Title: Serenity
Summary: The crew of Serenity are smugglers and general ne'er-do-gooders. And they're about to take on new passengers. Among them, a genius and a doctor...
Rating: T
Author/s: Aldythia Nightmare

Chapter 1: Worth a Little Risk

The shots rang out around me. I could hear the sound of people screaming, people dying. The gorram air support wasn't coming. We were to lay down arms. The gorram alliance was closing in on us and we had no gorram air support. We were going to die. No. Don't think that. We aren't going to die. We're too damn pretty for god to let us die here. But nothing we've done is enough. Not without air support... We were going to die here in Serenity valley...

I woke up, the adrenalin still coursing through my veins. I sat up in my bed, looking around my bunk. It was nice to be travelling again, but we needed a job. And more crew members. So far it was just me and Zoe, the only other Independent to come out of Serenity valley alive, on the falling apart 'death-trap' that was Serenity.
We were going to find someone to fly her and a mechanic to keep her in the air. And anyone else we thought might help.
With a small groan I got out of bed and put some clothes on. I was greeted by Zoe as I stumbled out of my bunk.
"I was just about to wake you. We've landed on the rim." she said, I nodded and followed her to the cargo bay and out planet-side.

We met the boy known as Bester at the arranged rendezvous and brought him back to Serenity without too much hassle. Although I wasn't sure about him, he had got a reputation of being a 'genius mechanic', but he looked like someone who'd kill you in your sleep if he thought he would benefit from it. Still, he was the only one willing to work with us, especially with the line of work we would be pursuing...

A week or so later, we'd gotten ourselves a pilot by the name of 'Wash' with a list of recommendations as long as my leg. And on that very same day, I'd fired Bester and hired the girl he had snuck on board. Kaywinnit her name was. And she truly was a genius mechanic, apparently the machines talked to her. I don' really care so long as she gets the job done.

I shake my head and clear it of thoughts. We've just done a job, now it's time to check the cargo. Jayne, the 'hit-man' in our crew, prises the box open with a crowbar and I crouch down in front of the box.
"They're awfully pretty..." Kaylee murmurs upon seeing the gold wrappers of the cargo
"I'd say worth a little risk." Wash agrees
"Yeah, that was some pretty risky sittin' you did there." Jayne growls
"That's right, of course, 'cause they wouldn't arrest me if we got boarded, I'm just the pilot." Wash says irritably, "I can always say I was flying the ship by accident. You know, that pretty –"
"Bizui!" I say sharply, stopping Wash from continuing his rant. I look back at the bar in my hand, it was imprinted Alliance goods.
"Problem, sir?" Zoe asks, concerned at my sudden sharpness
"Couldn't say..." I lie, quickly turning the bar over again and putting it back in the box. "But we best be getting rid of these before we run into another Alliance patrol."
"What the hell they doin' out this far anyhow?" Jayne asks as I close the lid of the box.
"Shining the light of civilisation." Kaylee smiles
"Don't do us any good..." Jayne says
"Well, we're uncivilised." Kaylee responds with a bright smile.

"How long 'til we reach Persephone?" I ask Wash
"Three or four hours." he answers
"Can we shave that?" I ask, we need to get planet-side soon to get rid of the imprinted goods
"We're down to the wire on fuel cells." Wash says as he shakes his head, "We run hot, we might not even make it."
"Okay. Play it as close as you can." I sigh, "This catch is burning a hole in my hull."
"Think that cruiser could've ID'd us?" Zoe asks as she approaches. I groan inwardly, having almost forgotten about the Alliance ship that had made the salvage mission all that much harder to complete
"Let's hope not. Contact Badger, tell him the job's done." I say, hoping with all my might that this doesn't go bad, "Don't go to mentioning the cruiser, though. Keep it simple."
"Sir, we're sure there's nothing wrong with the carg-" Zoe starts,
"It's fine. I just wanna get paid." I cut through. Zoe nods and she and Wash head up the stairs to the bridge. I turn towards Jayne and Kaylee, "All right, let's get these crates stowed. I don't want any tourists stumbling over them."
"We're taking on passengers at Persephone?" Kaylee asks
"That's the idea." I answer, "We could use a little respectability on the way to Boros. Not to mention the money."
"Pain in the arse." Jayne mutters, opening the hidden compartment in the side of the cargo bay
"No, it's shiny!" Kaylee smiles cheerfully, "I like to meet new people. They've all got stories..."
"Captain, can you stop her from bein' cheerful, please?" Jayne asks as he helps me pick up the box of goods
"I don't believe there's a power in the 'verse that could stop Kaylee from being cheerful." I answer, throwing a smile at Kaylee. Jayne and I place the box within the compartment and close it over again "Sometimes you just wanna duck-tape her mouth and throw her in the hold for a month."
"I love my captain." Kaylee smiles and kisses my cheek. I smile half-heartedly and move away, deciding to check on Wash and Zoe.

"Don't forget to call him 'sir', he likes that." I hear Wash say from within the bridge. I smile and step in
"Who likes what?" I ask, knowing that Wash and Zoe were talking about me
"It's nothing, sir." Zoe says, switching into 'military mode'. I wonder if she knows she does that?
"Has the Ambassador checked in yet?" I ask, pretending not to care what Wash and Zoe were talking about, I'll find out later anyhow.
"Naw, I think he had a pretty full docket." Wash answers
"Well, once you've talked to Badger, let him know that we might be leaving Persephone in a hurry." I tell Zoe. We can't have the Ambassador stuck on Persephone with one of Serenity's shuttles now, can we?
"Sherlock knows our timetable. I'm sure he'll be checking in soon." Zoe says briefly
"Well, I can tell him to cut it short, meet us at the docks." Wash suggests. I smile slightly, contemplating that idea but quickly push it away
"No, no. Don't want to get in his way if we don't have to." I say, and turn to leave the bridge, "Somebody on this boat has to make an honest living."
Zoe and Wash nod and as I leave Zoe simply says "Of course, John."

Chinese used:

Bizui, 'Shut up'.

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