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Chapter 5

It's Izumi's first day of school and he just finished his morning workout. He showered and then came down for breakfast. Mizuki is standing in the kitchen with a plate and her fresh toast. Izumi can't help but feel this warm happy feeling inside and starts to imagine whether this is what it feels like to be married with the girl of his dreams. Is this going to be their morning routine when they've vowed to be together for better and for worst, in sickness and in health?

Mizuki felt someone is looking at her and turned around to see her boyfriend standing there in a daze.

"Hm? Are you okay Izumi? You want some toast?" She asked with a huge grin on her face.

"Oh..nothing. Yeah can I have some toast please. Thanks Mizuki" He smiled back.

Izumi sat down at the breakfast table with the rest of the family with the usual scene of Mizuki's dad holding two little dogs with Mizuki's mom smiling sweetly at everyone and Mizuki's brother staring daggers at him. Izumi's used to it now and really starts to feel like he's a part of the family. He felt like he's they're son-in-law. Doesn't mean he didn't contact his parents. From time to time he would call his mom and starts to talk to his dad more often. His brother, Shin is already a high-jump superstar back in Japan and is improving really fast.

Mizuki places the toast in front of Izumi and sat next to him. After breaksfast, the couple goes to the front door with their bags in hand ready to start the day together. Izumi helped Mizuki carry her gym bag.

"Are you excited? It's your first day of school here and your first legitimate practice!" Mizuki asked.

"Yeah I'm excited to high-jump regularly now." as he stretched and inhaled deeply taking in the smell of nature.

Izumi dropped Mizuki off in front of her school.

"I'll come pick and you up later. So wait up for me okay?" He was about to leave when he saw Ren coming closer to Mizuki.

"Morning Mizuki!" Ren cheerfully said.

"Morning Ren!" Mizuki said with a friendly smile.

Izumi doesn't feel too good about this but he doesn't want to get his jealousy overcome him and decides to trust Mizuki. He left with a heavy heart.

"Ooh your boyfriend not gonna show his possessiveness with you today?" Ren asked sarcastically.

"Hm? What do you mean?" Mizuki asked innocently.

"Nothing." Ren answered and walked with her to class.

Mizuki is really happy today because she has a surprise for Izumi. She made honey lemon slices for Izumi since he's high-jumping again. Plus he's going to stay here longer. So everything is awesome in her life. She starts to think about what they're going to do, where to go, what to eat. She was so preoccupied that she didn't hear Ren talking to her.

"Huh? Sorry Ren can you repeat that?" Mizuki asked.

"Where's your head at Mizuki. A handsome guy like me talking to you and you're not listening. I feel kind of sad here." Ren said with a pout.

"It's not that. I just have a lot to think about right now and I'm excited just thinking about it. *sigh* I can't wait for class to be over." she rested her head on her palms.

"Hey since we don't have practice today wanna hang out with me? We can have an early lunch or something and chill." He said with a smile.

"Sorry Ren not today. I have plans after school." Mizuki answered with a smile.

"Are you going off to see your boyfriend or something?" He asked quickly.

"Yup. I'm going to go see Izumi's new school and it's his first day of practice today so I made him lemon and honey slices." She shows him the box with the sweet snack.

"You never make me those before Mizuki! I want handmade snacks made by you too! Can I have a bite?"

"Haha okay Ren I'll make you some soon. But you can't take this one because I especially made it for Izumi." She blushes prettily.

Ren was getting jealous from all the attention that Izumi is getting from his Mizuki. It's time for reinforcements.

"So where did you say Izumi goes to school again?" He asked slyly

"Oh. He goes to St. Johns. You know our sister school kind of. It's an all boys school." Mizuki answered.

"Okay. Cool, just wondering that's all."

Now's the time to set the plans in motion. He gets up from where Mizuki is sitting and goes out to look for Alisa. As usual, she's being surrounded by all the guys and her followers. Ren comes in and breaks her little circle up and drags her by the hand.

"Ow. Ow. LET GO JERK!" Alisa shouted.

"What the hell have you been doing? Have you gathered more information about Izumi?" Ren asked impatiently.

"You can't drag me out like that. You have no right! You're so not a gentleman!" Alisa said annoyed for being dragged around.

"I have some information for you about Izumi. Do you want to hear about it or not?" Ren asked impatiently.

Alisa perked up hearing her soon-to-be boyfriend's name Izumi.

"Well, SPILL IT!" Alisa impatiently said.

"He goes to school in St. Johns as an exchange student." Ren said casually.

"Oooh..That's not far from here. I should pay him a visit." Alisa said.

"Go today. Mizuki is going there later, distract him first." Ren answered.

"Thanks for the info partner." She smiled and walked away.

