~Yoake no Tori~

Konnichi wa! Ya~ Osashibauri! So this time, I will present to you my second fanfic. Which is about my second favorite couple, Ial and Erin. Kyaaaaaa!~ xD Here I go with my illness again. Hehehehehe ==" But just like the other story, I want to apologize in advance for my poor grammar. Still, I hope you like it.

Anime: Kemono no Souja Erin

Major Pairings: Ial and Erin

Summary: Due to the series of tragedy that is happening in Kazalm, Shin-Oh (Harumiya) was worried about it and sent a group of Sezan including Ial to protect the academy. Miraculously, he was assigned to guard Erin. So their feelings for each other grew.

Disclaimer: Kemono no Souja Erin doesn't belong to me but this story is mine.

-Assigned Mission-

"Is that so?" Shin-Oh said with shaking voice due to her oldness.

"Hai!" the soldier replied politely.

"Thank you for your report. You may now go."

Then the soldier bowed as a sign of excusing himself then walked straightly to exit.

"Oba-sama, something happened again in that academy, right?" Damiya approached to her aunt.

"Yes. If the enemy just didn't attack us that time, Erin won't be forced to use the wild Ohju." Shin-Oh paused.

"Then no one won't try to steal the Ohju nor kidnap Erin. It's my fault." She sighed.

"Oba-sama, don't blame yourself."

"But they're suffering now because they saved me that time."

"Oba-sama." Damiya was worried with his aunt.

"I've decided. Send a group of Sezan to Kazalm and guard it. Especially the wild Ohju and Erin." Shin-Oh demanded.

"But Oba-sama! If you're going to send a large number of Sezan out there, the defense system here in palace will decrease and it will be easy for the enemy to intrude." Damiya worriedly explained the possibility to happen.

"But the one who needs more protection for now is that Academy. Please just heed my orders."

"H-Hai, Oba-sama." Damiya left no choice but to follow his aunt's order.

"Oi, did you hear? Shin-Oh wants to sent a group of us Sezans to guard the Kazalm Academy."

"Seriously? Isn't that weakening the palace's defense system?"

"But that academy is in a pinch situation right now. I guess the Shin-Oh has a point.

"He's right. Besides, if I got sent there then I will see that Mist People woman. I heard she's really a beauty."

The rumor spread all over the whole palace with just a short period of time. The Sezans were now arguing if who will be going to be assigned in Kazalm. And unexpectedly, they also heard about Erin and talked about her.

"My, my. They already knew about it. Their ears are really fast. And they're also talking about that girl. Hey, Ial! I saw that you're pretty close to that girl. Aren't you bothered of the rumor about her?" Kyle sarcastically teased his friend.

Ial didn't answer but Kyle still continued to talk.

"But I think you're lucky, because you got assigned there. You'll really get a chance to talk with her, y'know. And if the others knew this, they will really kill themselves in envy." Then he boasted in laughter.

"Whatever. Besides, we Sezans were not allowed to take woman. It's in our code, remember?" Ial said with his I-don't-care expression and emotionless voice.

"Aw, come on! Can't we just have some fun?" Kyle complained on his friend's ignoring attitude.

Ial didn't pay attention on him and Kyle just snickered. But he didn't know that Ial's mind was already full about of Erin.

Erin. How are you doing now?

'"Erin-sensei! Look! I've made it for you!" A little girl with shining eyes approached to Erin excitedly with such a beautiful hairpin designed with glistening stones in a form of flower.

"Wow! It's so pretty! Thank you, Shiron ! I will really treasure it!" then she patted her student's head.

"Erin-sensei!" A voice from back called out for her.

Erin turned to see who it is. "Ah! Kirik-sensei! What is it?"

"The reverend teacher wants you at her office." Kirik said with his usual smiling (but eerie) face.

"Hai! Coming! Sorry Shiron , I will leave for now."

"Okay!" her student replied happily.

Then the two went on their way to the office.

"Kirik-sensei, why do you think Esal-sensei wants to see me?" Erin looked up to the person she was talking to.

"I don't even know too. But we'll know once we get there."

"Y-You're right." Then she stopped asking.

But when they got inside the office, they noticed some armored men together with the academy's professors.

Sezan? What are they doing here? Kirik thought to himself.

"Erin!" Esal called out to her.

"Hai!" Erin immediately turned to her teacher.

"From now on, the Sezans that Shin-Oh has sent will be guarding this academy. So please be kind to them." Esal explained.

"Yes, I will. But . . why are you telling me this, Esal-sensei?"

"It's because the reason why the Shin-Oh sent us a group Sezan is because of you and Lilan."

"M-Me?" Erin was surprised.

"We had experienced a numerous accidents regarding you and Lilan. The Shin-Oh was worried sick about it so she sent us some protectors."

"Is that . . so?" Erin felt somewhat guilty.

Esal nodded. "So, I want you to meet him. Please come forward."

Then a man with dark-brown and dark-blue green eyes approached.

"He will be your personal protector. In other words, your bodyguard. His name is Ial."

"Nice to meet you." He said politely to Erin then bowed.


Erin was surprised to see the man in front of her that he rarely seen. Then she felt a faint blush on her cheeks. Why? Let's just say that she has some feelings for him. Although it's not the feeling that can make you insane in an instant. Perhaps, an admiration. But this happening can barely noticeable because Erin immediately snaps up.

"Well, since you already know each other, Erin can you show him to the guest's room?"

"Ah, H-Hai, Ial-sama, this way please."

Ial just stayed silent as he followed Erin.

Erin doesn't feel comfortable in silence so she decided to speak.

"Uhh, Ial-san. It's been a while isn't it?" Erin said uncomfortably.

"Yeah, it really is." Ial said calmly.

"Uhh, so, how are you these days?"

"Just fine."

"I-It's seems like it."

Due to Ial's almost irritating attitude, she decided to stop talking nonsense.

After some minute of walking, they eventually reached their destination.

"Ial-san, this will be your room." Erin showed him his room politely.

"Yeah, thanks for guiding me all the way here." Ial said then he bowed.

"No, it's okay. And Lilan's stable is over there. If you need something, don't hesitate to come to me. Well then I'm going to excuse myself."

"Ah, wai—"

But Erin already closed the door.

"She just left her bodyguard." Ial said staring at the door.

Author's Note:

It's been a while guys! I wonder how long it passed. Ok, forget that. So this is my second fanfic. Yoake no Tori, means Dawn of the Bird. It is the song or harp piece Erin learned from Ial during their first meeting. (Ya~ doesn't it feel nostalgic?) Well, if you're watching Kemono no Souja Erin then you probably know it. And yes, you're right. I choose this as my title because it has something related in this fanfic. Gah! I can't think of explanation anymore! Oh! I forgot! Just like in my other fanfic (which is the OkiKagu fanfic- A Secret with my Lover), I want to apologize for my stupid and ignorant grammar. English is not my native language and I'm still 14 so I can't help it. Please forgive me. *kneels then bow on the floor* But still I hope you still liked. :3

And all feedbacks is appreciated. May it be a good or a bad or more like a bad comment because of my grammar errors I'll accept it wholeheartedly. ^_^