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Part 5

He would tell her not to do this.

In the end it's Rachel who actually makes the whole thing easier by turning up just as Quinn is about to drift back to sleep and Will already has.

Quinn's leaping out of bed in a second at the sound of the door, snatching up all the bed sheets and leaving Will curled naked and blinking at her in bewilderment.

He's undeniably adorable, and she looks away.

"You have to leave!" she hisses. "Rachel already knows too much".

They hear her friend calling from downstairs.

He wearily sits up and rubs his eyes.

"Where's your car?"

"Down the street", he yawns and his eyes sweep over her longingly.

"You may have to jump down from the flat roof, just slip out of the bathroom window… I'll go talk to Rachel".

She's trying to think of a hundred things at once, trying to distract herself.

He manages to dress, keeps trying to kiss her, and she fusses about the tangled sheets.

"Don't forget to let me know when we can see each other again".

"Sorry", she says.

He repeats himself, looking confused, because she's right next to him, and must have been able to hear.

"No", she says, her voice hollow. "I'm sorry".


He balances on one leg, pulling on a shoe, his brow furrowed.

"Do you regret...?"

She doesn't allow him to finish, doesn't want to see any sort of hurt on his face, wants him to leave before she completely breaks down for letting him go.

"Never", she hisses fiercely, "You're perfect and amazing and never ever forget that".

His gaze softens.

"Not as perfect and amazing as you", he returns.

"You should leave now", she tells him, "Before I do something stupid".

He quirks an eyebrow, but looks as if to do as she says.

She evades his approach, slipping quickly down the stairs and turning only to gesture to the bathroom across the hall.

She sniffs on the bottom step, and walking forward 2 paces has the tears spilling over her cheeks.

She hopes Rachel will believe her quick lie of epilating her ankles.

She hopes a lot of things.

He's sitting on her bed when she eventually returns there a couple of hours later, and she stops dead in the doorway, a silent gasp on her lips.

His eyes are as bloodshot as her own, and he hasn't bothered to put on his other shoe.

She's not sure he's even notice he's wearing just one shoe, and he stands up lurchingly.

"When were you planning on giving me this?"

He shakes the envelope at her, and the locket rattles inside it, but he's not angry, more defeated, and she can see in his eyes that he knows she means leave and never come back.

"Just go Will", she says, her voice harsh with the edge of tears.


He's right up to her immediately, tense muscles quivering.

She wishes he'd just done as she asked in the first place.

She doesn't need to see in his eyes the pain that they've been working up to right from the start.

"Is that what you really want?" He asks, gently, but fervently. "Do you really want to break up with me?"

"Are we even together?"

Her question subsides into a sob, and he fights the urge to reach out for her.

There's an awful silence, and every second that passes with him there will break her heart into another thousand pieces when he leaves.

Because he was always going to leave.

No one ever stays there for her.

"We can never be together", she adds weakly, an after thought, even though it's the only thing she's thought about, listing the reasons why ever since he first held her in warm, loving arms.

"Yeah", he says shortly, and her eyes widen in surprise. It looks like he's not about to fight.

She's glad. She doesn't think she can fight with him.

"I've been through it all", he says, earnestly. "It wouldn't work because we couldn't spend enough time together to work on a relationship. I was supposed to be married, I wasn't supposed to think about you so much. It wouldn't work because it was supposed to just be some sort of crazy need I had for you and the promise of family you held inside you. It wouldn't work because you were never supposed to be attracted to me in return. We were supposed to hold out til your graduation… but even then, with you going to college, it wouldn't work because you would to go partying and have a life, and… and I would be curled up on the couch with a crossword and not getting any younger…"

He took a gasping breath, pacing now, his footsteps furious.

"It wouldn't work because it's supposed to be practically impossible for me to see any alternatives… That wasn't break up sex, Quinn", he says, changing the subject quickly. "We made love. It was… "

He can't find words, and her knuckles are white from gripping the doorframe.

