Etymology Dissection

A HariPo freeverse piece

by mew-tsubaki

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Here it comes a g a i n
That feeling
It always creeps ^up^ on you when you _least_ expect it
That acknowledgment of…


&&oh, pretty honey, how will you ever shake its crude taint?

There were so many reasons for you to leave
(That house was |sUfFoCaTiNg|)
((You couldn't take another disaster))
(((Maybe the best thing you ever did was become a Dark witch)))
And you've left nearly everything behind…

But Antonin, being a wizard, still sweetly whispers your name on his finally aging lips:

"L u c y . . ."

You're reminded ~again~ of why you left your family
and you curse your father, your mother for giving you
everything you .::NEVER::. wanted
-auburn h|a|i|r-
-m~u~d~d~y brown eyes-
-hideous ¤f¤r¤e¤c¤k¤l¤e¤s¤-
…a name…

"L U C Y . . ."

You ±c.r.i.n.g.e±
&&vburyv your face in his chest
Maybe your hair will cover your {ears}
Maybe his arms around you will [b] [l] [o] [c] [k] out the sound
Maybe the soft thrum of his )voice( as his hums a Russian l-l-l-l-lullaby
will be /e\n/o\u/g\h/
to make you forget…




Even as Antonin leans back with you—l i g h t (because that's what "Lucy" is supposed to mean)—in his arms,
you feel the DaRkNeSs
&&you wish you were just drowning in his care
instead of feeling the •anxiety•
«U P»

(Why'd they name you something so plain?)
((Didn't they realize Lucys never do anything?))
(((Did they think their screw-up of a daughter would be a riot?)))

-Well look who's rioting now-

You sa\shay beside him, your thoughts
running together
as your *light* is snuffed out by the •d.a.r.k•
&you go for a midnight walk {what Antonin doesn't know won't h-u-r-t him}
Maybe you've done one thing right…being here…

No more problems (your family lost their "problem" child)
No more lies (Antonin's "I love you"s are so heartfelt you wince)
No more mistakes (and your wand feels so right in your hand as you find a victim)

.::no more m_i_s_t_a_k_e_s::.




"I M P E R I O !"

*rustle, rustle: a sign of [control]*

. . .

Well, so much for that, luv.


Tried as I might, the latter part of this is not perfect. In a twist of events as I was writing this on my phone, the bit after "Well look who's rioting now" was tragically, horrifically, accidentally ERASED. I don't know how—I thought I had saved it—but all I can conclude is that I was too distracted by messaging so many people on my phone the other day, so I apologize. I remembered what I could, and I am grateful that I got the ending right. -.- Hopefully nothing bad will happen when I write more for Antocy, which might be a multi-chap FV fic for them.

:+ If you'd like to see the 1st Antocy, it's "Blur Those Already Muddy Lines."

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-mew-tsubaki :'(