"Hmph partner. Just do your job." He walks away.

*After Class*

Mizuki packed all her books and she's ready to go and see Izumi. She's got her box of honey-lemon slices and she was about to leave when Ren came up to her.

"Hey Mizuki can you help me tidy up the club locker for a minute. PLEASE! I beg you. You can just stay for like 5 minutes and you can go." he said.

"Umm.." Mizuki hesitated but after some time she agreed.

Alisa hopped on her car and told her driver to go to St. Johns.

She arrived and looked around. Finally, she finds the field where most of the clubs are meeting and scans around to see Izumi high-jumping. He just cleared his bar and it was really impressive. Her heart thumps as she sees him jump because it looked so beautiful. Now she knows for sure she's in love with him because her heart has never thumped like that before. She gravitated towards him. All the guys are checking her out and she knows it. Her confidence grows and she went up to him.

"Hey. Izumi right? I saw you at my school. You remember me right?" Alisa said confidently.

"Yeah. I remember seeing you in my girlfriend's school. What do you want?" Izumi said coldly.

"Hey. Why so cold Izumi, I didn't know you can attract a hottie like this." One of his team members said.

"Go introduce yourself to her then. I have no time for this, because one I have a girlfriend and two I am not interested in her." Izumi finished and walked back to his coach.

Alisa during this whole time couldn't say anything and her face was getting red from her anger boiling up from inside her.

"So you heard Izumi. How are you? I'm Rick." He introduced himself to her and she stomped her way towards Izumi. Leaving Rick out there alone.

"Why are you ignoring me? I'm beautiful, popular, and rich. What else would you want?" Alisa said to Izumi who is not giving her any attention.

"Look. I'm not interested okay. Just go away." Izumi looked away.

"Izumi?" Mizuki's voice came up from behind Alisa.

"Mizuki?" Izumi was pleasantly surprised to see his girlfriend.

Mizuki ran from her school over to St. Johns after she finished helping Ren with cleaning up and saw the cheerleader close to Izumi. She recognizes her and she walked up to her boyfriend.

"Mizuki what are you doing here? I was going to pick you up today." Izumi has totally forgotten about Alisa.

"Yeah I wanted to surprise you with this." She showed him her lemon slices with lemon with a smile.

Izumi takes a slice, "Thanks Mizuki. Can you just wait there by the bleachers? Practice is almost over."

"Okay!" Mizuki went over and sat down. Izumi was smiling cheerfully for getting a nice surprise from his girlfriend. Alisa left when this whole thing was going down and she was angry. Very angry. She dialed Ren's number and waited for the dial-tone.

"Hello? Ren. Why is Mizuki here? I thought you were going to take care of her." Alisa complained.

"Did you not get Izumi to go out with you? I bought you time. You're the one at fault here." Ren answered.

"He has no interest in me okay! I hate this. I love him!" Alisa said.

"Well we need to think of a better strategy then." He said and hung up.

Mizuki was starting to think why Alisa was there next to Izumi. Does this mean something. All of her thoughts went away when she saw him jump again. It was still as beautiful as she remembered it to be. Not long after, practice was over and the sun was setting. Mizuki had a great time watching her boyfriend break his past record in high-jumping.

"Did you wait long?" Izumi appeared in front of her with his fresh change of clothes.

"Nope. I had a great time watching you jump again. I miss the old times when I could see you jump all the time." Mizuki said with a grin.

"Well you can this semester. Come on let's go home I'm getting hungry." Izumi said patting her head.

"Okay!" She said with a smile and automatically they hold hands and walked slowly back enjoying every moment they have together alone.

Ren was thinking in his room on how to get rid of Izumi. He just might have an idea which involves the weekend and the park. He quickly texted his plan to Alisa and 30 seconds later his phone vibrated with a new message from Alisa saying she's in.

"It's a plan." Ren smiled and went to bed.

*Knock. Knock*

Izumi knocked on Mizuki's door.

"Come in!" Mizuki's voice can be heard from the inside.

Izumi comes in and sees Mizuki sitting on her desk.

"Thanks for coming today and the lemon slices." Izumi said.

"No problem." She smiled.

"So..Why's that cheerleader there and how did she know where you were?" Mizuki carefully asked.

"I don't know how she found me. Which was weird." Izumi answered honestly.

"Hmm..okay." Mizuki was kind of curious about it but still decided to drop the subject.

"Okay..good night then. I'll see you in the morning. Sweet dreams! Izumi came closer and kissed her on the head, quickly turned around and close door.

Mizuki was blushing furiously and feels like she was flying. She feels whole and so happy seeing Izumi everyday like this.

"Sweet dreams to you too Izumi." She said and went over to her bed to sleep.