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-The Sezan's Code-

"Lilan, you know what? There's someone who's going to protect us starting this day. His name is Ial. Do you remember him? He's the man I've been talking about to you. The one who helped me make this harp, so that I can communicate to you. He's also the one who taught me the song Yoake no Tori. Be kind to him, okay?"

Lilan lifted her head and stared blankly at Erin. Then she rested back her head in the soft cushion of straw.

"Aaah! I forgot! I left Ial-san on his room!" Erin suddenly remembered that she left him.

"No way. It's embarrassing. What should I do? I'm really becoming clumsy now." Then she sighed.

Lilan noticed Erin's awkwardness so she made a worried cry.

"Ah, I'm okay Lilan. Don't be bothered about it." She smiled.

"I should just apologize to Ial-san, then everything's okay. Lilan, I'm just going to get Ial-san, okay?" Erin bid goodbye then went to exit to go to Ial.

But when Erin got out from the stable, he saw Ial with Kirik coming to the stable.

"Ial-san! I'm sorry, I left you. I was excited upon going here to see Lilan. I'm sorry." Erin said sincerely but it just a mere excuse.

"No, it's okay. Kirik-san already showed me the way here." Ial accepted her apology.

"Seriously, Erin-sensei. You shouldn't be like that. If you just leave your bodyguard like that then there wouldn't be someone who will protect you." Kirik lectured her.

"You're right. I'm sorry." Erin apologized once again.

"Oh, that's right! I still have something to do so I'm going to leave you now. See you later!" Kirik excused himself.

"Hai! See you later, Kirik-sensei!"

Then there was a silence.

"So this is Kazalm, huh?" Ial suddenly spoke.


"Last time I went here, I didn't really took a good look of this place. It's really wide."

"Of course. We really need a wide area with pastures so that the Ohjus can move freely and comfortably."

"You really like Ohjus, don't you?"

He smiled. Erin blushed at this.

Then suddenly, Shiron approached to them.

"Erin-sensei!" Shiron chirped as she hugged her teacher.

"Shiron!" Erin was surprised. "Do you have something you need?"

"Nope! I just like to be with you, Erin-sensei!"

Erin laughed then followed by Shiron.

Then Shiron noticed Ial and stared at him.

"What's wrong, Shiron?"

The little girl remained silent as she stared Ial. He didn't like the stare. Then she spoke.

"Erin-sensei, is he your boyfriend?" asked the little girl suddenly out of blue.

"EEEEEEHHHH! N-N-No! H-He's not my boyfriend! How could you say that?" Erin blushed hard as she mumbled these words.

"It's because you two looked good on each other."

"Eh?" Errin blushed then turned to look at Ial. Then she saw his expression, he's somewhat surprised.

"T-There, Shiron . he's not my boyfriend, okay? Don't be hard-headed."

"Got it!"

"That's right! You'll be late in your next subject, you know."

"But Erin-sensei, our next subject is yours."

"Eh? Aah! I forgot! Sorry! We need to hurry, Shiron ! Come on!"

Erin hurriedly dragged along Shiron with her to the classroom but she remembered that she left Ial again so she immediately got back to Ial.

"Ial-san! Let's go!" she also dragged ial by his hand. Ial was surprised and stared at their entwined hands. _ saw this and giggled secretly.

They eventually arrived inside the classroom.

"Good afternoon class! Sorry, I'm late!" Erin exclaimed.

"Good afternoon, Erin-sensei!" the students greeted.

"Okay, class! There is someone I want you to greet. His name is Ial."

"Good afternoon, Ial-san!"

"Class, starting today, Ial-san will be with us.

"Why, sensei?" one of the students asked.

"Well, it's because—"

"He's Erin-sensei's boyfriend!" Shiron interrupted Erin's sentence.

"Wha—?" Erin was surprised at what Shiron said.

"He'll be with Erin-sensei because they're already engaged and their marriage is coming near." She added.


"Eh, is that so? So Erin-sensei's gonna get married." one of the students exclaimed.

"That's not true!" Erin tried to defend herself.

"Horray to the future weds!" the whole classed yelled.

"Hey, you guys!" Erin couldn't speak loud due to embarrassment. And it also seems to be late for her because her whole class already approved the false theory.

