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Chapter 7

Harry stumbled only to feel familiar hands steady him. "Cub?"

"Tom." He gasped out, raising his head to reveal the state of his scar and Remus swore before calling for Crowley. The demon appeared and moved instantly to his son's side, gently checking the scar. "Tell me it's nearly done?" Harry asked and Crowley grinned.

"Oh yeah, no way is my son dying for some pathetic human prophecy. Only two left." He brushed his fingers over Harry's scar and the teen nodded.

"This is really going to hurt isn't it?" Harry asked and Crowley nodded. He was King of the Crossroads after all so yes there was a way to get Harry out of his fate. They just had to make a deal.

"We've spent the last several months writing this." Remus handed him the bit of paper and Harry read it over silently before doing so out loud and then sighing.

"This is gonna be gross." He muttered before kissing his own Dad to seal the deal. Remus chuckled as they both made faces over that. Crowley placed his hand over the scar again and frowned in concentration. The deal had been for a soul but it never said Harry's soul, no he was going to rip that monster's soul out of his son and send it to Hell where it belonged. Remus held Harry as the teen cried out in pain, eyes scrunched shut as he focused on helping his Father disentangle the Horcrux from his own soul. Finally a swirling black mass emerged from the scar and Harry collapsed in Remus' arms, gasping for air. Crowley tossed the soul fragment to a nearby hound and the creature grabbed onto it, snarling and growling as it shook it, ripping into it before allowing it to go to Hell. Remus apparated to Harry's bedroom and gently settled him into bed, putting a pain potion beside him before going to rejoin Crowley.

"So just the one left?" Remus asked as he sat down and Crowley handed him a glass of Firewhiskey.

"And Riddle keeps it with him at all times. Thanks to the links created by that wretched Dark Mark I've been unable to slip any demons into his ranks. "

"So bait and trap." Remus sighed and Crowley nodded.

"Where do you think you're going?" Crowley demanded as he watched his son pack.

"Scotland." Was the absent answer as Harry threw a jacket into his bag.

"No, you are not going anywhere near Great Britain till this is dealt with."

"Why? He's after me."

"Yes, all the more reason to keep you on another continent. You still have several years of training to go before I would ever consider sending you off to fight. And don't think I don't know what you and Sammy got up to the other day. The point is you let the trained fighters finish this."

"It's my friends he'll go after if he can't have me." Harry argued angrily.

"That's true but there are demons protecting them. It's safer for everyone with you sitting this one out." Harry threw the shirt he was holding down on the bed angrily before vanishing and Crowley sighed. Teenagers.

Sam jumped when Harry appeared beside him and it looked like he was sulking. "Harry?" The teen looked over at him and sighed, running a hand through his hair and Sam frowned. "Wait…..what happened to your scar?"

"Dad dealt with it. Now he wants me to sit in my room while my friends are targeted in a war." Harry laid his head on his knees, arms wrapped tightly around his legs.

"Okay…I'm pretty lost here." Sam admitted and Harry sighed before reaching out and putting a hand against his face, staring into his eyes. Sam frowned and then his eyes went wide and he gasped as Harry's life basically ran like a movie inside his mind. Harry pulled back and Sam trembled, breathing heavily. Was this what drew him to Harry? Some instinctive knowledge that had had suffered even worse than he had? Or was it the whole demon thing that linked them? Without even thinking Sam pulled Harry into a hug and the teen stiffened briefly before turning to bury his head in Sam's shirt and soon Sam felt the warmth of tears seeping through. "It's okay Harry, let it go." He whispered, feeling him tremble and cry but without noise. Sam stayed there; holding him as long as he needed him to, too few people had just been there for Harry when he needed it. When Harry was all cried out he conjured a glass of water and let some blood drip in before offering it to Sam who downed it. "Thanks. You okay?"

"Sorry." Harry went to look away but Sam stopped him.

"For what? Soaking my shirt, needed a wash anyway." That got a small laugh from Harry and Sam grinned. "You really confuse Cas you know. Apparently you weren't meant to be a Cambion."

Harry snorted. "Well if I wasn't I'd never have been born. Guess they weren't paying all that much attention." Sam chuckled at that and nodded. He got the feeling the Angels missed a lot of things.

"Why do you want to go back? With everything that world put you through…."

"Because even if most of them are sheep they don't deserve what he'd do to them. We both know that." Harry levelled him with a look and Sam nodded sheepishly, that was why he'd never managed to walk away from hunting again after Jess.

"Well you better make it back alive and in one piece."

"Here." Harry conjured a bottle and then sliced his hand, letting the blood run in. "A few drops in water every week or so. There's enough in there to last a year or more if you're careful."

"Thanks. I better keep this away from Dean."


"He uh….doesn't agree with me drinking blood or using my powers."

"Why not? Okay I get the blood bit as ewww. But what's wrong with using your abilities?"

"Because everyone says they'll turn me Darkside and they're right. I….I lost it, beat Dean and ended up killing Lilith which let Lucifer out."

Harry just snorted and shook his head. "Being a Parselmouth and a Cambion doesn't make me evil Sam. You having some demon blood in you and some psychic abilities doesn't make you evil. It's what you use it for and how. I'd say beating Dean was more the addiction talking than the powers." Harry answered and Sam stared at him in surprise. When he really thought about it he decided Harry was right. Drug addicts would do similar things if desperate enough for another fix after all.


"Welcome." Harry smiled and stood. "Can't promise to come back alive but I'll do my best." He told Sam before darting in and kissing Sam's cheek before vanishing.

Remus walked into Harry's room and looked around before vanishing and reappearing in Crowley's private office. "Harry's gone."

"Damn it!"