Real Horror Strikes

E/O challenge "Dust" No spoilers 100 words exact. Written late, beacause my mother's suggestion kept haunting me.


Sam stared watching the scene unfold before his disbelieving eyes.

"Whatcha doing? Sam we've got to get to class."

Sam continued to stare watching as the tower on the screen burned sending smoke into the vivid blue sky.

"You're watching a horror movie at this hour?"

"No," replied Sam, "a tradegy."

As the tower on the screen collasped in a cloud of dust and smoke, Sam started to silently weep.

"Dude. It's just a movie."

"No, this is live national news from New York."

"New York?"

"Yes, and that was the second tower to fall."

"A real horror just happened."


When I mentioned the challenge word to my mom, she pointed out it was the 10th anniversry of Sept. 11th and they had even run a news special on the dust from that day that has affected so many.

Written for the heroes and the victims of Sept. 11th 2001, in hopes that this level of horror may never be seen again.

Of that day, I remember my mother's call and my disbelief as I turned on the news that day, like so many others, when it first happened it seemed more like a scene out of a horror movie than actual news.

Disclaimer: SPN characters belong to the world created by Kripke and Co. The events of Sept 11th to us all.