. They looked at each other and as Sano was leaning forward for a kiss, there was a soft knock on the door. He pulled back and heard Mizuki said, "Come in!"

A familiar wavy blonde haired girl opened the door with sparkling eyes and excitement shouted, "Mizuki! I can't believe Sano's here for you! Ooh and thanks for inviting me for dinner." Sano actually understood what Julia was saying but just decided to stay silent. "Your mom told me that dinner's ready by the way so we should go down." Since Julia knows that Sano understands her perfectly, she left them just like that. "Julia doesn't change at all does she." Sano said. He quickly leaned down and gives Mizuki a soft kiss on the lips and grabs her hand. Mizuki was too surprised and embarrassed but happy at the same time to complain and followed him down.

Dinner was absolutely delicious as food ranged from pork katsu, udon, grilled salmon, spaghetti, steak, and even burgers. There was plenty for everyone on the table to have seconds of pretty much whatever they want. Sano sits next to Mizuki's dad and they continuously talk about ofuros and Japanese cypress.

The first day of Sano's visit was amazing and Mizuki couldn't be happier. She is surrounded with the people she treasures the most in her life. A look of satisfaction plastered her face and Sano softly smiled. He secretly intertwined his fingers to hers under the table. Yeap she definitely thinks today is super awesome and can't wait to see what's in store for her tomorrow.