The Messenger

Summary: 50 years after Elena meets Klaus. Damon and Stefan failed to save her from Klaus and each have gone they're separate ways; Stefan disappears to Italy, but Damon stays at the Boarding House drinking away the pain…until someone pops in for a visit.

Chapter 1: Surprise!

Damon enters the Boarding House, shrugging off his leather jacket and tossing it on the table by the entrance. He trudged towards his favorite room in the house; the parlor.

Damon stops suddenly at the familiar face sitting in his favorite chair by the fire. "What are you doing here?" he growls bitterly. "Don't you have lives to destroy?"

She feigns a pout and frowns. "Ouch Damon…that hurts." She bounced her crossed leg over her knee. "I thought you'd be happy to see me."

Damon laughed at the irony. "I'm never happy to see you. What do you want?" he stood in front of her with his arms crossed over his chest. She was the last person he'd ever hope to see again.

She tilted her head to the side letting her curls tumble off her shoulder. "I can't visit an old friend?" she asked with a sad smile, laced with a smirk.

He narrowed his blue eyes in a ruthless glare. "We were never friends Katherine. You fucked me, used me, lied to me and then you killed me." He couldn't believe the nerve she had to come back and act like they were old friends after everything he put her through. He took note of her outfit; a pair of blue jeans, flat knee high boots, and a plain purple tank top with a black cropped leather jacket. It just seemed too casual for her. "Have to say, this new look isn't really you."

She frowned with a small pout. "I'm a little insulted…I thought you of all people would be able to recognize me." Her lips lifted in a half smirk at the realization on his face.

"Elena?" he asked shocked.

She threw her arms in the air with sarcastic enthusiasm. "Surprise!"

He swallowed the lump in his throat at the change he saw in the girl that used to be so innocent. "I thought you were dead." He croaked.

She nodded once. "You thought right."

Damon's face contorted from the agony in his heart. "No…" he whispered to himself. "Who did this to you?"

"Klaus." She stated casually as she stood to pour herself a glass of bourbon. "Once you and your merry little gang killed all the werewolves, Klaus could no longer break the curse; so he decided to keep me around…I reminded him of Katherine." She sneered out her name in disdain before taking a long sip.

Damon blinked in surprise. "You've been with him this whole time?" he growled with barely concealed rage.

Elena sighed and rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I had no choice Damon."

He crossed his arm over his crest in a protective manner. "So why are you back, why now?" He wasn't even sure if he wanted to know the answer. Was it just to mess with him, was it to cause trouble in the town he spent the last spent the last few months fixing the damage he'd done himself.

Elena strolled up to him looking up at him through her lashes in that sexy way she does. "I've come to deliver a message. Klaus wants to see you."

Damon raised a brow sarcastically. "Really? Why…to rip my throat out for foiling his master plan…I'll pass." He walked passed her, nudging her shoulder and headed to the bar for a full glass of scotch. He chugged it down quickly and refilled it. He was nearly shaking with rage at the nonchalant attitude that emanated from her.

She spun around. "Not at all." She leaned against the back of the couch, her arms spread out along the back. "He's impressed, Damon. We both are." She purred, and it made him glance at her sharply. "Your quick disregard of human life, the path of destruction you've left in your wake...he thinks you'll be an asset." She praised proudly. "And so do I."

He shook his head staring with wide eyes at the woman before him. "Who are you?"

Elena's face hardened. "I'm not the sweet, innocent little Elena you used to know Damon." She bit out. "Fifty years with Klaus changed me…It feels good." She smiled. "It feels good to not care and to follow my instincts…to be rid of human emotion." Elena titled her head to the side. "Wouldn't you agree?"

Damon's jaw tightened. "A few months ago I would have answered yes." A few months ago he was the old Damon: killing for fun (or if he were to admit it to himself, in a vain attempt to heal his pain) and destroying whatever stood in his way.

Elena snapped her fingers and rolled her eyes skyward. "That's right! You're 'reformed'. Trying to be good…save the world blah, blah, blah." She continued with a bored expression and tone.

He narrowed his eyes. "You keeping tabs on me?" he chugged back his drink and put the glass down on the bar.

"Mhm." She nodded slowly.

"Klaus' orders?" he asked. He was curious as to whether or not she still had a bit of her humanity; if she ever thought of him.

