This is my first Harry Potter fan-fiction, it's a one shot based on Lilly Evans and James Potters last year of Hogwarts. Please give constructive criticism, thank you. Yeah I know it's rather on the short side but hopefully any future fan-fiction I write will be longer remember this is a one shot!

Oh and as much as I'd like to I don't own Harry Potter or any characters as such

Lilly and James had been back at Hogwarts for three whole months, it was coming up to the chirstmas holidays and they were sat in the head's common room. Yes Lilly had been made head-girl and thankful all her hard work had paid off, as she had always wanted to be head-girl since starting Hogwarts. James on the other hand was surprised actually the whole of Hogwarts had been surprised when James well known trouble-maker had been head-boy. He had taken the duties seriously well as seriously as he could, which had impressed Lilly, so when he asked her out (yet again) at the beginning of October Lilly had said yes. Once again surprising Hogwarts, after all it was well known that James had been after Lilly since their first day of school. During, their first date he had asked her to become his girlfriend and Lilly had agreed and everyone including the teachers made a big fuss of it. That had been nearly two months ago, which led them now to sitting in their private shared common room sitting cosily together in front of the fire the couple sat quietly comfortable in the silence between them.

A few months later it was graduation and has head girl Lilly was giving a speech both herself and James thought it would be best for her to do the speech.

"…hopefully the friendships we've made will last our whole lives, well done guys we survived Hogwarts!"

And as Lilly finished her speech and everyone clapped two people were having the very same thoughts as they entered school. James was looking lovingly at Lilly thinking 'I'll marry that red head someday', but he wasn't the only one have similar thoughts. One Slytherin known as Severus Snape was also looking up at Lilly a mixture of love and sadness in his eyes knowing he'd never have Lilly. Like James, he had the same thoughts he had, had seven years ago when starting Hogwarts 'I love her'. Lilly's thoughts were about James and how she had never said yes to James sooner, maybe he wasn't a big headed git anymore but one thing was for sure was that she loved him and he loved her.

Lilly was unaware of Snape, that's how it always had been since their fifth year instead Lilly joined James and gave him a hug. Little did everyone know that what the years to come would hold for the couple and how it would break Snape's heart forever.