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It was like the Negative 10 had reformed all over again. Some old members were back, Charmcaster and Rojo to name a few. Enoch was there because, duh, he's Enoch. Kevin was keeping him and Vulkanus busy outside with a little help from Manny. The two made a pretty great team when hey weren't trying to bite each others' heads off.

Gwen was outside as well, her mana warding off a few Highbreeds still angry over the results of the war and some of Charmcaster's golems. She was holding her own after picking up a few extra tricks from Verdona over he past few months.

Ben was taming a pack of baddies with Alan and Tetrax at his sides. He'd called in his own team once he'd seen that they were all trying to team up again. Zombozo was hanging around as were Vilgax and Clancy. He still wasn't sure how they all got together to form this pack, but he had his own crew and none of them were afraid to fight back.

EchoEchos lined the walls, soundwaves imprisoning Charmcaster, Darkstar, and Rojo, the three almost-humans unable to fight back against the sound of the high-pitched screams. Charmcaster was trying to fish around in her bag of tricks for some sort of weapon while Darkstar absorbed any EchoEcho he could, darkness flowing from his hands to zap the little silicon creatures out of existence.

Keeping Ghostfreak at bay was what Tetrax and Alan were busy with. A wall of crystals had been put up around him to refract the light Alan's fiery powers gave off. The ectonurite wasn't being killed, but he couldn't phase through anything, couldn't move, just screamed in pain.

Finally, a weapon was drawn from Charmcaster's bag, little flowers turned shurikens. She grasped a small handful of the little tools and tossed them towards the screaming beasts, hoping at least a few of them would shut up. All the noise ricocheting off the walls of the tiny chamber... So high-pitched, so painful...

Multiple pairs of green eyes widened. A few little EchoEchos cried out and dodged, covering their heads and protecting their butts. Many fell, cowering.

The screaming did stop and both Rojo and Charmcaster had a moment of relief from the endless screech of Ben's loudest alien.

And one little EchoEcho pushed himself up. His hand hit a button.

Whirring overhead. A flash of blue light. The grinding of bones as they deteriorated. The groans of shrinking joints and limbs. A few cries of surprise and shock.

Until Ben was the only one left in the room, all of his duplicates lining the wall, just outside the ring that lay planted on the floor as a warning barrier. He peered from side to side, looking for any signs of where his attackers could have vanished to, where Alan and Tetrax could have gone.

An empty room. Lights fading. The whirring sound gone. The sound of voices outside.

"Ben! Little help here!" came Kevin's hoarse voice that was cut off from forming another sentence by a punch that collided with his cheekbone.

Ben gave one last look but decided he had to shrug it off for now. Things like this could be dealt with later. Gwen and Kevin needed his help now.

He'd search again after the battle was over. After they'd won.

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