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Toby cleared his throat for the third time, and nothing. Mr. Todd had his lips suctioned to his mother's face and neck. He had been standing in the room for a little while now, and no matter what he did he couldn't get their attention. When Mr. Todd's hands moved to Mrs. Lovett's bum he quickly walked over and grabbed 2 pans. He threw them to the ground making a big bang and clattering noise. Finally Mrs. Lovett pulled away, startled, and looked to Toby.

"What on earth are you doing, Toby?" she asked bewildered.

"You guys have been at each other for ten minutes now! And I tried to tell you I was in the room but you wouldn't listen!" he practically shouted.

"Oh I'm sorry dear. I didn't hear ya." She said walking over to him. "Why don't you go play outside or something?"

"Well I thought maybe we could go down to the water. Together. Maybe pack a lunch."

"Well that sounds lovely. You go get ready, and I'll make lunch."

He ran off into the other room. Mrs. Lovett went to the floor cabinet and grabbed the wicker basket out and put it on the counter. She walked over and started to make lunch.

"What would you like for lunch Sweeney?"

"You." He replied walking behind her putting his arms around her waist and started sucking on her neck.

"I'm not on the lunch menu dear. Maybe dessert tonight."

"Mhmm. I'll have whatever for lunch then. And I'll skip dinner tonight, I'll just have dessert." He said still attacking her neck. She giggled, putting the lunches in the basket.

"We should probably change. Toby will want us to go in the water." His response was a grunt. But he still followed her into the other room to change. It had been almost 2 months since he'd been back, and he and Nellie now shared a room. Most might think it improper, but then again, they've done many improper things. Including cutting people up and serving them to other people.
When they finished getting changed they walked back to the kitchen, to Toby who was all ready and sitting at the table.

"Wow mum, you sure look pretty in your swim clothes." Toby said as he saw her walk in.

"Aw, thank you Toby." She smiled at him "Are you ready to go?"

"Yes mam." He said jumping up. He grabbed his sand toys and ran out the door. Sweeney grabbed the lunch basket, which now also had towels and a blanket in it, and grabbed Nellie's hand. And they started to walk after Toby.
They didn't have to walk long to get to the ocean. It wasn't that far from the house. When they had caught up to Toby, he was already sitting down playing in the sand. He was trying to make a giant sand castle. They took out the blanket and laid it down in some shade. They sat down next to each other and watched Toby play.



"Do you think we'll be alright?"

"What do you mean?" he asked as he looked at her. She still watched Toby as she spoke again. "I mean us. Are we going to be okay? Do you think we'll make it? Together?"

"Of course." He replied still looking at her beautiful face. Something seemed different about her lately. She just seemed to look even more beautiful, like she was glowing.



"Do you think we'll ever have a family?"

"We already have a family. You, me," he paused

"And Toby." He finished.

"Do you think we will ever have any, you know, children?"

"I don't know. Did you want more than Toby?"

"I would like to have my own baby, yes." She said. Her eyes were still on Toby. Then she turned her eyes to Sweeney.

"I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow. I haven't been feeling well. I think – I think I'm pregnant."

He just stared at her. It felt like time stopped. Nellie was pregnant. He was the father. He was going to be a father. How could he be a father?

"Are you sure?" he finally spoke.

"No, that's why I'm going to the doctors tomorrow."

"Why are you going to the doctor mum? Are you sick?" Neither of them saw Toby walk over.

"Well I have not been feeling well, no. But, Toby dear, maybe you should sit down." He sat down on the blanket, looking up expectantly at her. "Toby dear, darling, sweetheart, son. How would you like it if you, maybe, had a little brother or sister?"

His eyes widened and he jumped up and hugged her. He pressed his head to her stomach, "Really mum!? Oh that's fantastic! We could play together! And I could teach it how to run the shop with me, so you wouldn't have to work as much! And! And! – "

"Toby dear, calm down. Now I don't know if you are going to have a sibling or not. The doctor will tell me tomorrow."

His face fell a little. "Oh, well can I come with you tomorrow?"

"No dear, I'm sorry. I need you to stay and take care of the house, alright?"

"Yes mam"

"You go play now before lunch." He ran off to play in the water, as Mrs. Lovett sighed. What was she going to tell him if she wasn't pregnant? It would break his heart. And as much as she wanted a baby, she just thought it was a little too fast for her and Sweeney right now.