"Dean?" It's a soft whisper.

"Mmm, Sam?" A half-asleep mumble comes back.

The two men are half-dozing on their beds after leaving the mental hospital.

"Can I have some pudding?"

The older hunter is confused. "Pudding?"

"Yeah." Sam's smirk can even be heard in his voice. "Your pudding. Y'know, what you showed the nurse?"

"T-that?" Dean's voice catches as his eyes widen. "You serious, Sammy?" His eyes meet his brother's.

"Extremely. It...looked really...tasty." The hunger in Sam's eyes makes him almost look scary, but in a very arousing way.

"Get. Your. Fucking. Mouth. Over here. Now!" Dean halts at almost every word, fumbling open his belt.

Sam is quick to obey.