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So we agreed on the small bar that was more like a hole in the wall sports bar. Bella was still in the formal uniform so we all managed to get a free dinner. The 3 of us vamps all ordered blue steaks and a scotch with no ice to help wash it down. After dinner we all walked back Bella back to where the parade was held so that she could catch the bus back to base and collect her belongings.

"You guys all good to lock up the house and meet me at the airport then?" Bella asked, I know she is paranoid about security and that was fine with me plus she is real anal about meeting on time. She has great discipline.

I gave her a sweet kiss on her forehead then her check then next a kiss on her luscious lips, I pressed my forehead to hers "yes babe we will meet you at the airport gate 6 at 11:30pm, I will miss you til then my beautiful."

Bella giggled slapped me gently on the chest blew us kisses and boarded her bus.

~time skip~

Life was crazy busy for the next few weeks when we got back to Vegas; Peter and Charlotte went home, but I chose to stay.

Bella was originally going to stay a month with her father, but because she was going to be deployed in the New Year she chose to spend just a week with him, telling him that she needed to be on base for training, which she was there for a while. I stuck close by, sneaking into her room after lights out and snuggling with my love.

Once training was over we headed back to Vegas. She was only going to be here for a week before she needed to pack to head home. I knew she was really looking forward to going to a cold climate but I also managed to have Char ship her some really fabulous winter clothing from New York.

It was all Bella's style; nothing like the atrocious shit that Alice 'insisted' that she was meant to wear to 'fit in'; yeah I call Bull Shit.

But anyway Char was kind enough to ship yoga pants, heavy denim jeans, thermal pants and shirts, sweaters and coats, a pair of leather cashmere lined gloves, a cashmere scarf and beanie, thermal socks and new boots; although I knew she would just take her combat boots with her.


Christmas was coming soon and Bella was heading to Washington to spend the holiday with her father, then she was coming back here for the week between Christmas and New Year to prepare for her next stint in Afghanistan; which I was not looking forward to.

I still have no idea what was going to happen to her while she was gone, but I was so tempted to go with her and dress like the local ladies do just so that I was close, but I knew Peter would have a good laugh and Char would call it romantic.

"Jasper" Bella spoke from her perch beside the pool "are you coming outside to join me baby?" I was currently inside watching a WWI documentary on the History Channel. I quickly selected the next screening for the same program and selected it to the favourites so that I would be alerted at 3am when it was on again next.

I was standing behind her when I ghosted my lips up the column of her neck "yes baby im coming now" I heard her heart rate accelerate and smell her adrenaline pumping through her veins.

I knew I shouldn't have crept up on her like that, but I just couldn't help myself sometimes.

"JASPER" she scolded me. I chuckled and kissed her on the lips hungrily and picked her up and groped her ass and half dry humped her hot body.

"Sorry baby" I whispered in her ear. "Sometimes I just can't help myself." I kissed her quickly again; just not being able to get enough. I stripped all my clothes off and using my nails I cut Bella's bikini away, grabbed her and jumped into the pool.

When we surfaced Bella was coughing and splattering and pretty much hawking up a lung. I sniggered at her, she seriously looked beautiful but the sounds she was making were pretty amusing.

She shot me annoyance and I shot her a strong dose of love and amusement.

"A little warning next time ass"! Bella was pissed; I knew it. "I'm sorry I'm so snappy with you Jasper, it's just that I'm stressed about going to Dad's next weekend." Bella started explaining. "I'm just trying to think of how I'm going to explain this to my Dad."

I knew she was stressed so I held her tight "I know baby, but there is no easy way to skirt around this ok. Just tell him the truth as best as you can leave out the stuff about you know what."

Bella burrowed her head further into my chest trying with all her might to hold me as tightly as she could "I know, Jasper," she paused for a moment gathering her words, "it's just … I don't want him having a heart attack or a stroke or anything." I fully understood this and just hummed my acknowledgment that I heard her.