"I've never loved so much and felt so much love in return".

She can barely see him through the mist of tears, and how did they end up like this, and why is she feeling like she always knew they would, even back then, with her pregnant and stupid and him married and stuck.

He's less frantic now, looking out of the window, turned away from her.

"You smile at me… it's crazy, I really can't believe that one minute you're in my apartment a few times, a scared girl, and you start blossoming before my eyes, and I can't keep my eyes off you… and there's just no way it could work".

He pauses, his fist clenched at his side reaching up to wipe his eyes.

"I know you can't possibly want me for long enough- but this is too easy… look, we … connect- okay? I don't know how… and I just, I just can't stop wanting you, and maybe you really are what I need, because I sure as hell seem to get by without anything else…"

"I can't have you", Quinn chokes out, "I can never be good enough to always be able to call you mine".

"I will always be yours Quinn", he shouts, "why can't you understand that, I don't know any more that you do how the hell we've come to be so damn inseperable… how we're in such an intense relationship that should never exist".

"We're not in a relationship", she argues, letting go of the doorframe and walking forward, and Rachel can probably hear them, but she doesn't remember that Rachel's even there.

"What else is this?" He cries, "I know you better than I know anybody. And I still want to know more".

"But I…"

"Why not?"

He's right up in her face, hot breath on her upturned lips.

She has a list of many reasons why not but she can't remember any of them.

"One day I want to marry you", he says, lowering his voice slightly. "One day I want to raise children with you, I want us to have a dog, a big garden, I want us… I want us."

He grips her biceps with strong fingers.

"Tell me why I can't have this. Tell me I can't have you… if you really want me to go just tell me".

"I love you", she shouts, actually shouts at the top her voice, and there's a sudden crash.

It takes her a good minute to realise that it was her doing, pushing him with a strength she didn't know she had against her closet doors.

"Don't leave me", she begs him, and she's marking him with how fiercely she's gripping his forearms with her fingernails.

"I'm so scared".

"Me too", he admits, "me too".

Their lips meet halfway, and Quinn breaks on contact, clinging to him, clinging to the only thing that will keep her afloat as the Titanic sinks.

He may have made love to her so tenderly, but this is anything but tender, a pure need to claim her, he grabs her closer than is comfortable, open mouthed messy kisses clearing the tears from her face.

She forgets she's supposed to be saying goodbye, forgets she was ever sad because all she can feel is an overwhelming happiness.

He is still there.

"Hi", she says, breathlessly, and he pulls back, holding her tear-stained face tightly in his hands.


His grin is so wide it must hurt.

There's a pointed coughing from the doorway, and neither of them can stop just smiling stupidly at each other.

So they don't.

"It's bad enough knowing I am completely supportive of your relationship, as messed up as that sounds", Rachel mutters grumpily, trying desperately not to look too closely at their state of dishevelment and how Quinn's neck is flushed red.

"Don't, whatever you do, have sex up against that closet in my spare room while I am downstairs pretending that you aren't professing undying love to each other, and getting my stuff ready for school".

What Rachel doesn't know can't hurt her.

Besides, they've never been people to do as they are told.

Five months later and she's playing scales on the piano in the choir room, waiting for him to finish in his Languages lesson planning meeting.

She doesn't really notice him entering, until he walks right over and his breath is warm and teasing against the back of her neck.

She twists round with an easy smile.

He kisses her decadently, a promise of later and forever and now.

She's told him countless times not they aren't to do anything in school, but she doesn't exactly complain when he does. On countless occasions.

It's not like he's planning on keeping his job, he's had bright eyes on Broadway lights ever since she started mentioning NYU a few weeks ago.

Her question is not entirely out of the blue, but it's the first time she's actually asked him so bluntly, without it just being casually mentioned in conversation.

"What do you think about the future?"

He answers without missing a beat.

"I think I love her".

The end.

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