"I wrote a song for you."

Reed jumped and spun around to face Shane.

"You wrote a song for me?" Reed blushed as Shane nodded and lead him to sit under a tree, where his guitar was sat. He picked it up and softly began to strum.

"I was upset because you we're mad at me a wrote it." Shane looked up and looked at Reed. "It's not very good, but I hope you like it."

"I feel like a loserI feel like I've lostI feel like I'm not so sure if I feel anything at allBut believe me, I'm not helpless I justNeed someone to loveSo my situation's roughBut that just makes me a dumb humanLike you"

He looked up at Reed and smiled as a blush covered his cheeks. He looked back down and continued to play.

"I feel like a shortstopAlong third baseI may just help you but I still don't like your faceBut believe me, I'm not hostile I justWant to hear you laughWhen I'm sarcastic like thatBut that just makes me a dumb humanLike you

WhyDo I have this incredible need to stand upAnd say "Please, pay attention?"It's the last thing that I needTo make myself seenWell, that ain't my intentionNo"

Shane laughed lightly and smiled up at Reed, staring at him as he finished out the song.

I feel like an artistWho's lost his touchHe likes himself in his art, but not his art too muchBut believe me, I've got somethingI just don't know how to sayThat I'm just fine with the wayWith the way that I'm movingBut that just makes me a dumb humanThat just makes meThat makes me a human like You"

He strummed the last few notes and stared into Reed's eyes.

Reed smiled and hugged him then kissed him lightly on the lips, blushing furiously.

"I love it. I love you."

Shane grinned wide and kissed Reed back. "I love you, too."