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She sits by the fire place and sips her tea. She thinks about what he said earlier that day. Could it really have happened? Or was it just a dream. It had to of been a dream. He couldn't have really said that.


The bell at the top of the door rang as she opened it and slipped inside. She was coming to check and make sure everything was okay. She saw the Beadle walk up the steps and into the barber shop. She watches as Sweeney steps on the pedal and sends the Beadle's lifeless body down through the trap door. "How do you feel, love?" she says as she steps closer towards him.

"Better once I have the judge. He said he would come tomorrow." He turns to look out the window, as he cleans his razor. "Patience dear, itll come faster then you know it." He doesn't say anything. He just continues to stare out the window. She sighs as she opens the door to go back down to her pie shop.

But she is stopped by a hand grabbing hers. She turns around only to meet Sweeny Todd's onyx eyes staring into her chocolate ones. He crashes his lips onto hers. She pushes against his, to deepen the kiss. After a minute, that feels like and hour to her, he pulls away. She stands there, star struck. Then he leans down and whispers in her ear….

"Pack you things. When the judge is dead, were taking the first boat to Paris."

He turns around and goes back to looking out the window. She stands there a minute, then runs downstairs to pack.


She had thought it all to be a dream. But when she checked, all her things were packed. She had scrubbed every inch of the pie shop, and sold it. She went to sip her tea again, but found it was empty. She decided it was time for bed. She changed out of her dress and climbed into bed. She knew she needed her sleep for tomorrow, but she was so excited she couldn't fall asleep.

"Time to get up mum." The young boy says through the door. She rolls over out of bed. "Are you up mum?" the boy asks. "Yes deary, im up. Why don't you go make breakfeast, ill be out in a minute." She hears him walk away, then she changes into the dress she had left out for today. She walks out of her room to see Sweeney and Toby at the table. Sweeney has some kind of smile on his face, and they are both looking at her. "What?" she asks confused, and unsure as to what was going on. "The judge came this morning. I already got rid of the body. And our boat leaves in 5 minutes." The barber says as he walks over to her.

"Are you packed?" he asks her. She nods with a huge grin on her face. "Lets go." He grabs his bag. She runs into her room and grabs hers.

The three of them run to catch their boat. When theyre on their way to Paris, Mrs. Lovett runs around the boat, in extreme happiness consumes her whole being.

"Ive never been on a boat before. Its beautiful, aint it Toby!" "Yes it is mum!" Sweeney just stands there and watches in amusement, by her childish behavior. When they finally arrive they get off the boat. Much to Mrs. Lovett's surprise, Sweeney grabs her hand. He gives it a little squeeze, "Are you ready Nellie?" Shocked that he used her proper name, she nods her head. They walk around, hand in hand, and look for a place to stay. When they find a little house by the water, just like Nellie dreamed about, they decide to get it.

Mrs. Lovett and Toby unpack right away, then go down to the water. Mr. Todd walks around the house. He thinks of Lucy, he has finally avenged her. And now its time to live his life. He takes the picture of Lucy and Johanna out of his vest pocket, and burns it with the candle he lit. "Goodbye my darling Lucy, I love you." "Are you coming Mista T!" the baker calls from the water side. He blows the candle out and walks outside, to start his new life.

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