"Uuwaaaahhh! It's so embarrassing! Erin face palmed with both of her hands as she thought of the happening a while ago.

"Ial-san, what should I do? My class now thinks that we're engaged."

"Well . . ." Ial couldn't think of any answer.

"Oh, it also caused you some trouble, didn't it? I'm sorry."

"No, it's okay."

"Really? I'm glad. But I'm sure it will really spread as a rumor." Erin sighed.

"Heh, so you two are lovey-dovey, huh?" Kirik suddenly popped out from nowhere.

"Ah! Kirik-sensei! You surprised me!" Erin exclaimed.

"You two are sure fast, aren't you? You already had that relationship in just first day. What do you call it? Love-at-first-sight?" Kirik teased.

"No! We don't have that relationship! And also, this is not the first we've met. He's my precious friend for years now."

"So you two are childhood friends?"

"Uhh, not really, because I rarely seen him."

"I see. Oh! Now that I remember it, he's the Sezan that accompanied you upon coming back here from searching an antidote for the poisoned Ohju back then."

Ial widened his eyes as he remembered that time. He remembered that Kirik was pretty suspicious and familiar that time. He narrowed his eyes as he stared at Kirik.

"Yes, he is. You really had my gratitude that time, Ial-san." Erin smiled as she turned to Ial.

"Heh, You two are pretty close, aren't you?"

Erin didn't answer but she tilted her head and blushed. Kirik considered this as yes so he smiled (still his usual eerie smile, of course.).

"But, . ." Kirik suddenly spoke.


"Do you know about the Sezan's code?" these words came from Kirik's mouth wearing his smile.

What? He knew about that? Ial was so surprised to hear that Kirik have this knowledge but he didn't show the expression.

"Sezan's code? I think I heard that from Jone oji-san before." Erin was in a deep thought as she tried to remember the meaning of the word that she just heard.

"Well, there are lots of them. But the one I'm implementing to you is that Sezans' are not allowed to have a family nor have a relationship with a woman. They consider this as weakness. The only one they must serve is the royal family."

"I know that."

"But it seems that you didn't get my point."

"What do you mean, Kirik-sensei?"

"What if the thing that you're students had been saying will really spread as rumor and reach the ears of the Sezans' higher ups?" Kirik opened his eyes looking at Erin as if he was guessing Erin's thoughts.

"Huh? I—"

"And if the higher ups heard the rumor then they will consider that Ial broke their code."

"Eh? That's—"

"And you know what will happen next, right?"

Erin widened her eyes as she thought of the possibility that can happen next. Ial will be oblirated.

"At last, you got my point. So, what are you going to do?"

The expression in Erin's face didn't vanish. It even got worse. She doesn't want Ial to die.

"I can see that Ial is an important person for you. You don't want that to happen, right?" he narrowed his eyes.

Erin's eyes was now swelling. Her heart really hurts that it looks like it was squeezed tightly. It hurts to think that an important person in her life will die because of her.

"I . . . I . ." Erin cut her sentence since she know that she couldn't finish it.

Ial hated this. He hate to see Erin crying. So before the tears would flow from Erin's eyes, he interrupted.

"I don't care."

"Hmm? What do you mean?" Kirik was surprised to hear this.

"I don't care if I die because of that." Ial slowly approached to the now crying girl.

"But if I'm really going to die, it's not Erin's fault." He faced Kirik.

"Heh, so it's just okay for you to die because of a nonsense rumor, huh?." He wears his smiling face again.

Ial didn't answer but instead he excused himself together with Erin.

"Please excuse us, Erin-sama has still something to do." Then he held Erin's hand and went to the Ohju's stable.

Kirik just merely watched as the two walked away.

On their way, Erin was still crying. Ial was worried about this. So he tried to comfort her. To his dismay, it's not effective.

"It's okay, Erin-sama. it won't happen. I promise."

"Mm." Erin replied she still didn't ceased her cry.

They already arrived inside the stable but Erin is still crying. Ial had enough of it so he suddenly wrapped her in a tight hug. Erin was surprised that it made her eyes to widen. Then Ial faced her and said.

"Stop crying now. I won't really die, I promise. I swore that I will protect you and if I die, I won't be able to fulfill my oath." He gently wiped Erin's eyes with his thumb.

Erin didn't cry anymore. She felt comfort and warmth within Ial's arms.

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