This fun little short was inspired by a video made by the Nostalgia Chick from TGWTG, take of that what you will.

Diana smiles as she inhales the delicious smell of the popcorn that she pulls out of the microwave. Her treat now in hand she floats over to sit on the couch next to her boyfriend and turns the channel on his giant TV until it hits the station she wants. "Want some?" she asks him holding up the bag full of buttery goodness.

Bruce simply glares forward. "Why are you making me do this?" he asks.

"Because almost all of the ladies in the League have suggested them to me, STARS is showing them all in a row, and I thought it would be nice for us to watch it as a couple" she explains.

As she's explaining this Alfred steps in. "Mistress Diana, Master Bruce, I'm going to be stepping out right now for..." he trails off into silence when he notices that Bruce is sitting on the couch with his arms tied to his side by his girlfriends golden Lasso of Truth. " I interrupting something?"

"Oh no Alfred, Bruce and I are just sitting down to watch a movie marathon," Diana cheerfully explains.

Alfred smirks a little bit at that. "Oh I see, well in that case I can understand. Really Master Bruce must you force the woman you love to take such drastic measures?" he asks.

Bruce Wayne slowly turns his glare from the TV to his foster father. "It is a Meg Ryan movie marathon," he tells Alfred.

The old butler's smile immediately falls and he just says, "Oh..."

"Why don't you join us Alfred?" Diana invites.

"Yes Alfred, why don't you join us?" Bruce echoes darkly.

"Um...I'd loved to, really, but as I said I must be off. Good night!" and with that he makes a hasty retreat.

Diana shrugs and the couple turns back to the screen as a between movie promo informs them that the next movie will be Sleepless in Seattle, followed by You got Mail, thenKate and Leopold. Bruce immediately begins to intently search his surroundings. "What are you doing?" the Amazon asks.

"Looking for a hard surface near at hand," he answers.

"Why?" she asks confused.

"Because if I find one I can bash my head against it and render myself unconscious," he truthfully replies.

"Oh come now Bruce, you've admitted to me that you haven't seen most of these movies," Diana says.

"I haven't, and there is a reason for that," he tells her.

"Really, and whats that?" she asks sardonically.

"I've avoided them like the plague," he answers.

Diana chuckles a little at that. "Well think of it this way my love; you have already survived more painful injury and hellish torture then most men could even imagine let alone stand, and after tonight you can add most of the Meg Ryan 'Chick Flicks' to the list of things you endured," she tells him.

In return Bruce narrows his eyes at her and says, "I'm so going to get you back for this."

"I know dear," Diana says before kissing him on the cheek and snuggling up against him. "Until then relax and enjoy the show."

As the movie begins the Batman looks at the screen sullenly and says, "I really hate this movie."

Diana takes hold of the end of the lasso and whispers, "Shush dear, and enjoy the film."

The end. Reviews are always welcome.