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Chapter 6

Harry grabbed his phone, half asleep and half buried under a dogpile of hounds. "'lo?" He mumbled.

"Harry? I…did I wake you? I'm sorry."

"Sam? What is it?" He looked at his clock and groaned. "It's 2:20 in the morning!"

"Sorry. I…." Sam trailed off and Harry sat up, pushing out from under the hounds and turning his bedside lamp on.

"Sam take a deep breath. What's wrong?"

"So hungry….I need…." Sam admitted and Harry frowned, moving to get dressed. It was crazy but he couldn't leave Sam like this.

"It's okay Sam, just hang on." He soothed, hanging up. He grabbed his wand and the knife his Dad had given him before apparating. He appeared in a motel room and looked around. "Sam?" He called and heard a moan from the bathroom. He moved the dresser from in front of the door and stared in shock before moving to Sam's side and working on the cuffs. "It's okay I'll have you free in a second."

"No, don't. I can't fight it." Sam told him, skin flushed and Harry wet a cloth to wipe his face down gently.

"Fight what Sam?" He asked gently, trying to calm him.

"You shouldn't be here…..Famine…."

"As in the Horseman?" Harry asked and Sam nodded. "It's okay Sam, I'll be fine. What are you craving?" He asked and Sam looked away, ashamed. "Hey, it's not your fault Sam, just tell me."

"Blood….demon blood." Sam admitted and Harry winced but nodded.

"Okay. Let's just take the edge off, okay?" He whispered, using his wand to nick his arm, letting some blood drip into the complimentary glass in the bathroom. He filled the rest with water and held it to Sam's lips, getting a confused look. "Trust me Sammy, drink." Harry smiled softly at him and Sam drank the bloody water, eyes closing in relief and pleasure.

Sam savoured the tainted water, feeling the strength flow through him but then his eyes snapped open and he stared at Harry in confusion and shock. "You said you're not…"

"I'm not a demon Sam." Harry flopped down beside him, getting the cuffs off him finally. "But Crowley is my biological Dad, as well as a wizard named James Potter and a witch called Lily Evans. They both died when I was fifteen months old, murdered by a power hungry madman. James couldn't have kids and he'd known Crowley a long time so…"

"He donated so they could have you?" Sam asked and Harry nodded.

"James then blood adopted me through magic giving me two Dads and one Mum. The technical name is Cambion. Half breed." He admitted softly.

"I have demon blood but not like that, so what am I?" Sam asked and Harry turned to face him, taking a hand and gently letting his magic flow through Sam who gasped at the warm, safe feeling.

"Human, you're human Sam. Just tainted, looks like the taint was a lot stronger till recently."

"When Lucifer…something saved us and detoxed me." He explained and Harry nodded before standing and offering him a hand up.

"Come on, let's go find that brother of yours and see if we can help."


"You still hungry?" Harry asked and Sam blinked as he realised that for now at least he wasn't. Harry grinned. "Magic. Come on." He offered Sam his hand again and Sam licked his lips before taking it. He let Harry help him up and then blinked when the younger man wrapped an arm around him. "Hold on." And with that they were gone.

Dean looked up as Sam and Harry suddenly appeared in the diner, both looking mad. Dean wasn't sure whether to be relieved, mad or scared. Sam had stayed behind for a reason after all and he still wasn't sure he trusted Harry. Famine turned to them and frowned as he looked at them, his powers not affecting them for some reason. Then his gaze focused on the smaller male and widened as he realised just what he was facing. Harry threw his hand out and Famine went flying across the room. Harry moved to Castiel's side and put a hand on his shoulder, wrapping his magic around the falling angel and Castiel blinked, stumbling to his feet, suddenly no longer consumed by the need to eat. Famine struggled wildly but Harry was not letting him go. He tossed his knife to Sam who acted quickly, removing the demons ring finger and then shoving the blade into his heart. Harry grinned as the blade did its job and killed the Horseman, much to everyone else's surprise.

"Dean you okay?" Sam asked as he gave Harry his knife back and Dean nodded.

"What just happened? Thought they couldn't be killed."

"You think Dad wouldn't give me a way to defend myself from anyone? Won't kill Lucifer but that blade will kill pretty much anything else." Harry answered as he put the knife away.


Castiel stared at the young Wizard who had healed Bobby; suddenly realising he was missing something about the young man. He focused what power he had left on the boy and then his eyes went wide. Cambion, he was a Cambion. But then why help them? Was he another Ruby? Appearing helpful while leading the brothers astray?

"Dean are you okay?" Sam asked and Dean nodded.

"I'm fine Sammy. How did you…." Dean looked between the two.

"Sam called me half delirious so I figured I should see what was wrong. Was not expecting one of the Horsemen."

"Well we already took care of War." Dean told him and Harry grinned.

"Great!" He rubbed his forehead absently and then looked at his hand, seeing the blood. "Oh no." He whispered before green eyes rolled back and he crumpled, Sam just managing to catch him as he jerked wildly.

"Harry!" Sam called in alarm as he knelt down, cradling Harry close as he seemed to go through some sort of fit. "Cas help him please!"

Castiel moved closer and curiously placed a hand on his head, searching and then he pulled back in shock. "He is Harry Potter."

"Okay….?" Dean looked at him blankly.

"The saviour of the Wizarding World is a Cambion." Castiel stated in shock. "There is nothing we can do; it is a vision of his enemy. He will come out of it on his own."

"Cambion? What is that?" Dean demanded and Sam sighed.

"Crowley's his Dad Dean; he's half demon, half human." He admitted as Harry began to still, breathing evening out. Harry groaned, eyelids fluttering. "Harry? Come on, wake up. Please." He whispered and pained green eyes opened.

"Owe." He muttered and Sam smiled in relief.

"Hey, back with us?" Sam asked and Harry blinked but nodded and sat up, Sam steadying him.

"I….I have to go." Harry mumbled as he got to his feet, head spinning and feeling sick from what he'd seen.

"Voldemort is moving." Castiel stated and Harry looked over at him, nodding. "Prophecy cannot be beaten."

"Yeah it can." Harry told him before vanishing with a pop. His Dad had a plan and he trusted him, beside Remus would eat Crowley one month if Harry died.