"Partly." She admitted. She strutted closer to him, her hips sway seductively. "I missed you Damon. I needed to make sure if you were okay...I was worried." For a moment he heard the old Elena in her voice and he could see her in the eyes that were now much colder.

But he couldn't fall for it. If he did then he would only be making the same mistake he did with Katherine. "Isn't worry one of the 'human emotions' you were so desperate to get rid of?" he questioned with a snarky tone.

She closed the distance between them, looking up at him with softer eyes, and her fingers reaching out for his. He pulled away. "You know I cared about you. Don't think that just because I'm a vampire I'm going to stop." She admitted.

He asked the question, and then mentally slapped himself for bringing him up. "What about Stefan?"

She rolled her eyes. "What about Stefan?" she spat out his name like it was a sour lemon.

Damon tried not to let the closeness of her affect him. It had been fifty years…and he was still so utterly and completely in love with her. "You keeping tabs on him too?" he watched her sigh and step back, annoyed at the turn in conversation. "Has he been blessed with one of your surprise visits?"

Elena shrugged noncommittally. "I popped in on him once…he thought I was Katherine too…I didn't correct him."

Damon scoffed. "I thought he was the love of you life?" he expressed with bitterness.

She flashed him a bright smile. "Well I'm not alive anymore." Her smile dropped as she spoke more seriously. "My love for him died when I did." She reached a hand up to caress the side of his face gently. "Come back with me Damon." She smiled sweetly. "Think of all the fun we could have…the three of us." She whispered.

He tore her hand form his face and stared her dead in the eye. "This isn't turning into some kinky threesome." He growled. Why could he never have anything for himself?

She pouted. "Why not? You don't want me anymore?" she looked seriously offended as if she wasn't expecting that answer.

His face softened. He couldn't help it. "I want you…" he vowed. "I'll always want you, but I won't share you." He shook his head sighed sadly.

Elena sighed and the emotion fled from her face and eyes. "Are you coming or not?" her tone sounded bored and she cocked her hip to the side sharply.

Damon eyed her up and down taking in her new Katherine-like qualities. He briefly wondered if this was Katherine playing a little prank on him, but he could still see the old Elena in her eyes…somewhere in there. "How do I know this isn't a trap…that the second you take me to him I'm not gonna get a stake through my heart? Hm?" he questioned crossing his arms over his chest and narrowing his eyes critically.

She shrugged with a playful smile. "You're just gonna have to trust me?" Elena tilted her head looking up at him through her lashes. "You do trust me, don't you Damon?" Seconds later Damon had her pinned to the far wall, his hands on her shoulders and his face dangerously close to hers. She giggled coyly. "Ooh, this is new."

Damon growled, the veins under his eyes protruding menacingly. "Don't fuck with me Elena; I've got a hundred and sixty years on you." He whispered heatedly in her ear.

"That may be true…" she whispered back before quickly flipping them and pinning him to the wall. Damon tried to free himself but she held him in place. "Ah, ah, ah…I'm not done." She pressed herself up against his hard chest, her hands coasting over his abs. "I may be younger than you Damon, but I am most definitely stronger." She leaned in real close, her lips almost touching his. "So don't fuck with me." Elena pushed away from him suddenly, darting herself to the wet bar and pouring another drink.

Damon was shocked to saw the least. Never had he heard of or encountered a vampire that was younger than him and stronger. He tried to fight her, but she effortlessly held him back. "How?" he asked breathlessly.

She swirled her drink in the glass before taking a healthy sip. She turned around, her straight hair fanning out around her. "Klaus like to surround himself with the best…" she shrugged a shoulder and took another sip. "And now I am. How do you think I got to be his right arm, by sitting at his feet like a lap dog?" she continued as she settled herself on the couch she previously occupied. "Like Rose did?" she added it like a rhetorical question, but it sounded like a stab.

Damon tried not to wince at the twinge he felt when he heard her name. He may have never loved her like he ever loved Elena, but Rose was the closest thing he had to a friend, a confidant other than Alaric…who for all his years could still hold his bourbon. He pulled himself together and replied as nonchalantly as possible. He couldn't let her get to him; he couldn't let her slowly break him down like Katherine did. He refused. "So what?" he shrugged. "Klaus just gave you all this power? I find that hard to believe." He scoffed.

