The blessed half-darkness when the blinds went down

Little twinkles, dappled light, tinsel stars all around

The presence of you, much too near, far too much

The electric feeling when our fingertips touch

Don't know what's come over me, almost sad, I could cry

As my throat feels so sore and my lips become dry

My breath's just shallow pants and my heartbeats race…

"And that's everything you need to know about space!"


If it wasn't for the others, I'd watch no-one but you

How the vagaries of light bring your features to view

Mesmerized by your eyelids' hypnotic allure

I am drawn to your body in relinquishment pure

I could wish time would stop, just to savour your stare

And to run all my fingers through your strands of red hair

I would trace all the contours of your alabaster face…

"And that's everything you need to know about space!"


Though I resolved I would bear with your wound to the end

I betrayed my vows, ditched my man, my best friend

Days on end I would suffer from us two being apart

Desperation was withering the lily in my heart

But my love for you erupted and it brought me that far

Made me holler your name from the roof of a car

Fate was ready to send us on our separate ways

But we're now reunited, we occupy the same space


And that's everything I need to know