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Chapter 13

Crowley smirked as he watched his son and the two Winchesters as they worked to finally get Sam back into full fighting fitness. He had been a little mad when he realised just what Sam and his son had gotten up to but Harry was physically and mentally an adult now, even if he was still very young for his kind. The two needed each other, even a blind man could see it. Part of him wished the wizarding world would come for Harry again, just so he could teach them why no one messed with his family, but from all accounts their world, in England at least, had pretty much disintegrated. Hogwarts and the Ministry were abandoned with France stepping in to take on the children's education, some going to Durmstrang. The magicals of America were staying well clear of everything so there was no threat there, especially since they knew of hunters and not to get involved. With Lucifer and Michael safely contained and Castiel dealing with the mess upstairs his family as safe as possible. Something he'd never imagined.

And Harry…. oh his sweet boy was no longer a boy. His power had grown immensely in his time as a captive, power enough to hear a call from Hell. He had never imagined this when he agreed to sire a child on young Lily, he had never thought to be involved in his life but now he was very happy he had gone after the child. This wasn't the life he'd ever imagined living, letting hunters live with him, helping to save the world, but he had come to appreciate it.


"Sam I can get to you anywhere, go, spend time with Dean. I'll hear if you call me." Harry promised as he moved to stand beside his lover at the window of their now shared bedroom.


"Sam you've physically recovered fully, the nightmares are down, you don't have to stay here all the time."

"Maybe I want to." He argued weakly and Harry sighed, leaning against him.

"We both know that's not true." Harry shifted to kiss him and then went back to looking out at the yard. "You need this Sam, to get back in the saddle so to speak. You've got the nifty blood flask too."

"I don't want to leave you." He didn't want to leave Harry, not after the way everything went to hell after they last parted but…. Harry was right, he didn't miss the road so much as being with Dean and fighting the good fight.

"You're not leaving me Sam, I'll pop by all the time. So much has happened I think we both need to try and be what counts as normal now. For you that's hitting the road with Dean. I'll be with Dad or Remus doing whatever comes to us, probably more training with Dad on control."

"You're right." Sam finally caved and Harry grinned.


Harry watched the Impala until the car was too far for even his enhanced vision and then went back inside and downstairs to the training room. He was still having some control issues but he would manage, he would not endanger those around him with his out of control powers. Soon his Father joined him and they worked together quietly.


Dean grinned as Harry pounced Sam, making his brother laugh and an old lady nearby smiled at the sight of the two young men mock wrestling on the grass. They'd just finished an easy hunt and Harry had obviously missed them. Once his popping up had bothered Dean but after everything he had come to care about the mischievous hybrid. Then again Cas did the same thing, popping in to check on them when he had the time, it was nice to see he cared. Harry was very good for Sam, he hadn't seen his brother this happy ever. Soon the three were headed to a nearby diner for lunch, Harry chatting away happily. You'd never think he had been held captive and drained of power if you saw him now, healthy and happy. Dean had to admit even he was dealing far better now with his memories of hell. He dreaded to think how things would be if not for the Cambion's interference.

Harry laughed as Sam fought off his brothers attempt to steal his fries before sneaking in and stealing some, making Dean laugh and Sam pout. He loved living with his Dad and Remus again but he also loved spending time with the brothers, not just Sam. Dean mock grumbled about having to get another room when he showed up, saying he didn't want to know what they got up too, but Harry knew he didn't really mind. He finally had the family he had always wanted and a good, if not entirely safe, life. Whoever said it was right, the best revenge was living well or happy, or whatever the exact quote was, he didn't really care.

The end