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Chapter 5

Sam stared at his phone for a while before dialling the number that had popped into his head back at Crowley's.


"Harry? Hi, it's ah Sam."

"Hi Sam." Harry sounded happy and slightly amused by his greeting. "Are you okay? Did something happen?"

"It didn't work, Lucifer's still alive." Sam admitted.

"That's not good." Harry agreed. "You hurt?"

"Few bumps and bruises…..Jo and Ellen didn't make it." Sam told him.

"I'm sorry." The soft British voice whispered.

"I…you healed Bobby but…how can Crowley be your Dad?"

"It's a long story but I'm not a demon. And I definitely don't want that bastard to win." Harry promised him.

Harry sighed and rubbed the hellhounds stomach, smiling when its tail wagged. They'd had to abandon the house and run after the brothers failed to kill Lucifer but the new place wasn't bad at all. His Dad was away on business a lot which left him with a few hounds, Remus and Matt, Greg's replacement as his bodyguard. He missed Greg, the demon had been fun. Matt was too serious all the time. But he hadn't been heard from since New York and the body he had been using had been found dead in apparently a rather gruesome manner, not that anyone had let Harry see anything. His Dad and Moony were good at that, keeping him away from anything too gruesome or to do with his Dad's work. But that didn't mean he didn't end up aching a lot.

It had taken some work but Moony had finally agreed and now tutored him every day in DADA. He loved the lessons, just like back in third year when he'd been learning the Patronus charm. Due to his Dad's insistence he's even being home schooled in non-magical subjects so that he can live in either world when everything's done. Harry sometimes got fed up with all the work but he was happier in America than he ever had been in England so he knew the classes were a smart idea. But the lessons he loved most were the ones with his Dad, learning the powers he'd inherited from him and learning to use his magic better without relying on his wand.

He still missed his friends back at Hogwarts but he didn't really miss the school itself, even though it had been the first place he had ever considered home. It's not like he has any friends here, his Dad and Remus were family after all and Greg was dead or so deep in hell they couldn't find him. The only person he might be able to call friend was Sam, a hunter who would probably kill him if he ever learnt what Harry really was. Sure Sam had heard him call Crowley dad after all even with Harry denying he was a demon Sam had to be wondering. Harry didn't understand why he was drawn to the older male but something about Sam called out to him, made his magic dance under his skin and it was intoxicating. Pity he'd never see him again if his Dad had any say in it.

Harry laughed and lunged to the side, just avoiding the leaping hellhound. He pivoted quickly and faced the creature, the two opponents eyeing each other as they circled. Crowley walked into the room and paused; watching the two as they moved together before the hound lunged and Harry dodged, foot lashing out to trip it as he did so. Crowley grinned and shook his head, only his son would dare to play with the hounds like that but he could see it wasn't just play but training for both parties. He tensed slightly when it looked like Harry wasn't going to dodge in time but then he dropped under the leaping hound and kicked out, sending her flying. He was learning and gaining strength fast. Sure Harry had always been fast but speed wasn't everything. To survive his son had to have the strength to take on demons. Harry glanced over and grinned, motioning to the hound with his hand and she sat down. "You're back!"

"Missed me?" he teased and Harry rolled his eyes but darted in to hug him briefly and Crowley couldn't help smiling slightly.

"Nope." Harry denied. "Are you back for long?"

"Unless a deal is needed to be made I should be here for at least a month." That brought a happy smile to his son's face. They had missed so much time together but with his job and Harry's destiny moving ever closer would they ever make up for the lost time? They both knew prophecy was hanging over Harry's head and it would not be denied, sooner or later he would have to face Voldemort again and Crowley may lose him forever. "Come on; let's see what you've managed to learn while I was away." He led Harry to the room they used for training his powers.