To be honest I didn't know what to say to make things easier for her. And I knew back when I had lived with the Cullen's that as time went on leading up to her 18th birthday that all the lies and false stories was getting to a point that it was taking its toll on her.

I held her tightly and kissed her some more while grinding my aching cock against her clit and pink pussy lips.

I knew she needed to breathe soon so I skimmed my lips down her throat and kissed along her slender collarbones. With one hand holding her to me I palmed her glorious tits and bent my head down so I could suck the tit that I wasn't playing with.

As soon as I sucked that rosy bud into my cool mouth she started grinding on me and whimpering something that sounded like "hurry and just fuck me already". I changed tits sucked and groped for 30 seconds more then with my free hand skimmed it down her tight stomach muscles and flicked her clit a few times whilst shooting her a small dose of lust, which was enough to make her come.

I got us out of the pool and onto the pavers beside her pool and laid her down carefully; all while she was still riding out an intense orgasm. I stuck my cock in her with enough force to make her orgasm again.

That brought a wicked smile to my face; the one she absolutely loves best. She always says it's my mischief smile, as I get an evil glint in my eye.

I just let my cock sit inside her while she rode out her orgasm. "Mmm, Sugar, that was intense" I murmured to her. She smiled lazily up at me and brought her arms up to wrap around my neck to bring me down for a kiss.

Bella shifted her hips upwards indicating that she was ready for me to move. So I started to rock my hips thrusting my cock in and out of her at a slow steady pace.

I love watching her get all worked up at this pace and when she least expected me to I picked up her left leg and hitched it over my shoulder and held her right leg under the knee.

It changed the angle real good as she let out a sharp gasp "I didn't hurt you did I baby?" I asked. I couldn't feel anything other than overwhelming love and devotion and lust come from her but I just needed to be sure.

She shook her head no.

I started moving again the very slowly picked up the pace until I was slamming in and out of her.

"OH GOD JASPER, FUCK ME HARDER" she screamed at me. I didn't really want to go any harder as I really didn't want to break anything. I ran my thumb over her C-section scar and bent down to kiss her.

I grunted "GOD BABY" mm yeah her tight pussy felt so fucking good I could just stay buried in her for good. And the warmth felt like sitting in front of a roaring hot fire after being out in the cold all day; for a human that is.

"I don't want to hurt you Iz baby" but I adjusted my position just slightly and grinded my hips into her hips as I slammed home. "How's that my dirty little girl mmm?" I went a little bit faster when I could feel her slowing edging towards orgasm again.

"Mmmm yeah Jas Jas" she was getting close "Jaaaasssspeeerrrrr" and she came "soooo fuccckkkkinngggg good. I love you, I love you" she chanted.

As she was coming I could feel my balls starting to contract, I grit my teeth so I wouldn't bite her so I would be marking her and growled low and deep in my chest. As I felt my come shoot out of me I roared out a strained "I LOVE YOU SO FUCKING MUCH TOO BABY GIRL." And I also sent her a big dose of love and contentment.

"I love you so much Jasper" Bella looked up at me "so much so, that I not sure how I am going to get through the week at my Dad's." I knew how she felt. So I closed my eyes and nodded my head.

"Right Sugar, we need to get you packed." I lifted her up and we shot off inside so that we could wash the chlorine off our bodies and from our hair.

"Yes major!" she mock saluted me while laughing. It was good to see her so happy and carefree. I just grinned my "mischief grin" at her and scooped her up and hauled ass to the bathroom.

Let's just say it was a really long shower.

After we had round 2 and 3 in the shower, we dried and dressed. Poor Bella was exhausted, and co sim vampire and all I shot her with enough energy to perk her up so that I could help her pack.

"No fair with the mood control Jasper" she whined at me. I just winked her and shrugged my shoulders while arching a brow at her.

I gave her a love tap on her glorious round ass and walked out of her room and pulled her suitcase down from the top of her hall cupboard and placed it on her bed, pointed at it and mouthed "pack" at her with a dirty smirk on my face.

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