"Name please."

Kratos blinked, staring up at the infinite whiteness. It went on forever, on all sides. It was far beyond all reckoning, nothingness going on forever... "Wha…"

"Name, please."

The Spartan turned. Before him was some sort of glowing sphere of energy the size of his fist, floating at a table of some sort with a paper and pen.

"…Kratos," he said uncertainly.


"What is the meaning of this?" Kratos asked, teeth grit.

"Sir, please answer the questionnaire, or I'm afraid we'll have to postpone your appointment." The sphere was unmoving, unchanging in its tone of voice.

"Appointment?! What appoint-" Kratos turned, only now noticing the others in the room. A group of four sat in one row of chairs; a young, scrawny man twirling a knife, a bulkier fellow twiddling his thumbs, a woman who may have been about as angry as he was, and… Well, he wasn't quite sure how to describe the other one. In any case, they were all playing a gambling game of some sorts, not paying attention to him.

Noting the presence of humans, Kratos looked down, his scowl deepening at the realization that his body was still that of a pony. He wheeled back around to the sphere. "What is going on here?!"

The sphere gave a sigh, however unemotional it could still be. "You're being processed for future fiction deployment."

"Future what?"

"Future fiction deployment," the sphere repeated. "Your story's been stalled indefinitely, and you need a place to spend your time until things get back in order."

"My… story?" Kratos shook his head. "What of the others? What of Zeus? Where are they, then, if my story is paused?"

"Zeus is a major facet of Classical mythology," the sphere replied. "He's got plenty on his hands right now."


"Your Equestrian friends are well into their third season; you, on the other hand, have a prequel coming up slated for March."

"Then why-"

"Sorry, your human counterpart."

"DAMN YOU AND YOUR INTERRUPTIONS, FOUL FIEND!" Kratos lunged over the desk, phasing through the sphere as he landed with a soundless impact on the other side.

"See, that might work in your games," the sphere noted tonelessly, "and maybe in that crazy little fanfic of yours. But you ain't got nothing when you're in here." It floated closer. "You're in my world, Mister Kratos, and here, my word is law."

"Do your best, creature," Kratos spat, glaring the thing down. "I'll not register for your blasted deployment."

"I can make things very difficult for you, you know."

The Spartan's face set with determination. "Try me."

From all around the white void that surrounded them, music began to play. The Spartan's ears perked up immediately. "What… What is this?"

"I'm wide awake

And I should take

A step and say thank you, thank you~"

And all across the void, a bellowing roar of rage and pain could be heard.