A/N ~ This story is totally OCC and Defiantly AU. It will follow along the story line of the books in places but otherwise the story line is mine to butcher to my will and do with as I please; sorry Steph!

It's been 8 years since Bella's disastrous 18th birthday. 8 years since I've been here in Texas with my brother for all intents and purposes; Peter, and his wife and mate Charlotte or Char as she prefers to go by. 8 years ago I had a good life or non-life whatever.

The night of Bella's party when she received that paper cut; when the gift paper sliced through her delicate flesh on her pointer finger; everything went to complete and utter shit. The emotions that swirled through me still confuse me to this day; everything just happened so quickly.

I was standing back watching Bella open her gifts when Alice handed her the 2nd gift from the pile of many more to be opened. I never smelt the blood but I heard the paper slice through Bella's flesh and felt her pain. She muttered "shoot. Paper cut" and held her finger up for her inspection of her injury. I felt her emotion of nausea and I felt like I wanted to pass out as I kept tapping into Bella's emotions. I crept forward to take a closer look. Out of the corner of my eye I seen Alice smirk at Edward then it all went downhill from there.

Edward roared and threw me into his precious piano. Protect, protect, protect I was repeating over and over in my head to get to Bella to protect her from Edward. To this day I still have no idea why I needed to protect her, but I tried my hardest to get to her. Then Edward flings her behind him way to hard and she falls back into the wall into the glass table that Alice had placed there earlier in the day next to the massive 3 tired pink cake. The smash of the glass and the sound of the glass slicing through Bella's upper arm was enough to almost bring me to my knees.

I was dragged outside by Emmett. When I was outside everyone's emotions where goin' crazy. All the family bar Rose and Em were feeling fear for what was to happen; but everyone else was feeling emotions of smugness, thirst and satisfaction.

I can still remember Bella yelling out to me that she forgave me and that it wasn't my fault, and telling Alice and Edward to stop babying her as it was only a flesh wound and she had worse. I had to chuckle at that; always tough, she would have been a mighty fine soldier. I wasn't sure if she would have been able to hear me but I hollered back "aw hell darlin'" and took off.

When I made my way back to the house after several hours it would have been getting close to sunrise, the family avoided me as I entered the house. Alice met me at the bottom of the stairs and handed me divorce papers. I signed straight away without a word. Shoved them back at her, ghosted up the stairs and packed all my belongs except all the preppy shit that Alice purchased changed clothes to a snug fitting pair of worn jeans a black button down and my riding boots with my black hat. Loaded up all my things in the back of my truck that Alice hated and never wanted to be caught dead in, well um err deader! Said Adios ad got in and drove away. On the road my phone dinged

Sender: P. Whitlock

I have already contacted Jenks all the Pixie's cards have been cancelled all money that you have put into her accounts has been transferred back to you and joint accounts closed. Also kiss your Hale name goodbye brother I never liked it, we had Jenks change it back. See you when u gets here. Char says your room is ready!

"Oi, Fucker, you alright there?" Fuckin' Peter, interuptin' my thinkin' time.
"Yeah just peachy fucker, what's up?"
"Uh my "Knower" says we need to go hunt then get in the truck and head to Vegas at sunrise". Always a cryptic fucker but he is always, always way, way more accurate than what Alice's visions ever where. You see Peter just knows; He will see something and its concrete where Alice's visions were decision based, but I always knew she always twisted things so everything would go to the way Alice wanted. Malice Pixie Bitch!
"Yeah sure I'll just throw some shit in a bag chuck it in the truck then I'm good to go."


We arrived at an exclusive night club the line is massive. We skip the line and wander upto the V.I.P entrance and I flash the bouncer a toothy grin showing off all my razor sharp chompers and he lets the 3 of us in.

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