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Tetrax glared, yellow eyes narrowing slightly, and quietly submitted. He knew he was still in charge, just not of the red-haired biker girl. He figured Alan and Charmcaster were still willing to follow him. It was only Darkstar and Rojo he questioned.

Saved by Alan, Tetrax watched as the criminal stalked off in her own direction, heading over to a shady spot before sitting down and tucking her knees to her chest. Rojo fell quiet.

"Water's a little less than a few yards out to the east." His voice was confident for the first time in a long time. "I would try to bring some back, but fire and water don't exactly mix." The flames from around his rocky body disappeared and the small African American boy appeared again, his brown eyes attentive. "What can I do to help?"

Tetrax was watching Charmcaster and Darkstar stand close together, lips not moving, quiet. He already knew where Rojo was. His jaw tightened. "Find something for the vampire to have. A rabbit or a cricket, something along those lines." The Petrosapien didn't want Michael eating one of them rather than some unsuspecting prey. "Wrangle it back here if at all possible. He can drain it, we can eat it." It sounded like a good enough plan in his mind. Good enough to work, at least for a little while.

"Aye aye." Flames engulfing him again from head to toe, Alan cut a rock out of the ground below him with searing hot fire and began to soar off into the pale blue sky.

"How close are we to Gwen?" asked Darkstar, gloved fists clenched tightly. His black eyes were shut. No one would see them behind the metal mask anyways. He almost found it laughable that he was working with the girl who wanted to kill his dearly beloved. Yet they both wanted Kevin Levin out of the picture, strangely enough.

Charmcaster's eyes closed for a moment. "About thirty clicks out," said the silver-haired sorceress. She looked to the sky, doing a quick calculation as ivory clouds passed overhead. "It should take us two more days to get to where she is if we keep moving. Not to mention the fact that she doesn't stay in one place for more than an hour." Fierce frustration billowed off of her like black smoke from a raging fire.

"You should trace her tonight. We should be able to safely assume that she's in bed at night, correct?" He had to try to keep his voice from shaking. He craved energy, any kind, any taste, just energy. Yet he couldn't suck any of this group dry. He didn't know if he'd need them later on. Maybe the witch wouldn't mind if he took just a little, just enough to take the edge off his desperate thirst.

"You're not too bad, Morningstar." She ran her fingers along his sleeve while pulling away, following the sun as a guide to find the water that the fire boy had spoken of.

Tetrax could visibly see the vampire shiver at her touch. He knew the kind. Hungry enough to drain a friend dry when worse came to worse. He knew he would have to keep an eye on Michael.

It was quiet for a long time. Michael had retreated to the shade near Rojo. Tetrax was watching the skies for Alan to come back or for any signs of rain; he thought he could smell it in the air. Earth could be so predictable sometimes.

The the ground started to shake and quake rhythmically. Boom boom! Boom boom! Boom boom! Nearby, the swishing of tree-sized grass blades meant that something big was coming. And fast. Boom boom! Boom boom!

"That's not an earthquake," hissed Rojo, instantly wishing she had weapons on hand. She had none. An empty machine gun was slung across her back and a broken dagger his in a sheath under her shirt. "It's definitely not an earthquake."

Morningstar, beside her, rose into the air, avoiding the shaking and shivering of the ground below. "Something big." He could see round ears through the grass. Flexing his hands, he waited for an attack, black swirling at his fingertips, waiting to kill.

A mouse surged through the green forest, paws about ready to trod on some of the small people on the ground. They were only about as tall as the mouse's tiny foreleg. Even then, they couldn't clear the beast's shoulder. It nearly crushed Rojo under a massive paw until a ray of black shot out of a gloved hand. A glowing aura of black surrounded the beast and a cry of pain erupted from it, the shrill shriek making both Rojo and Tetrax cover their ears.

Fist clenched now, Darkstar absorbed the power he could, watching the beast that he would normally crush drop like a poisoned bird. Beneath his helmet, his black eyes glistened. Victory reigned.

It writhed, tail lashing, until Darkstar sucked the last of the life out of it, his craving finally satisfied. A long sigh was released as he finally felt his stomach unclench from hunger and the tension in his muscles melt away. "It's a feast for all," he said, voice almost too happy, as he retreated to the shadows to enjoy this newfound comfort of being at full power again. He flexed his fingers and admired how the black light was ready for anything he willed.

Rojo, after watching the vampire move on from his meal, became a vulture, swiping in to pick up another beast's prey. She, with her broken dagger, began to cut away fur to get to the real meat.

Reluctantly, Tetrax stepped in. He knew this would ensure their survival for at least a few more days. This was enough meat for an army considering their size. One of his crystalline hands formed a sword-like saber, and he started cutting away at the dead creature's plush gray fur.

Alan came back minutes later only to see Charmcaster, Tetrax, and Rojo already working through the kill. "I found a mouse..."

His voice was never heard.

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