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Hodges ponders Sara's comment and plucks up the courage to talk to her about it...

I've tried really hard to remain in character, I hope I've succeeded!

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High Hopes in Velvet Ropes

Hodges watched quietly from the doorway as Sara made herself a cup of coffee, her back facing him, her slender frame leaning against the counter as she reached up to grab the sugar from the top shelf cursing under her breath at whoever had put it there. The rest of the break room was empty providing the perfect opportunity for the conversation that he had in mind. He swallowed attempting to make the lump that was building up in his throat disappear. He didn't know what it was that made it so hard to talk to Sara- perhaps it was her cool exterior, the way she didn't draw attention to herself unless it was necessary or maybe he remembered too clearly the way she could cut not him but almost everyone else in this lab down with a few words and one dark look.

Taking a deep breath he stepped inside of the break room and cleared his throat to get her attention. Sara turned to him a smile or rather a smirk lit up her features. She casually held her steaming mug in one hand her other firmly on the counter.

"Hello Hodges...I don't think I'm waiting for any I'm guessing this is a social encounter?" She took a sip from her coffee, her dark eyes narrowing just slightly as she gave him the once over to check for a result print out.

"" The way she was looking at him seemed to switch his verbal functioning off.

"What can I do for you?" She asked huskily.

"Do you really think grey hair can be attractive?" he blurted out unable to figure out what was the best way to approach the subject. Sara pursed her lips together, and took a deliberately slow sip from her mug not taking her eyes off him knowing full well that she was teasing him.

"Yes." she responded not offering more information that he had asked for. He stood watching her slightly perplexed.

"Oh...okay...May I ask why?" He tucked his hands into his pockets and looked at her wide eyed giving the impression of innocence. She on the other hand smirked again, loving her new found power.

"Well..." Sara took a step towards him and even though his instincts told him to move away from her his feet remained planted on the floor. "I think...grey hair...suggests...maturity...experience..." She stopped a step into his personal space not wanting to be too overt but at the same time not wanting to be too subtle. If anyone was walking past it would look as if two good friends were having a normal conversation- two people comfortable enough with each other to let their barriers of personal space to dissolve enough to allow them to stand less than a foot apart.

"There are dating older men..." she said in a low voice as if they were sharing a secret. Her dark eyes focused on Hodges in an intense gaze. "And a woman wants a man who can...please her..."

"Oh..." Hodges took a deep breath and tried to look anywhere but Sara knowing full well if she kept going this conversation could quickly become embarrassing.

"I hope..." she took an intake of breath again eyeing him up and down. "That answers your question..." With one last seductive glance Sara stepped away from him and it felt as if he could finally breathe again.

Hodges watched as she walked out of the door, a strange feeling settling over him.

Maybe grey hair wasn't bad at all.

The End