"I earned it." Elena started with a small smile. "I'm pretty good to him…I could be good to you too." She raised her eyebrows in a very Damon-like manner.

He didn't like this new Elena. She was totally opposite of the woman he used to know and it made his heart sink. "After everything he put you through…" Damon began lowly. "How could you even lower yourself like that?" he could help the hitch in his voice.

Elena's dark eyes bore holes in his. "Who do you think I am Damon; kind-hearted, noble, self sacrificing Elena Gilbert? I'm not...she died a long time ago, and now the rest of me has learned how to keep myself alive. Plus…he's not so hard on the eyes." She chuckled to herself. "He's kinda like you in that way."

Damon scoffed. "Hardly." He was way better looking than Klaus.

She smiled coyly, her eyes twinkling. "You're are way sexier." She corrected herself as she pointed at him with the hand that was holding her glass. She brought her finger to lips. "But shh…don't tell. Now let's go." She was up and in front of him before she finished her sentence. "Klaus doesn't like to wait." She pounded back her drink and headed for the door. When she didn't hear him following she turned around. "Don't make me carry you outta here Damon." She raised a brow dangerously high. "You know I can now." Elena grinned with satisfaction when Damon reluctantly trailed behind her. "Oh it'll be fun! Remember our last road trip?" she questioned as she sped to the car parked down the driveway. She waited for him to catch up. "We had fun, didn't we?" she almost sounded self conscious, be he was almost certain it was just a ploy.

"Yes, we did." He answered desolately as he slid in the passenger seat of her sleek black 2012 Audi E-tron. "Nice car." His hand trailed over the soft leather seat.

"A perk." She mentioned off handedly as she got in and started the car, peeling out down the street. She glanced at him when after twenty minutes Damon had yet to breathe a word. "Are you gonna give me the silent treatment the whole way there? It's gonna be a long drive if you do."

"Where is 'there'?"

"Not anywhere near here that's for sure." She stated vaguely.

Damon watched through the passenger window as the green scenery passed by in a blur. "Why did he send you? Why not another one of his goons?" he put extra emphasis on the word just to get a reaction.

She chuckled. "First of all, I'm not a goon. I'm his right arm…his benefactor, and secondly Klaus trusts me…above all his goons." She drawled out the word with mirth.

Damon frowned. "I didn't think he was capable." He mumbled to himself. "Did he compel you? Is that why you're here?" he continued to pester.

Elena rolled her eyes. "Enough with the questions Damon…I can't answer them."

His eyes widened with triumph as he inadvertently got her to answer his question. "So he did compel you? Guess he doesn't trust you that much." He stated spitefully.

"Damon…you can stop talking now." She growled pressing down on the accelerator with vigor.

He laughed. "Oh no, it is much too fun getting you all riled up…I forgot how pissy it made you." He figured if he was gonna be stuck in a car with her to spend what could be the rest of eternity serving Klaus, he might as well get his kicks in while he could. He drummed a rhythm on the dash board with his hands, raising the tempo and rapidity, as he mumbled a song to himself.

Elena sighed in annoyance. "Can you please stop?" she asked tersely through gritted teeth. When he continued to get louder, she glanced at him sharply. "Seriously?"

Damon looked at her with his most innocent of faces. "What?"

A ghost of a smile graced her face as she shook her head, before she quickly wiped it off. "Don't act like that around Klaus, it won't fly with him."

"Act like what?" he continued in a sickly sweet tone, his eyes wide, and a bright smile. He did the eye thing that he knew that she hated but secretly loved.

"Like that. All cute, and coy and charming…he won't fall for it."

He raised a brow. "Oh, but you can pull it off? I don't see how that's fair."

Elena glanced at him with a smirk. "It's not…but there's something to be said about the feminine wile of a seductress. He finds it endearing." Damon noticed that as she said this, the light left her eyes, and the flirty tone evaporated. She sounded hollow.

Damon frowned, seriousness taking over his face. He knew then that this attitude that she was projecting; the lack of compassion, the stone wall front, the cynicism…it wasn't real. She was protecting herself. He should have recognized sooner…he was the master of that.

A/N: Alright everybody I hope you liked the first chapter…I'm not sure how long this story is going to be, it depends on how carried away my mind gets lol. I know Elena seemed a lot like Katherine but a lot will be explained in future chapters as to why. Thanks for reading my lovelies!