The second the large hunter of my dreams sees me, I find myself tackled into the mud. It's been a few months since we last met up due to Dean passionately hating me and the Winchester's hunting schedule.

But finally, we're together again, desperate for the touch of each other's naked bodies as it rains down on us. There's no stopping us as we tear at each other's clothes. It's a matter of a few moments before I'm naked beneath him, the mud already covering me.

Smirking, he lubes up his fingers in the mud, pushing two inside me. I groan as my hips rise, eager for more. Soon I'm ready and he pushes into me, forcing a groan from deep within himself. "S-Sammy…So beautiful…O-oh!"

It's slip-in-slide time as he fucks into me, muddy hands gripping at my hair as he bites at my jaw. "Fucking perfect, Gabe…Missed you."

His thrusts speed up, claiming me and marking me as his. The mud only helps our bodies slide together more as his tongue plunders my mouth and I know I can't last. The moment his hand touches me, I come hard, splattering our already mud-slicked bellies as he comes deep inside me.

"Missed you too," I pant softly, not caring that I'm half-eating mud as I press kisses over his neck and shoulders. Perfect. Even covered in mud, our love is perfect. Why couldn't Dean just see that? I know I make Sammy happy and isn't that what he wants? But enough of Dean. It's Sam and Gabe cuddle-in-the-mud time. A very good time.